Jan 19, 2009:

10:20 PM Ticket #2237 (Multiple declarations in posix/netdb.h) closed by axeld
fixed: Sure, just a matter of time :-) Applied in hrev28961.
10:00 PM Ticket #2870 ("C" headers shouldn't contain "C++" like comments) closed by axeld
fixed: The last patch is pretty much useless, as most of these headers are in …
9:23 PM Ticket #3320 ([CodyCam] display alert in a video view) created by diver
It would be nice to be able to play a little with CodyCam, but …
9:16 PM Ticket #3319 ([ActivityMonitor] replicant handlers overlaps text labels) created by diver
Replicant handlers overlaps text labels like letter "B" in MB
9:11 PM Ticket #3318 ([Mail] Queries doesn't work) created by diver
Mail app have a feature to add queries. For this one have to …
8:42 PM Ticket #3317 ([Media] volume deskbar replicant should allow dragging volume slider ...) created by diver
Add volume deskbar replicant from Media preflet Try to adjast …
8:05 PM Ticket #3316 ([Workspaces] window moves on workspaces switch) created by diver
Start Workspaces Press Alt+2 to switch to the secons …
7:48 PM Ticket #2594 (PANIC: ASSERT FAILED ...) reopened by Adek336
There's still an empty buffer there.
7:33 PM Ticket #2791 (1920 x 1200 resolution not useable with nVidia and Westinghouse monitor) closed by axeld
7:30 PM Ticket #3315 ([Terminal] colored file background is shifted after resize) created by diver
Open Terminal cd /bin ls Now that default windows …
7:07 PM Ticket #3314 ([Network] add a checkbox to put NetworkStatus into Deskbar) created by diver
I think that NetworkStatus is so tiny app that it should be …
5:41 PM Ticket #2594 (PANIC: ASSERT FAILED ...) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks, Adrian! Turns out I tried to reproduce the bug with a version …
4:02 PM Ticket #2910 ([Terminal] Creating new tab and moving mouse selects whole view) closed by jackburton
fixed: Fixed in hrev28955
3:31 PM Ticket #3174 (Deskbar window-list menu not properly drawn for long window title) closed by jackburton
fixed: It's fixed in hrev28954
3:17 AM Ticket #2658 (Deskbar floating where it should after resolution change) reopened by Adek336
Well, it looks like it's still bugging us in hrev28945.
12:10 AM Ticket #3313 (VIA USB controller not working) closed by anevilyak

Jan 18, 2009:

11:06 PM Ticket #3313 (VIA USB controller not working) created by luroh
None of my workstation's USB ports work under Haiku, syslog and "lspci …
8:27 PM Ticket #3309 (implement strndup() (easy)) closed by axeld
fixed: Added in hrev28939.
7:27 PM Ticket #3312 (bemsn >address 0x78787878 out of bounds) closed by mmlr
invalid: That's a normal application bug however and not a Haiku one. Does this …
6:59 PM Ticket #1767 (UHCI legacy support) closed by mmlr
fixed: I'm closing this one now. The initialization process has been refined …
6:53 PM Ticket #3312 (bemsn >address 0x78787878 out of bounds) created by kvdman
BeMSN fails to sign in, issue with the username. …
5:59 PM Ticket #3147 (After USB mount/unmount, context menu hangs Tracker) closed by mmlr
fixed: Fixed in hrev28934.
5:32 PM Ticket #3258 (Can't hide Tracker window) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev28938, hopefully without collateral damage.
3:22 PM Ticket #3311 (/boot/common/sbin in the PATH variable) closed by axeld
invalid: There won't be an "sbin" directory in Haiku R1.
2:47 PM Ticket #3311 (/boot/common/sbin in the PATH variable) created by kaliber
A few already ported application which uses autotools installs …
2:37 PM Ticket #3310 (A root user should be called "root") created by kaliber
A root user should be called "root" instead of "user" in …
2:20 PM Ticket #3309 (implement strndup() (easy)) created by kaliber
12:57 PM Ticket #2662 (FAT USB stick problem: "PANIC: could not write back block 7908 ...) closed by mmlr
fixed: Great, thanks a lot for the quick feedback. Closing this one now.
10:20 AM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by stippi
8:05 AM Ticket #3308 (Possible floating point failures in IEEE 754 tests) created by scottmc
The python regression test suite is failing test_cmath: […] …
2:11 AM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by mmu_man
fix linewraps, add infos (diff)
1:43 AM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas created by scottmc
Initial list of Google Summer of Code ideas for 2009
12:07 AM Ticket #3306 (Some resource files are not correctly handled) closed by anevilyak
invalid: Thanks for the note!

Jan 17, 2009:

10:11 PM Ticket #3307 (USB doesn't work during boot on 845GE) created by monni
[…] Controller: […] It used to work around summer 2008 ;) …
4:49 PM Ticket #3306 (Some resource files are not correctly handled) created by romain
Some existing compiled resource files that where generated on Zeta are …
2:45 PM Ticket #3236 (Small enhancements (easy)) closed by stippi
fixed: I investigated the "Untitled clipping" problem and that is a "missing" …
1:05 PM Ticket #2180 (MediaPlayer GUI needs to use the layout system) closed by stippi
fixed: I could only reproduce the last issue with the menu being cut off with …

Jan 16, 2009:

5:35 AM Ticket #3305 (page fault in find_root_device) created by Adek336
hrev28910, real hardware, 3c900b-combo etherlink xl[cyclone] 10b7/9005, …
5:20 AM Ticket #3304 (Terminal disables scrollbar when program run from bash crashes) created by Adek336
In Terminal: run seq 1 100. Run "info" which crashes (#3303). Now the …
5:18 AM Ticket #3303 (info crash) created by Adek336
info run from Terminal crashes.
1:45 AM Ticket #3302 (Terminal in full screen too big) created by Adek336
Open Terminal. Go full screen. Create a new tab. Run seq 1 1000. The …
1:35 AM Ticket #3301 (Fullscreen terminal doesn't cover the bottom of screen) created by Adek336
Open Terminal. Alt-Tab for a new tab. Alt-Enter for full screen. …
1:33 AM Ticket #3300 (Terminal in full screen doesn't have scrollbar for one tab) created by Adek336
Open terminal, optionally open a few tabs and choose one of them to be …

Jan 15, 2009:

9:06 PM Ticket #3299 (Crash on changing setting in 3dmorph screensaver) created by HAL
Whenever I move any of the sliders for setting 3dmorph screensaver. a …
5:08 PM Ticket #3298 ([patch] Make gcc2 and gcc4 build correctly on Mac OS X/Darwin) created by VinDuv
The attached patch allow gcc2 to be built on Mac OS X. * The …
11:36 AM Ticket #3213 (Workspace preflet code incorrectly handles restoring window position ...) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev28908.
11:36 AM Ticket #2658 (Deskbar floating where it should after resolution change) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev28908.
10:31 AM Ticket #1407 (Python is dropping Beos support) closed by stippi
invalid: Ok, makes sense. Thanks for the update.

Jan 14, 2009:

5:12 PM Ticket #2753 (Subpixel antialiasing doesn't work with hinting on) closed by anevilyak
1:37 PM Ticket #3234 (Rename "About Calculator" (easy)) closed by stippi
fixed: Applied/fixed in hrev28896. Thanks!
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