Jan 12, 2009:

11:04 PM Ticket #3294 (bluetooth crash after closing bluetooth_server) created by monni
4:23 PM Ticket #3293 (bt_dev_info and bt_discovery show wrong information when more than one ...) created by monni
I plugged in two dongles in same USB controller and tried doing both …
12:08 PM Ticket #3141 (flock does not check the operation argument for validity) closed by axeld
12:03 PM Ticket #2805 (Tracker crashes after extracting files from an archive) closed by aldeck
fixed: Ok, please reopen if you see it again!
12:24 AM Ticket #2760 (Crash when sorting folder by extented attribute) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Based on Ingo's feedback, this is definitely fixed. Please re-open if …

Jan 11, 2009:

11:40 PM Ticket #2093 (Missing POSIX header libgen.h) closed by emitrax
fixed: Added libgen.h along with dirname and basename in hrev28888.
11:28 PM Ticket #3292 ("Restart tracker" button shortened to "Restart t...") created by Adek336
A user won't understand the function of that button when it says …
11:17 PM Ticket #3291 (Deskbar overlaps icons) created by Adek336
11:05 PM Ticket #3278 (Selecting Auich nvidia in Media causes crash) closed by korli
fixed: This was fixed in hrev28815.
10:59 PM Ticket #3261 (multi_audio KDL: page fault with interrupts disabled) closed by korli
fixed: Nice! Could you also check with hrev28887?
10:59 PM Ticket #3290 (page fault in get_fd_locked) created by Adek336
7:55 PM Ticket #2594 (PANIC: ASSERT FAILED ...) reopened by axeld
How exactly can you reproduce this so fast? :-) Thanks for the note, …
7:48 PM Ticket #3289 (Tracker crash in _add) created by Adek336
_add _fmt strftime
6:23 PM Ticket #3288 (Network activity on 3c900 generates many media changes) created by Adek336
With transmission running, I get a pair of messages like every 10 …
5:14 PM Ticket #3287 (cannot mount floppy) created by bbjimmy
hrev28661 and certinly before, I haven't tried to mount a floppy in a …
4:51 PM Ticket #3286 (VirtualMemory preflet should explain if not enough disk space is free) created by Adek336
On a computer where there is more RAM than free disk space, open …
4:42 PM Ticket #2594 (PANIC: ASSERT FAILED ...) closed by axeld
fixed: Everything should work fine now, with hrev28883.
3:43 PM Ticket #3285 (deadbeef, PANIC: couldn't lookup physical page) created by Adek336
Before the KDL, I have opened and closed transmission, used the kernel …
2:26 PM Ticket #3083 ([kernel] vm_page_fault while trying to edit a file on CD) closed by axeld
fixed: I could not reproduce this one (the access was prevented earlier), but …
2:24 PM Ticket #3062 ([kernel] vm_page_fault while trying to launch README.diskdefines) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev28881.
1:13 PM Ticket #3284 (Change HIG for ellipsis to make sense) created by tsg1zzn
The HIG for ellipsis on menu items states that the ellipsis should be …
5:32 AM Ticket #3283 (app_server crash while changing screen resolutions with intel_extreme) created by umccullough
Another app_server crash into GDB on a different machine. This …
3:10 AM Ticket #3054 (Tracker doesn't load all poses on folders with thousands of files.) closed by aldeck
fixed: fixed in hrev28872

Jan 10, 2009:

7:40 PM Ticket #3282 (app_server crashed into GDB while switching workspaces) created by umccullough
A brief description of what I did leading up to the crash: After …
4:49 PM Ticket #3281 (ffs() arch optimization) created by tqh
Our ffs can be optimized at least for x86. Providing a test-program …

Jan 9, 2009:

