Jan 6, 2009:

10:46 PM Ticket #3238 (KDL doesn't show up for panics early in the boot process) closed by axeld
invalid: There is a start for everything, and panics just cannot be shown on …
10:43 PM Ticket #3255 (malformed unix socket filename) closed by axeld
invalid: The code is incorrect anyway, as you make assumptions about the …
9:19 PM Ticket #3262 (File descriptors without a vnode aren't closed on unmount) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev28850.
9:04 PM Ticket #3266 (Item captions in TeamMonitor are not centered in the team list (easy)) created by oco
This is especially true with bigger fonts. The attached patch should …
8:22 PM Ticket #3265 (Custom signal handlers always receive SIGSEGV signals) created by oco
While tracking down remaining bugs in the freepascal test suite, i …
6:35 PM Ticket #3264 (KDL when checkfs hits 31800 nodes processed) created by mmadia
Haiku will reliably KDL while running checkfs -c on a partition with …
5:22 PM Ticket #3263 (add siginterrupt function (easy)) created by kaliber
It would be nice to have siginterrupt. It is used at least by python …

Jan 5, 2009:

10:06 PM Ticket #3262 (File descriptors without a vnode aren't closed on unmount) created by axeld
If you unmount a volume that does not have any other open file …
7:30 PM R1/Alpha1Status edited by scottmc
added nasm as WIP (diff)
10:09 AM Ticket #3221 (Mount USB drive is impossible) closed by mmlr
invalid: Closing as invalid, the cause was another driver.
1:14 AM Ticket #3261 (multi_audio KDL: page fault with interrupts disabled) created by umccullough
Experienced a KDL while compiling some stuff on a machine I use …

Jan 4, 2009:

9:03 PM Ticket #3260 (nforce ethernet card driver induces an interrupt storm) created by Hubert
nforce ethernet card driver in chipset induces an interrupt storm and …
5:28 PM Ticket #3259 (Show triggers when opening menus with keyboard) created by humdinger
There's the option "Always Show Triggers" which will always underline …
4:05 PM Ticket #2177 (boot screen video mode incorrect/unsupported, but desktop okay) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the update(s)! :-)
2:37 AM Ticket #3258 (Can't hide Tracker window) created by Adek336
Open a few tracker windows, reboot. Some of the tracker windows do not …

Jan 3, 2009:

7:43 PM Ticket #3256 ([Trac] New users not able to create tickets?) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Thanks for the note!
6:20 PM Ticket #3257 (PANIC: release_spinlock: lock 0x80112694 was already released) created by syst3mcr4sh
Dual Pentium 2. 378 MB RAM. Computer has 2 hard drives. One has many …
5:42 PM Ticket #3256 ([Trac] New users not able to create tickets?) created by umccullough
Possibly an issue with newly register users trying to create tickets. …
12:02 PM Ticket #1144 (auich driver from build factory not working?) closed by korli

Jan 2, 2009:

2:53 PM Ticket #3255 (malformed unix socket filename) created by kaliber
Attached code creates 'socket_test_filenam\302K\200\C' instead of …
11:00 AM Ticket #3190 ([BFS] checkfs crash) closed by axeld
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev28845, please confirm.
10:34 AM Ticket #3201 (MeTOS causes app_server crash .) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev28843.
10:19 AM Ticket #1839 (Network preferences drop-down boxes cut-off) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks for reminding, I fixed that a long time ago when I switched the …
1:56 AM Ticket #3254 (Can't edit multiline commands in kdl) created by Adek336
Can't move cursor between lines.

Jan 1, 2009:

10:14 PM Ticket #2919 (on screen debug: entering + leaving the KDL prevents dividing log ...) closed by axeld
fixed: Changed patch applied in hrev28841. Thanks Adrian! I've changed your …
9:05 PM Ticket #3252 (implement mkdtemp) closed by emitrax
8:42 PM Ticket #3253 (traced more messages total than ever) created by Adek336
messages total 965727 > 965711 messsages ever, where messages total is …
7:58 PM Ticket #3252 (implement mkdtemp) created by kaliber
2:38 PM Ticket #3251 ([Find Window]: improve usability for fairly complex query) created by emitrax
As for now, if an user, totally unfamiliar with Haiku/BeOS and the …
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