Jun 6, 2009:

6:53 PM Ticket #4005 (Higher job count parallel builds (jam -j 4 for example) don't work) created by meianoite
When doing a "jam -j4" to build the image from scratch I receive a lot …
4:27 PM Ticket #4004 (Haiku booting hangs at the 5th icon on Intel ICH9) created by e_barsukowski
I have Intel DG33FB motherboard with Core2 Duo E6750 CPU and 2GB of …
10:35 AM Ticket #4003 (GCC4 build break when building at -O1) closed by stippi
fixed: Applied in hrev30979. Thanks a lot!
1:47 AM Ticket #4003 (GCC4 build break when building at -O1) created by jprostko
With trying to build Haiku with -O1 (set via BuildSetup) with GCC …
1:21 AM Ticket #4002 (volume control replicant does not function after reboot) created by agildehaus
A working volume control replicant placed on the desktop does not …

Jun 5, 2009:

11:21 PM Ticket #4001 (No sound (OSS) and Volume Control replicant inactive) created by Pete
On a ThinkPad 570E laptop running hrev30629, trying to play an MP3 …
9:26 PM Ticket #3754 ([PATCH] Done TODO In Mouse Preflet) closed by stpere
fixed: Commited in hrev30977! Thanks for the reminder.
9:10 PM Ticket #4000 (Haiku fails to compile buildtools for other GCC) created by mmadia
hrev30928. Tried building x86gcc4 from within x86gcc2. […] Full …
7:47 PM Ticket #3999 (Boot hangs at ohci ownership change when C1E is enabled) created by meianoite
See comment:5 for the distilled problem. When I boot Haiku, the …
1:16 PM Ticket #3998 (Failure to boot if vitrual memory set to more than available space) created by dlmcpaul
If the virtual memory setting is greater than the amount of space …
12:33 PM Ticket #3996 (New ATI Mach64 compile error) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Correct indeed. Fixed in hrev30973.
10:06 AM Ticket #3997 (Subversion 1.6.2 from Optionalpackage fails to start) created by mt
Subversion 1.6.2 from Optionalpackage fails to start. (Tested in …
9:50 AM Ticket #3671 (mountvolume can't unmount a volume) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev30972.
9:06 AM Ticket #3954 (mkfs reports wrong volume as initialised) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev30970.
8:28 AM Ticket #3996 (New ATI Mach64 compile error) created by jahaiku
I try to compile the new ATI mach64 driver with gcc4 linux …
8:21 AM Ticket #3985 (ActivityMonitor crashes when adding view under stressed system) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev30967. Looks like the layout engine needs a deeper look, though.
8:11 AM Ticket #3687 (app_server crash while moving Firefox between workspaces) closed by axeld
fixed: I guess we could do that - around BeGeistert, you could crash the …
7:47 AM Ticket #3976 (Remove Menu preference) closed by axeld
7:39 AM Ticket #3990 ([network] localhost resolves to wrong ip) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev30964.
7:16 AM Ticket #2702 (unimplemented functions part 2) closed by axeld
fixed: The remaining functions are tracked in #2696 now again.
5:41 AM Ticket #3995 (Nightly builds not working) created by jahaiku
The last nightly build was on 2nd june. Please can you reenable the …

Jun 4, 2009:

9:13 PM Ticket #3983 (KDL when ejecting not mounted CD) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks Rene, should be fixed with hrev30961.
3:04 PM Ticket #1063 (Update avcodec plugin to a recent ffmpeg; sync with fixes done on ...) closed by mmadia
fixed: quoting scottmc from a personal email: Matt, do you have rights to be …
2:00 PM Ticket #3994 (Installation fails at r30960) closed by bonefish
duplicate: First of all: Please refrain from setting the component to Build …
1:16 PM Ticket #3994 (Installation fails at r30960) created by haiqu
Just did my usual svn up and CD burn for the day. Installation fails …
12:29 PM Ticket #3991 (random_file_actions: runs fail when disabling block cache) closed by axeld
fixed: Took a while to hunt it down, but it's fixed in hrev30960.
6:59 AM Ticket #3993 (Icon arranging in Tracker) created by mr.Noisy
Often I look at the contents of folders in icon mode. I do not like …

Jun 3, 2009:

6:15 PM Ticket #2241 (~ (tilde) Key requires a double keypress to be displayed) closed by axeld
7:14 AM Ticket #3923 (Web links in Thunderbird email client no longer work when clicked) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks for the feedback.
7:13 AM Ticket #3699 (Web Excel PCI modem not detected) closed by axeld
invalid: Thanks for the note!
7:03 AM Ticket #3792 (OpenSSH still puts license into /boot/beos/etc/license) closed by stippi
12:10 AM Ticket #3964 (PANIC: unhandled page fault in kernel space at 0xdeadbf1f, ip 0x8007481a) closed by mmlr
duplicate: OK, closing this one as well, as a duplicate of #3983 as this holds …
12:04 AM Ticket #2597 (PANIC: page fault, but interrupts were disabled. Touching address ...) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Closing this one as I haven't encountered it again since last comment …
12:04 AM Ticket #3962 (vm_page_fault in media checker thread on usb-attached digital camera ...) closed by mmlr
duplicate: Consolidating duplicates.
12:03 AM Ticket #3938 (SegFault at unmount of USB-Stick) closed by mmlr
duplicate: Consolidating duplicates.

Jun 2, 2009:

10:55 PM Ticket #3992 (Zip-O-Matic includes files from Trash bin) created by haiqu
When packaging the Free Pascal Compiler today I was using a spare …
8:24 PM Ticket #3750 (Missing posix math rounding functions) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev30945
7:05 PM Ticket #3991 (random_file_actions: runs fail when disabling block cache) created by michael.weirauch
hrev30944; ata-bm; acpi; Running random_file_actions without block …

Jun 1, 2009:

11:46 PM Ticket #3990 ([network] localhost resolves to wrong ip) created by diver
[…] Tested with hrev30941 on vbox 2.0.2
9:48 PM Ticket #2488 (Crash: Kernel Debug on...) closed by mmlr
duplicate: Closing as duplicate of #3134 as that one has more info.
9:48 PM Ticket #3988 (PANIC: page fault but interrupts were disabled. Touching address ...) closed by mmlr
duplicate: I actually meant #3134, which was reported by the same person as this …
2:09 PM Ticket #3989 (The fan on the graphics card nVidia GeForce 9600 GT all the time ...) created by mr.Noisy
Windows driver automatically reduces fan speed, reducing noise and …
1:57 PM Ticket #3988 (PANIC: page fault but interrupts were disabled. Touching address ...) created by mr.Noisy
Received a KDL on boot using my Core 2 Duo (dual core) using haiku …
11:36 AM Ticket #2860 (script doesn't recognize svn revision) reopened by andreasf
Unfortunately this fix broke the original git svn info code path by …
11:15 AM Ticket #3966 (Free Pascal Compiler throwing exception at r30830) closed by bonefish
11:12 AM Ticket #3986 (problem with ls command (symlink traversal bug?)) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev30937.
10:57 AM Ticket #3987 ([Tracker] crash in BView::_CheckLock) created by diver
I observed a crash when I tried to "Get info" of Haiku volume on …
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