11:47 PM Ticket #3280 (dhcp / network issue after a couple of hours uptime) created by rossi
Upon bootup DHCP configures my network quite correctly and everything …
5:37 PM Ticket #3279 (Vim hangs when opened during shutdown) created by Adek336
Open Terminal. Open the restart dialog. Now you can't run any apps - …
12:42 PM Ticket #3274 (ScreenSaver: Improve presentation of disabled options because of ...) reopened by stippi
We could however improve the GUI in the ScreenSaver preflet to make it …
11:22 AM Ticket #3278 (Selecting Auich nvidia in Media causes crash) created by HAL
Using the mouse to click on Auich nvidia in the left Media pane causes …
11:06 AM Ticket #3277 (audio playback not working after a couple hours) created by rossi
Audio playback works fine (e.g. Sounds preferences panel, vlc, ...) …
10:58 AM Ticket #3276 (Event sounds are not played) created by rossi
Event sounds are not played (Startup / Beep) when the respective event …
9:30 AM Ticket #3275 (Unable to select "Turn off screen" in ScreenSaver preferences.) closed by axeld
9:29 AM Ticket #3274 (ScreenSaver: Improve presentation of disabled options because of ...) closed by axeld
invalid: The low power screen option cannot work in VESA mode.

Jan 8, 2009:

10:43 PM Ticket #3275 (Unable to select "Turn off screen" in ScreenSaver preferences.) created by HAL
If I open ScreenSaver and try to select a time for putting monitor …
10:38 PM Ticket #3274 (ScreenSaver: Improve presentation of disabled options because of ...) created by HAL
If I open ScreenSaver and try to select a time for putting monitor …
6:49 PM Ticket #3273 (Team Monitor sometimes has a very tall window) created by scottmc
I've seen this happen before but wasn't sure what I did to trigger it. …
6:31 PM Ticket #3272 (Pre-Alpha vmware image is too small to do much work) created by scottmc
Having only 400Meg doesn't leave much room to do anything with the …
9:18 AM Ticket #3269 (Firefox (Bon Echo) use 100% CPU when load pages that have ...) closed by mmlr
invalid: There is no Flash plugin for Firefox on either BeOS or Haiku. That the …
8:01 AM Ticket #3255 (malformed unix socket filename) reopened by kaliber
Oh, my mistake, sorry. The correct length should be: len = …
2:32 AM Ticket #3271 (Memory not reclaimed on resizing of DeskCalc and Activity monitor) created by RandomInsano
This is sort of an odd situation, but when you resize either DeskCalc …
1:28 AM Ticket #3270 (VMWare VMX set to enable USB (easy)) created by RandomInsano
Line 29, set usb.present = "TRUE" given the fact that USB support in …
1:19 AM Ticket #1493 (The networkstatus app closes) reopened by RandomInsano
The problem still persists as of hrev28841. Dock the deskbar onto the …

Jan 7, 2009:

10:52 PM R1/Alpha1Status edited by axeld
Removed all closed tickets from prop1, and those that have nothing to … (diff)
10:01 PM Ticket #2475 (SoundBlaster 16 PCI is not detected) closed by korli
invalid: It's consistent with Linux not showing the device in lspci.
9:52 PM Ticket #3175 ([Expander] Directory chooser should begin from the directory in input box) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev28855.
7:45 PM R1/Alpha1Status edited by scottmc
removed #1362 from Prop 1 (diff)
7:41 PM Ticket #3263 (add siginterrupt function (easy)) closed by axeld
fixed: Added in hrev28854, thanks for the note!
7:33 PM Ticket #3266 (Item captions in TeamMonitor are not centered in the team list (easy)) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the patch! I've applied it in hrev28853.
7:02 PM Ticket #3265 (Custom signal handlers always receive SIGSEGV signals) closed by axeld
fixed: Patch applied in hrev28852, thanks Olivier!
2:16 PM Ticket #3269 (Firefox (Bon Echo) use 100% CPU when load pages that have ...) created by hu28m
Firefox (Bon Echo) use 100% CPU when load pages that have …
1:50 PM Ticket #3268 (Firefox (Bon Echo) not display when network setting is incorrect) created by hu28m
I'm running Haiku on VMWare. The VMWare setting for Network Adapter is …
7:59 AM Ticket #3267 (Tracker context menu interprets mouse move as click) created by Adek336
Select a big amount of files. Right click. Quickly move the mouse to …
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