Jun 28, 2009:

11:26 PM Ticket #4046 ([DiskProbe] Simplify Jumping to File and Block Offsets (easy)) created by bonefish
My most frequent use case for DiskProbe is that I want to have a look …
7:19 PM Ticket #2643 (Black screen when DVI connected (non-native resolution)) closed by rudolfc
fixed: Ok, Thanks Andreas for testing! Closing. Rudolf.
7:17 PM Ticket #2641 ([nvidia] Video problems) closed by rudolfc
fixed: Thanks VinDuv, You're right :) Closing..
4:45 PM Ticket #3858 (Continuous system speaker beep after reboot) closed by korli
3:13 PM Ticket #2134 (the text in a selectable text view with/or without scrollbar is moving ...) closed by jackburton
fixed: Fixed since some time already (probably by some commit by zooey or stippi)
3:12 PM Ticket #3330 ([Screenshot] Input field glitch when the text is moved) closed by jackburton
fixed: Seems to be fixed now, probably by some commit by zooey.
2:30 AM Ticket #1636 (Tracker Assert : Model.cpp:822, IsNodeOpen()) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev31286.

Jun 27, 2009:

5:47 PM Ticket #4045 (mkfs ignores noindex option first time when no argument is supplied) created by idefix
When you don't supply an argument to the noindex option, mkfs will …
8:55 AM Ticket #4042 (get_cached_block: invalid block number) closed by axeld
8:53 AM Ticket #3160 ([bfs] empty folders takes too much disk space) closed by axeld
duplicate: Thanks for the note.

Jun 26, 2009:

3:05 PM Ticket #2076 (Enhance (speed-up) the way trash empties trash.) closed by axeld
invalid: I wouldn't want to miss the preflight.
3:04 PM Ticket #3432 (PANIC: tried to get writable block on a read-only cache !) closed by axeld
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev31255.
2:53 PM Ticket #2573 (Files taking *A LOT* more space on disk than the sum of their sizes.) closed by axeld
fixed: The directory preallocations are now only 4K since hrev31253. Directory …
1:05 PM Ticket #4044 (Module settings text is trimmed) created by togs
Long pieces of text (select the "Message" screensaver) are trimmed off …
12:48 PM Ticket #4043 ([mouse preferences] Focus follow mouse dialog too short) created by togs
On my system, the focus follows mouse option dialog is too short for …
12:05 PM Ticket #2549 (Can't change video mode when monitor can't display current video mode) closed by mmadia
fixed: Thanks for the update!
11:58 AM Ticket #4039 (PI in math.h) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev31250.
11:21 AM Ticket #4042 (get_cached_block: invalid block number) created by michael.weirauch
hrev31248; gcc4; Mounting my storage partition from a fresh hrev31248
9:36 AM Ticket #3963 (Haiku wrongly initialises volume according to BeOS) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev31248.
5:57 AM Ticket #4041 (no boot partition found while booting alpha-cd) created by jahaiku
GCC4 build with new ATA-Stack of hrev31233 on real hardware. If I boot …

Jun 25, 2009:

10:20 PM Ticket #3250 (Paladin RC2 don't work correctly with GCC4 hybrid build) closed by darkwyrm
fixed: Tested Paladin 1.0 with hrev31227 hybrid build. Bug no longer is a problem.
7:53 PM Ticket #4040 (Blue 16x16 preview rect background missing (easy)) closed by stippi
invalid: This is on purpose. For performance reasons, there shouldn't be any …
5:58 PM Ticket #4040 (Blue 16x16 preview rect background missing (easy)) created by humdinger
This is hrev31230 (gcc4 hybrid in VirtualBox). The background of the …
5:39 PM Ticket #3963 (Haiku wrongly initialises volume according to BeOS) reopened by idefix
Unfortunately, I can still reproduce this with hrev31230 following the …

Jun 24, 2009:

5:19 PM Ticket #4039 (PI in math.h) created by kaliber
Please remove following lines from math.h: […] It breaks build of …

Jun 23, 2009:

9:44 PM Ticket #3914 (Tracker crash) closed by mmlr
duplicate: That's another duplicate of #3710 actually.
9:42 PM Ticket #4038 (Tracker random crash (GCC4 - r31165)) closed by mmlr
duplicate: Duplicate of #3710.
6:53 PM Ticket #4038 (Tracker random crash (GCC4 - r31165)) created by miqlas
Sometimes if i try to drag the selected path from an Tracker window to …
4:31 PM Ticket #4037 (Tracker crash post-initialization) created by dvh
Sometimes immediately, sometimes with some coaxing, browsing …
10:28 AM Ticket #4032 (keymap cli tool: add StyledEdit attributes) closed by axeld
fixed: Keymap::Save() stores a binary keymap - it wouldn't make much sense to …
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