Oct 28, 2009:

7:51 PM Ticket #4864 (message ports not being reaped/reclaimed) created by augiedoggie
When this problem occurs all currently running applications will just …
6:03 PM Ticket #4863 (Kernel panic during autoreconf) created by brlcad
I've gotten a couple (seemingly random) kernel panics during …
5:54 PM Ticket #4862 (kernel panic when booting off CD iso) created by brlcad
I ran into a reliable kernel panic when attempting to boot up the …
4:49 PM Ticket #4861 (Mandelbrot rendering problems/incomplete when set to 1024 iterations) created by Al2O3
Mandelbrot shows display problems when set to 1024 iterations (I have …
4:36 PM WikiStart edited by mmadia
Added links in the useful information section (diff)
2:42 PM Ticket #4053 (USB MIDI not recognized dynamically) closed by phoudoin
fixed: > I'm glad to note that all these -- aside from the if-else -- were > …
2:06 PM Ticket #4860 (Tracker lost files with non standard names while moving them from bfs ...) created by streak
Tracker lost files with non standard names while moving them from bfs …
12:29 PM Ticket #2177 (boot screen video mode incorrect/unsupported, but desktop okay) reopened by Kev
In Alpha 1 this was still working, but on the latest nightlies (GCC4 …
3:05 AM Ticket #4850 (Copying files via spring-folder moves instead) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev33803, sorry for the delay.

Oct 27, 2009:

8:25 PM Ticket #3961 (vm_page_fault on less -f /dev/acpi/namespace exit) closed by tqh
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev33795. Reopen if not.
4:58 PM Ticket #4791 (Improve Touchpad preference panel layout) closed by czeidler
invalid: Ok I mark it as invalid and hope the one how write the unified app …
1:33 PM Ticket #4859 (Sub-menus should keep the opening direction of their parents) created by axeld
When opening a sub-menu, it should open in the same direction as its …
11:36 AM Ticket #4845 (Tracker Crash while archiving on desktop...) closed by aldeck
duplicate: Ok, then chances are very high that this is a duplicate of #4130. Just …
9:47 AM Ticket #4762 (Hang at boot with updated ACPI module) closed by phoudoin
fixed: Indeed. And +1 for tqh thanking. BTW tqh, do you ask commit access already?
9:45 AM Ticket #4152 (acpi_battery: throw ACPI exceptions about GlobalLock ...) closed by phoudoin
fixed: I'm closing it, but I guess Michael issue is not fixed yet, but as …
5:14 AM Ticket #4858 (New blog entry preview resets input format to limited HTML) created by mmu_man
When creating a new blog entry, clicking the preview button resets the …

Oct 26, 2009:

10:57 PM Ticket #4696 (sched.h is missing struct sched_param) closed by korli
fixed: Cleaned and applied in hrev33783.
7:28 PM Ticket #4064 ([patch]cond_wait always return EAGAIN with an unitialized ...) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev33779.
6:54 PM Ticket #4857 (Force Identify only works when holding SHIFT) created by humdinger
This is hrev33755. If you right-click a file while holding down SHIFT, …
6:36 PM Ticket #4519 ([patch] updated and additional .vmx) closed by axeld
fixed: Applied in hrev33778.
6:33 PM Ticket #4485 (change our vmware network type from 'bridged' to 'nat') closed by axeld
6:30 PM Ticket #4833 (Flawed Desktop Volume Renaming) closed by axeld
duplicate: The hang is probably a duplicate of #4223. Please alway only mention …
5:11 PM Ticket #4828 (Crash in pthread_detach (double free)) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the patch! I've updated it slightly (and fixed a minor …
4:50 PM Ticket #4827 (Crash in pthread_create) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks! It's fixed in hrev33774.
3:09 PM Ticket #4839 (KDL on restart) closed by axeld
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev33773.
2:51 PM FutureHaiku/BFSIssues edited by mmadia
fixed a typo I --> i (diff)
2:49 PM WikiStart edited by mmadia
added link for FutureHaikuFileSystem (diff)
2:48 PM FutureHaiku/FileSystem edited by mmadia
2:46 PM FutureHaiku/FileSystem created by mmadia
2:43 PM FutureHaiku/BFSIssues created by mmadia
1:57 PM Ticket #4856 (conflicting app sigs on mbox2mail and mail2mbox) closed by aldeck
fixed: Thanks, applied in hrev33772!
1:34 PM Ticket #4856 (conflicting app sigs on mbox2mail and mail2mbox) created by jalopeura
The app sigs were changed in the constructors but not in the rdefs …
10:25 AM Ticket #1717 (BFilePanel, initially filtered files (BRefFilter) aren't watched for ...) reopened by aldeck
Reopening, hrev31307 would cause #4130. See hrev33769
7:48 AM Ticket #4855 (draft mail folder wrong) closed by humdinger
duplicate: That a duplicate of #4765.
7:35 AM Ticket #4854 (impossible manage folders in "/" directory) closed by jackburton
invalid: Porting an application involves a bit more than just recompiling. As …
7:33 AM Ticket #4855 (draft mail folder wrong) created by jahaiku
If I save a mail to draft in Mail I get at the first time an error …
6:07 AM Ticket #4854 (impossible manage folders in "/" directory) created by michaelvoliveira
I can create, let's say /usr folder into / directory, but I can't copy …
12:19 AM Ticket #4853 (non-alphanumeric characters are shown as HTML escape sequences) created by v
http://www.haiku-os.org/documents/dev/driver_development_presentation_w …[…]

