Jun 20, 2009:

8:05 PM Ticket #4033 (New acpi embedded controller driver block boot) created by atomozero
whit changeset 31102 and 31102 i have problem make boot on my toshiba …
7:25 PM Ticket #4032 (keymap cli tool: add StyledEdit attributes) created by humdinger
This is hrev31133. It'd be nice if keymap's dump function (-d) would add …
3:37 PM Ticket #4031 (missing strtof()) created by kaliber
Missing header and implementation of strtof(). …

Jun 19, 2009:

11:09 AM Ticket #4008 (Detecting bitmaps with enough Translators will corrupt memory.) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev31113 (the corruption), and hrev31115 (runtime loader now …
1:18 AM Ticket #3582 ([www.haiku-os.org/images/manual_makebootable] Public image requiring ...) closed by mmadia
fixed: IIRC, this was fixed a while back. Please re-open if the issue still …

Jun 18, 2009:

2:34 PM Ticket #4030 (Regression: booting on 64MB causes 'Out of memory'-errors) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev31098. Thanks Axel!

Jun 16, 2009:

9:21 PM Ticket #4023 (NumLock and CapsLock don't change keymap correctly) reopened by korli
sorry, didn't notice the line about Pause.
9:19 PM Ticket #4023 (NumLock and CapsLock don't change keymap correctly) closed by korli

Jun 15, 2009:

5:27 PM Ticket #4030 (Regression: booting on 64MB causes 'Out of memory'-errors) created by idefix
Somewhere between hrev30946 and hrev31054, a change has caused my computer …
1:43 PM Ticket #3136 ('long double' comparison against 0 does not work) closed by zooey
invalid: Well, it's been a while ... I have not been able to reproduce this, …
10:51 AM Ticket #4026 (Minor typo in CPUFrequency preflet) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks, fixed in hrev31058.
8:03 AM Ticket #4025 (Change Shortcut-Switch to drop-down menu) closed by axeld
invalid: Depending on your keymap, there is neither a Haiku nor a Windows/Linux …
12:13 AM Ticket #4027 ([patch] Added CLucene as an OptionalPackage) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Applied in hrev30155, thanks!
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