Jan 27, 2009:

8:08 PM Ticket #3139 (Recompiling unchanged files) closed by bonefish
invalid: Closing. At least from the point of view of the build system and jam …
6:57 PM Ticket #3380 (missing screenmodes when second screen is attached) created by brecht
The nVdidia card has two DVI ports. When a TV is connected (it does …
6:52 PM Ticket #3379 (app_server crash / issues with font cache) closed by stippi
fixed: Fixed in hrev29061. The memory was already managed by the block …
6:25 PM Ticket #3379 (app_server crash / issues with font cache) created by rossi
Apperently since hrev29047 (change in FontServerCache), I do experience a …
6:23 PM Ticket #2540 ([intel_extreme] can't boot Haiku unless I use fail-safe video mode) closed by axeld
duplicate: Okay, thanks for the note!
1:32 PM Ticket #3378 (NVidia Quadro dual DVI bug) created by miqlas
I have NVidia Quadro FX 4000 AGP (like the GeForce 6800 Ultra, same …
1:25 PM Ticket #3377 (h264 in MOV container and MediaPlayer = blackness) created by miqlas
I try to play the 9 trailer ( …
1:14 PM Ticket #3376 (Rewrite lgrep and hgrep scripts to be included into Haiku as optional ...) created by monni
BeOS wannabes used to have lgrep and hgrep scripts to assist finding …
9:39 AM Ticket #3364 ([kernel] clicking url many times in AboutSystem causes guru meditation ...) closed by axeld
invalid: A guru meditation is not a Haiku problem, it's a bug in VirtualBox. …
2:02 AM Ticket #3375 (New gcc 4.3.3 cross-compiler doesn't compile pci.cpp) created by umccullough
It seems that once mmlr had fixed the cross-compiler generate on linux …
12:52 AM Ticket #2982 (Gcc 4.3.2) closed by mmlr
fixed: Thanks a lot, your patch has been an important reference for getting …

Jan 26, 2009:

11:35 PM Ticket #3365 ([Installer] unusual inner border (easy)) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev29055
11:22 PM Ticket #2799 (Mesa Software Renderer crash with SSE optimization enabled) closed by korli
fixed: This should be fixed in hrev29053.
9:02 PM Ticket #3374 (please implement scandir and alphasort (dirent.h)) created by kaliber
8:11 PM Ticket #3373 (Tracker context menu briefly appears when mouse has moved) created by idefix
Tested with hrev28974: - right-click on the desktop (or in a Tracker …
6:35 PM Ticket #2729 (Changing a filetype won't change icon live) closed by korli
5:57 PM Ticket #3372 (Incorrect Terminal numbering) created by rossi
Terminal sometimes numbers the Terminal windows incorrectly. Sofar I …
1:57 PM Ticket #3341 ([shijin] Fix the tags line) closed by nielx
invalid: Turns out the tags line works without any problem. It was just that …
11:53 AM Ticket #3371 ([StyledEdit] Tylde + Down Arrow Produces Blue Background) created by Adek336
Open StyledEdit, type a few characters, press enter, now press tylde …
10:09 AM Ticket #3370 (Building gcc4 cross tools fails on Ubuntu 8.10) created by rossi
I've tried to build the new cross compiler on my primary build box …
2:37 AM Ticket #3369 ([Installer] scrollbar should be disabled if there are no additional options) created by diver
Scrollbar should be disabled or removed if there are no additional …
2:16 AM Ticket #3368 ([Keymap] don't draw square symbols) created by diver
There is no need to draw square symbols in Keymap, it just doesn't …
2:11 AM Ticket #3367 ([Screenshot] don't need white border) created by diver
IMHO, screenshot area in Screenshot app don't need white border, see …
1:59 AM Ticket #3366 ([SoundRecorder] no need in first 2px white row in ScopeView) created by diver
There is no need in first 2px white row in ScopeView.
1:55 AM Ticket #3365 ([Installer] unusual inner border (easy)) created by diver
Installer has unusual border which differs from other apps.
1:45 AM Ticket #3364 ([kernel] clicking url many times in AboutSystem causes guru meditation ...) created by diver
Fast clicking http://www.haiku-os.org (or any other url) in …
12:15 AM Ticket #2811 (Update firefox optional package) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev28485
12:14 AM Ticket #3363 (PANIC: did not find any boot partitions! when booting an haiku.image ...) created by oco
I get this error when booting haiku.image.hrev28979 (from haiku-files) …

Jan 25, 2009:

10:19 PM Ticket #2648 (Using TAB to switch fields should ignore disabled fields.) closed by korli
fixed: Hopefully fixed in hrev29028.
7:57 PM Ticket #2497 ([AboutSystem] right textview is not selectable (easy)) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev29018
7:13 PM Ticket #2418 ([Interface kit] Color of selected item in ListView is not centered (easy)) closed by korli
fixed: I preferred to use the BStringItem placement way to be consistent. …
6:42 PM Ticket #2439 (boot process stalls (around mime_update.sh/emuxki: init_hardware()?)) closed by korli
6:28 PM Ticket #2399 (pagefault for net requests after the interface deletion) closed by korli
fixed: Seems fixed.
6:27 PM Ticket #2294 (functions declared in headers/posix/iconv.h are not published by libroot.so) closed by korli
invalid: Solved by linking against libtextencoding.so
6:15 PM Ticket #1653 (BSoundPlayer::SetHasData() doesn't behave like in R5) closed by korli
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev29012.
6:14 PM Ticket #3349 (After an error while allocating a large memory space with sbrk, a ...) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev29013
12:15 PM Ticket #3362 ([InstallerCD] Artifacts after leaving KDL (easy)) created by Adek336
The screen does not redraw itself after leaving KDL in installer CD. …
12:12 PM Ticket #3361 ([InstallCD] Opening DriveSetup changes target partition) created by Adek336
So select a target partition, choose more options, open DriveSetup …
12:01 PM Ticket #3360 ([InstallCD] Should show the shutting-down dialog when restarting) created by Adek336
Restarting takes a long time, it looks like it hung, after you either …
11:56 AM Ticket #3359 ([InstallCD] Safe mode in Install CD does not work) created by Adek336
(Checked with all the additional boot options selected) Crashes …
11:42 AM Ticket #3357 (Dont copy file onto link of itself gives incorrect error?) closed by korli
9:25 AM Ticket #1136 (replace category module with taxonomies and views) closed by nielx
invalid: This is no longer a goal of the project for now, perhaps with the …

Jan 24, 2009:

3:52 PM Ticket #3358 (Move the directory move check into the VFS layer) created by axeld
When moving a directory, we currently burden the check to not move the …
2:18 PM Ticket #3321 ([Installer] alert view for eula isn't wide enough (easy)) closed by korli
fixed: ok !
9:00 AM Ticket #3357 (Dont copy file onto link of itself gives incorrect error?) created by scottmc
I'm not sure how to verify this is a valid failure or not, but it's …
12:31 AM Ticket #3355 (using mv to move a folder onto itself should fail) closed by korli
fixed: Should be fixed with hrev29001.
12:07 AM Ticket #3350 (wctomb function is now missing) closed by anevilyak

Jan 23, 2009:

2:06 PM Ticket #3337 (Segv in AboutSystem) closed by jackburton
fixed: I've reverted the incriminated changes, for now.
1:16 PM Ticket #3356 (intermittant and out of order audio) created by rudolfc
On my Asus P5E3 mainboard audio plays back distorted. It sounds like …
6:50 AM Ticket #3355 (using mv to move a folder onto itself should fail) created by scottmc
Another python regression test failure, this one is the test_shutil.py …
5:55 AM Ticket #3354 (f.seekable() fails in python test_fileio.py) created by scottmc
Perhaps related to #3028? Python regression test test_fileio.py fails …
4:32 AM Ticket #3353 (resource.h broken (not implemented yet?)) created by scottmc
May be related to ticket #2817 perhaps not, python's test_resource.py …
2:16 AM Ticket #3352 (getcwd fails python's POSIX test) created by scottmc
This may or may not be the same as ticket #2708 […]

Jan 22, 2009:

11:31 PM Ticket #3351 ([PackageInstaller] should disable Install button if pkg is ...) created by diver
If you've mount VirtualBox additions as a CD there will be a file …
11:26 PM Ticket #3350 (wctomb function is now missing) created by oco
It is probably related to hrev28970. Here is the error : …
10:55 PM Ticket #3349 (After an error while allocating a large memory space with sbrk, a ...) created by oco
A freepascal test case allocate a large space to check if the …
7:06 PM Ticket #3348 ([Terminal] Selecting the same font in preferences causes "Save ...) created by diver
Open Terminal preferences and select the same font. Now if you click …
6:27 PM Ticket #3347 (PANIC: IORequest::_CopyData(): invalid range: (1837760000, 16320)) created by idefix
Did a 'jam -sDEBUG=1 wacom' in Haiku pre-alpha hrev28911. KDL'd …
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