Oct 25, 2009:

6:28 PM Ticket #4852 (The presence of a Soundblaster card causes BSOD.) created by haikuhacker
Haiku fails to boot. The booting process goes fine, until the desktop …
5:17 PM Ticket #4851 (Remove use of attributes/queries for signature/status) created by humdinger
This is hrev33755. At the moment Mail finds its signatures (stored by …
9:52 AM Ticket #4850 (Copying files via spring-folder moves instead) created by humdinger
This is hrev33755. Grab a file from one partition and drag&hover it over …
9:12 AM Ticket #4849 (BSlider - broken BArchivable implementation) created by matjako
Unlike with other BView classes, archiving a BSlider object and …
4:44 AM Ticket #4848 (raw_char field in B_KEY_DOWN message when using input method) created by hiron
In pe editor, when I input Japanese characters by IM (input method), …
2:30 AM Ticket #4847 (Wacom Intuos not handled) created by Pete
I found that my (original) Intuos 6x8 USB didn't function properly …
1:23 AM Ticket #4846 (thread deadlock in BMenuField) created by augiedoggie
While attempting to diagnose a problem in the BeAE program, I came …

Oct 24, 2009:

11:13 PM Ticket #4845 (Tracker Crash while archiving on desktop...) created by Super Dave Osbourne
Selected two files on the standard distro desktop, archived, then …
8:47 PM Ticket #4844 (Missing /boot/var/tmp) created by MrSunshine
/tmp points to /boot/var/tmp that does not exist on a fresh install, …
5:24 PM Ticket #4648 (Fix BMessage key events where the bytes array contains an ASCII NUL) closed by korli
fixed: Thanks
5:18 PM Ticket #4800 (mpu401 debugging should be off by default) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev33754.
4:16 PM Ticket #3371 ([StyledEdit] Tylde + Down Arrow Produces Blue Background) closed by korli
fixed: Thanks for the feedback
3:56 PM Ticket #4843 (Disabling VirtualMemory does not free up disk space) created by Adek336
hrev33753 gcc4+2 hybrid Disable VirtualMemory, reboot, disk space still …
2:16 PM Ticket #4842 ([patch] P7zip optional package for GCC4) created by jprostko
Hello, I have built P7zip for GCC4 on hrev33573 of Haiku. Below is a …
1:42 PM Ticket #4841 (Unable to boot from CD (PANIC: Double Fault!)) created by rjg
I am currently unable to boot Haiku off CD on my PC. Initially it …
12:54 PM Ticket #4840 (Collectcatkeys does not work on Haiku) created by mt
On Haiku, /boot/system/bin/collectcatkeys dose not work. Tested …
11:17 AM Ticket #4631 (Two Haiku partitions cannot change settings independently) closed by korli
10:09 AM Ticket #4839 (KDL on restart) created by HAL
Testing in hrev33745 when doing a restart causes KDL. To reproduce: 1. …
1:01 AM Ticket #4419 (SOCK_SEQPACKET missing in sys/socket.h) closed by korli
fixed: added in hrev33752.
12:36 AM Ticket #4435 (Change shortcut to summon Terminal in TeamMonitor (patch)) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev33751.
12:25 AM Ticket #3554 (Time out error if i copy Haiku from usb to HDD) closed by korli
fixed: I understand this can be closed
12:16 AM Ticket #4660 (accented characters aren't printed in terminal command line with utf8) closed by korli
12:10 AM Ticket #4838 (HDA driver not detected) created by haikuhacker
Well it was detected once on the first boot after install of the OS. …

Oct 23, 2009:

7:41 PM Ticket #4834 (r33728 breaks Colin Günther's WiFi) closed by anevilyak
invalid: Tracked at osdrawer, marking as invalid.
3:56 PM Ticket #4836 (CPU spikes in media_addon_server) closed by anevilyak
3:09 PM Ticket #4811 (black screen with intel_extreme driver) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the quick update!
2:09 PM Ticket #4837 (limited stroke width) created by Meanwhile
Under properties, the width of a stroke can be set in more precise …
1:19 PM Ticket #4836 (CPU spikes in media_addon_server) created by tangobravo
My laptop gives occasional (a bit random, but usually 2 or 3 per …
9:26 AM Ticket #4835 (r33626 causes interrupt trouble) created by brecht
hrev33626 causes the system to become unresponsive. Syslog reports: …
8:34 AM Ticket #4610 (Reproducible crash while querying during cvs checkout) closed by aldeck
duplicate: Most probably a duplicate of #4130, fixed by hrev33744. Please test
8:18 AM Ticket #4271 ([Tracker] crash in BNode::GetAttrInfo ()) closed by aldeck
duplicate: Most certainly a duplicate of #4130, fixed in hrev33744. Please test
8:14 AM Ticket #4831 (Tracker crash with New Mail query) closed by aldeck
duplicate: Duplicate of #4130, fixed by hrev33744. for reference, the …
8:09 AM Ticket #4130 ([Tracker] crash in Model::StatChanged ()) closed by aldeck
fixed: Fixed in hrev33744
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