Mar 10, 2009:

11:06 PM Ticket #3022 (Enable screensaver by default) closed by leavengood
fixed: Fixed in hrev29467.
9:05 PM Ticket #1933 (Design and Implement a Layered File System Extension Architecture) closed by bonefish
fixed: Replying to leavengood: > Hasn't mmlr been working on this …
6:18 PM Ticket #3540 (Twitcher leaks pressed Tab-key to previously activated window) created by idefix
When you open Twitcher by holding Ctrl-Tab for a second, the …
5:00 PM Ticket #3538 (Show diff from the node revision screen results in error) closed by nielx
fixed: Fixed by updating to Location 3.1RC1.
1:17 PM Ticket #3539 (cp command doesn't copy symlink's BFS attributes) created by shinta
Although symlink has BFS attributes, cp command doesn't copy attributes.
3:45 AM Ticket #3538 (Show diff from the node revision screen results in error) created by koki
Trying to display a diff between two revisions of a news content type …
1:25 AM Ticket #3537 (gcc4 issues with extern inlines and -std=gnu99) created by titer
To reproduce, create those two files: […] And run: […] The …

Mar 9, 2009:

9:10 PM Ticket #2335 (Boot failure with PATA disk on ATIIXP SB400 IDE controller) closed by korli
4:04 PM Ticket #3536 (select() for read hangs if run with no timeout on an AF_UNIX socket ...) created by anevilyak
Attached please find a testcase. This has been verified as working as …
2:29 PM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by bonefish
10:01 AM Ticket #3528 (Button assignment steals mouse clicks) closed by marcusoverhagen
9:46 AM Ticket #2366 (Mouse stops working) closed by marcusoverhagen
invalid: no further response from bug reporter, closing

Mar 8, 2009:

11:05 PM Ticket #3535 (Scheduling stops on extra cores) created by jonas.kirilla
Running Haiku hrev29436 on a Core 2 Quad 6600 with 4 cores: 1. Stress …
5:18 PM Ticket #3534 (WonderBrush ignores fonts in /boot/home/config/fonts) created by humdinger
This is hrev29391. WonderBrush ignores fonts in /boot/home/config/fonts.
3:27 PM Ticket #3533 (Messaging Service: Improve Kernel<->Userland Communication) created by bonefish
Improvements: - Make the shared areas read-only for the userland …
2:18 PM Ticket #2712 (Tracker crashes when deleting a replicant) closed by aldeck
fixed: fixed in hrev29439
1:58 PM Ticket #3518 (Kernel using almost all RAM for no obvious reason) closed by korli
1:56 PM Ticket #3516 (pthread.h should include sched.h (easy)) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev29438
1:42 PM Ticket #3453 ([easy] add https support to wget) closed by korli
fixed: Applied and tested OK in hrev29437.
1:21 PM Ticket #3410 (CAM.h should be in /boot/develop/headers/os/drivers/CAM.h as in BeOS) closed by korli
invalid: I hope it's OK to close (not really invalid but as there is no fix).
12:29 PM Ticket #3532 (PANIC: ASSERT FAILED ...) created by luroh
Revision 29436, Vmware Player 2.5.0 (Ubuntu 8.10, 32-bit). …
11:55 AM Ticket #3531 (Haiku CD hangs at boot in Virtualbox) created by luroh
Revision 29436, Virtualbox 2.1.4 (Ubuntu 8.10, 32-bit). Trying …
10:23 AM Ticket #3530 (nForce (MCP61 Ethernet) not work correctly) created by Hubert
My onboard ethernet card it be not able to establish address from DHCP …
3:09 AM Ticket #2913 (crash in "usb explore" thread a short while after switching USB KVM ...) closed by mmlr
fixed: Ok, thanks for the feedback!
12:44 AM Ticket #2481 (USB mouse and keyboard sometimes stop working) closed by stippi
fixed: This was still an issue until a short while ago, but one of the very …

Mar 7, 2009:

9:55 PM Ticket #3529 (Update OptionalPackages/ReleaseBuildProfiles for BeZillaBrowser ...) created by jprostko
Hello, Attached to this ticket is a patch which accomplishes the …
9:13 PM Ticket #3528 (Button assignment steals mouse clicks) created by brecht
The button assignment menu pops up when: * the Mouse preferences …
6:43 PM Ticket #3527 (Update OptionalImages to use Pe with additional libpcre*.so) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Applied in hrev29427, thanks!
3:47 PM Ticket #3527 (Update OptionalImages to use Pe with additional libpcre*.so) created by mmadia
Turns out that Pe does indeed want libpcreposix.so.0 Thanks to Rene …
1:59 PM Ticket #3526 ([vim] cannot reliable paste with alt+v) created by Adek336
If I've got a long text selection in the buffer and go to vim in …
12:54 PM Ticket #3286 (VirtualMemory preflet should explain if not enough disk space is free) closed by axeld
fixed: Nope, there is no real lower limit anymore.
4:51 AM Ticket #3517 (Patch for OptionalPackages : pe-gcc2, bezillabrowser-gcc4) closed by anevilyak
2:51 AM Ticket #3525 ([vim] memory not freed after failing to open file) created by Adek336
Try to open a file larger than memory size in vim. Vim fails and opens …
12:48 AM Ticket #3524 (r29417 gcc 4 build broken in src/kits/tracker/PoseView.h) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev29418.
12:25 AM Ticket #3524 (r29417 gcc 4 build broken in src/kits/tracker/PoseView.h) created by iFrodo
Here is the error message: C++ …

Mar 6, 2009:

10:12 PM Ticket #3270 (VMWare VMX set to enable USB (easy)) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev29416
10:07 PM Ticket #3387 (Icon-O-Matic doesn't export valid SVG) closed by korli
fixed: Tested OK.
9:53 PM Ticket #3515 (r29382 GCC4 build broken because of string terminated on next line on ...) closed by korli
9:50 PM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by scottmc
added AbiWord to those that can use cairo (diff)
3:22 PM Ticket #3029 ([Tracker] crash in BWindow::_FindView) closed by aldeck
1:45 PM Ticket #3523 (mail_daemon crash after retrieving ~20000 messages) created by anevilyak
I left mail_daemon synchronizing my GMail account overnight in IMAP …

Mar 5, 2009:

10:13 PM Ticket #3522 (Openning last track of multitrack CD causes KDL) created by HAL
If I mount the last track of a multitrack data CD then either double …
8:43 PM Ticket #3521 (User profile's "Brief Bio" field not being displayed) closed by nielx
fixed: Indeed, I restored the code that shows the bio field, so it's back!
4:05 PM Ticket #3521 (User profile's "Brief Bio" field not being displayed) created by koki
The user profile of the website has a "Brief Bio" field under Personal …
10:34 AM Ticket #3520 (DiskUsage: Volumes in tabs, node-monitoring) created by humdinger
This is hrev29397. With the drop-down menu to the top left you can …
8:18 AM Ticket #3519 (Warning message when saving user profile (www.haiku-os.org)) closed by nielx
fixed: Fixed with the patch from: http://drupal.org/node/353327
6:38 AM Ticket #1519 (firewire driver creates 193 areas of 4kB) closed by absabs
fixed: It should be fixed in hrev29396, so I close it
12:35 AM Ticket #3450 (Tracker windows seem to display duplicate files sometimes.) closed by anevilyak
fixed: This optimization was now done a different way which should no longer …
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