Apr 2, 2009:

11:18 PM Ticket #2665 (Donating codes: APE reader) closed by dlmcpaul
fixed: code has been committed
7:34 PM Ticket #2068 ([Pe] Crash on start) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Thanks for the note!
3:39 PM Ticket #3012 (Terminal only draws up to the first non-ascii character on a line) reopened by stippi
No, this hasn't been fixed at all. So far, only the bug in UTF8Char.h …
2:12 PM Ticket #3012 (Terminal only draws up to the first non-ascii character on a line) closed by axeld
fixed: This has been fixed, thanks for the investigation!
9:04 AM Ticket #2316 ([app_server] crash in Painter::StraightLine()) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev29860.
3:04 AM Ticket #3652 (libavcodec (gcc4)) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Applied in hrev29856 thanks!

Apr 1, 2009:

11:14 PM Ticket #3652 (libavcodec (gcc4)) created by aljen
here is a small patch which fixes building libavcodec for gcc4
6:15 PM Ticket #3651 (Possible CharacterMap enhancements (easy)) created by humdinger
This is hrev29833. A few possible enhancements: (done) 1. If I scroll …
5:55 PM Ticket #2330 ([bootman] GUI should have size limits (easy)) closed by stippi
fixed: I think B_NOT_ZOOMABLE is preferred, but you are right, there is no …
2:23 PM Ticket #3650 ([Trac] View Ticket behavior is different before and after login) closed by anevilyak
invalid: This is deliberate. If you're logged in, Trac tries to first show you …
2:17 PM Ticket #3650 ([Trac] View Ticket behavior is different before and after login) created by Disreali
The Haiku trac system's "View Ticket" function shows shows over a …
10:29 AM Ticket #2837 ([Playground Demo] could make use of a color control (easy)) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks, well done! Applied in hrev29846.
9:29 AM Ticket #3596 (Change from lexicographic sorting to natural sorting) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks a lot! I've commited the patch with some modifications for …
9:25 AM Ticket #3649 (Patch with more mime types) created by ekdahl
* Changes according to RFC5334 from september 2008 - Changed ogg …

Mar 31, 2009:

5:46 PM Ticket #2991 ([Pe] crash after second right click (easy)) closed by stippi
fixed: IIRC, I fixed some popup menu bug in Pe at last BeGeistert... ok closing.
4:29 PM Ticket #1482 (Haiku Boot Menu selection defaults to item at bottom of menu instead ...) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks for your patch! It does feel more natural somehow. Applied in …
1:37 PM Ticket #3646 (Terminal size problem with more tabs) closed by stippi
fixed: Fixed in hrev29822.
1:24 PM Ticket #3648 (http://www.haiku-os.org/build_factory redirect broken) created by kev
If you google 'haiku build factory', that's the first URL that comes …
1:14 PM Ticket #1600 (Change name of the Appearance preference applet to Colors) closed by stippi
invalid: Yes. Good point. It will even include more, possibly soon.
1:04 PM Ticket #3644 (Arrow navigation in menus) closed by anevilyak
duplicate: Duplicate of ticket #1621.
1:01 PM Ticket #3647 (Full PoorMan source codes) created by majie
This is the full source codes of the PoorMan server, which now has the …
9:59 AM Ticket #2716 (firefox closes unexpectedly) closed by stippi
fixed: Ok, closing then. Please re-open if someone encounters this! :-)
9:22 AM Ticket #1202 (UserBootscript etc. missing from $HOME/config/boot) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks, I've commited the patch in hrev29814.
9:20 AM Ticket #3646 (Terminal size problem with more tabs) created by miqlas
Open a new terminal window. Make it to full-screen. And open an new …
9:13 AM Ticket #1840 (Strange output from ls /dev) closed by stippi
fixed: Ok, thanks!
9:11 AM Ticket #1726 (PS/2 mouse doesn't work) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks for the feedback!
8:18 AM Ticket #3645 (Page setup in Pe error) created by ekdahl
When doing the following steps I get an error message. 1. Open a file …
8:12 AM Ticket #1723 (Booting stops somehere in the bootscript) closed by korli
8:02 AM Ticket #3644 (Arrow navigation in menus) created by ekdahl
Arrow navigation in menus is impossible when the mouse is in the menu …
7:58 AM Ticket #3643 (Hide Deskbar menu with a second click on menu button) created by ekdahl
See summary.
2:00 AM Ticket #3179 ([Firefox] Sometimes stops rendering) closed by anevilyak
1:59 AM Ticket #3016 (Firefox crash) closed by anevilyak
1:59 AM Ticket #2983 (Firefox after installation opens a window not exactly fit to screen) closed by anevilyak
1:58 AM Ticket #2938 (Aplication names in the Menu in pre-alpha1) closed by anevilyak
1:55 AM Ticket #2195 ([Pe] puts libnetwork into R5 compatibility mode) closed by anevilyak

Mar 30, 2009:

9:50 PM Ticket #3642 (Tracker crashes when Expander attempts to unzip a zip file) created by Disreali
System Info: Haiku pre-alpha-hrev29796-vm running in VirtualBox 2.14 on …
9:01 PM Ticket #1845 (nVidia 7950GT black screen on initial boot after installing from Linux) closed by anevilyak
duplicate: Marking as duplicate of #2643 as that ticket has more information.
8:59 PM Ticket #1627 (FAT: General System Error!) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Thanks for the note!
8:00 PM Ticket #3641 (node/163 has a bad alias) created by mmadia
Given a somewhat recent emailing detailing the intermittent issues …
6:56 PM Ticket #3640 (cvs : fails to successfully checkout Mozilla source code.) created by mmadia
cvs in Haiku fails to successfully checkout all of Mozilla's source …
6:46 PM Ticket #3639 (bindings in /beos/etc/hosts should take precendence over dns) created by rossi
On every other OS I use, I can override DNS resolution by adding …
11:12 AM Ticket #3170 (Firefox wont load home page haikuware.com after navigating from home page) closed by stippi
invalid: Ok then. :-)
10:43 AM Ticket #3638 ([preferences/fileTypes] extensions can be the same one(easy)) created by chico
1. open preferences/fileTypes. 2. choose application -> Be …
10:14 AM Ticket #3637 ([preferences/FileTypes] menuField text is clipped(easy)) created by chico
1. open beos/preferences/FileTypes 2. choose application->bookmarks in …
10:09 AM Ticket #3636 ([apps/aboutSystem]the text can not be displayed, when the font is big) created by chico
1. open boot/beos/preferences/font application, set the plain font …
9:57 AM Ticket #3635 ([preferences/screen]MenuField text is clipped by MenuField size) created by chico
1. open boot/beos/preferences/screen application. 2. choose the …

Mar 29, 2009:

11:14 PM Ticket #3634 (Worker thread to fill Mount menu) created by jonas.kirilla
I had the impression the Mount menu was slow to open - it used to be - …
8:58 PM Ticket #3633 (get ARM-Toolchain to compile) created by pfoetchen_
Since I wanted to port haiku to arm I fixed gcc to compile correctly …
5:16 PM Ticket #3632 (Freeze after ~1h 15min uptime (reproduceable)) created by michael.weirauch
My system freezes reproduceably after 1 hour 15 minutes of uptime. …
4:50 PM Ticket #3631 (patch : Build on BeOS or Zeta) created by mmadia
I do not intend this patch to be committed. Rather it is being posted …
4:30 PM Ticket #2623 ([StyledEdit] Add current line number display (easy)) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Applied in hrev29782, thanks!
4:21 PM Ticket #3630 (ctrl+character shows rectangle in Text) created by chico
I don't know where to put this one. I think this "shortcut key" should …
3:50 PM Ticket #3629 (Move "Show Replicants" from Deskbar to Tracker Preferences) created by jonas.kirilla
While Replicants is a system-wide feature, the Deskbar option "Show …
2:47 PM Ticket #3035 ([Tracker] coulumn resize issue in "Open With" window (easy)) closed by stippi
fixed: Patch commited in hrev29779. Thanks a lot!
1:59 PM Ticket #3628 (MediaPlayer : Alt+M, Weird mouse clicks=Alt+B,Alt+C) created by mmadia
I'm not sure exactly how this happens. but it's happened at least …
1:54 PM Ticket #3627 (MediaPlayer : Alt+C, Alt+M = no proper redrawing) created by mmadia
hrev29742 Enable "No Controls". Enable "No Menu" (might be easier …
11:54 AM Ticket #3513 (Screenshot : non-functional when App's menu activated) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev29776.
11:33 AM Ticket #2330 ([bootman] GUI should have size limits (easy)) reopened by laplace
Please revert the change (B_NOT_RESIZABLE | B_NOT_ZOOMABLE) unless you …
8:42 AM Ticket #3620 (Allow Command-Q to hide Tracker's Preferences) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks a lot! Commited in hrev29772. Coding style was just fine. The only …
8:26 AM Ticket #1711 (Haiku stops booting at allocate_commpage_entry(4, 34)) closed by stippi
fixed: Cool, thanks for the update.
5:17 AM Ticket #3626 (implement -q in netcat) created by Adek336
Implement -q in netcat, it's useful. […]
4:12 AM Ticket #3595 (Problems with FireWare controller on HP Compaq NX7400) closed by absabs
fixed: thank sizrzhuk. Now the patch fix this bug is attached. I set this …
4:06 AM Ticket #3625 (add libtracker.so to component Kits) created by mmadia
Numerous tickets could be filed under Kits/libtracker.so and not …
3:36 AM Ticket #3624 ("Configure Favorites" : cannot add folders) created by mmadia
To reproduce : In a BFilePanel, select Favorites --> Configure …
3:18 AM Ticket #3623 (mediaplay setting no menu) created by chico
1. open mediaplay 2. click setting->no menu expect: there should be …
2:57 AM Ticket #3622 (favorites menu only has 20 items) created by chico
1. open mediaplay 2. click Mediaply menu -> open file …
2:16 AM Ticket #3621 ([icon-o-matic] initial canvas view has a big gray area in vm) created by chico
There are a big gray area in the canvas, when icon-o-matic is started …

Mar 28, 2009:

11:15 PM Ticket #3620 (Allow Command-Q to hide Tracker's Preferences) created by jonas.kirilla
From a user point of view the Tracker Preferences may appear to be a …
7:39 PM Ticket #3619 (USB input related 'Bad address' on fault at 0xdeadbf0f with KVM) created by kallisti5
I have a usb mouse and keyboard plugged into a kvm hooked upto a …
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