Mar 10, 2010:

11:08 PM Ticket #4101 (nVidia CK804 OHCI USB controller detects only 1 connected device) closed by mmlr
fixed: Ok, closing, thanks for the feedback!
9:35 PM Ticket #1905 (spurious mouse button presses) closed by mmlr
fixed: Closing, thanks for the feedback.
8:22 PM Ticket #5557 (Patch: add additional device ID's to Nvidia GPGPU driver) created by kallisti5
Driver is incomplete, but contained a very small number of GPGPU …
6:20 PM Ticket #4882 ("Haiku Operating System" Occurrences) closed by mmadia
fixed: "OPERATING SYSTEM" was removed from the 'Slogan' field on the …
5:08 PM Ticket #5556 (Slow draw performance with Nvidia Geforce4 440 on AGP 8x) created by ormandj
Hi, When scrolling in terminal and other applications, I get a fair …
4:41 PM Ticket #2797 (usb disks not working) closed by jackburton
fixed: Ok, I managed to boot haiku, and I can confirm the bug is fixed.
10:28 AM Ticket #5549 (Logitech diNovo Edge - Trackpad does not work) closed by mmlr
fixed: Thanks for the feedback! Fixed in hrev35796.
7:00 AM R1/Alpha2/OptionalPackages edited by scottmc
fix git's status (diff)
6:57 AM R1/Alpha2/OptionalPackages edited by scottmc
updated status for sqlite, bzip2, bison (diff)
3:03 AM Ticket #5555 ([Installer] bad text formatting in about box) created by diver
See screenshot. Tested with hrev35795 in VirtualBox 3.0.12
2:54 AM Ticket #5554 ([registrar] crash in ui_color ()) created by diver
[…] [[Image(...)]] Tested with hrev35795 in …

Mar 9, 2010:

9:24 PM Ticket #5553 ([Backgrounds] r35529 missed ru.catkeys in Jamfile) created by diver
hrev35529 missed ru.catkeys in Jamfile …
4:26 PM Ticket #5552 (Design HVIF icons for possible BToolbar API) created by mmadia
Relating to #1142 & this mailing list thread: …
12:05 PM Ticket #5500 (Japanese catalog key file for Print preflet) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: The version on hta is already in sync with svn.
12:00 PM Ticket #5516 (Japanese catalog key file for DriveSetup) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Synced from hta in hrev35788.
11:55 AM Ticket #5290 (Esperanto patch from HTA) closed by pulkomandy
invalid: Please approve them on hta if you want them included. As of now, they …
10:50 AM Ticket #5430 (Locale doesn't work) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Ok, fixed the catalog loading so the current preflet will work in hrev35787.
5:03 AM Ticket #4049 (HDA driver doesn't produce audio) closed by scottmc
fixed: Closing as the original hardware the ticket was written for is no …
5:00 AM Ticket #2567 (System reboots just after splash screen) closed by scottmc
fixed: Closing, and it's probably fixed, but original hardware config not …
12:34 AM i18n/es_ES/Terminology edited by mzunigag_mx

Mar 8, 2010:

9:50 PM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by mmadia
finished migrating to drupal. nag me to add more ideas there. (diff)
9:24 PM Ticket #1275 (Playing aiff type sounds locks up system) closed by dlmcpaul
fixed: I have retested this after the various changes that have been made to …
9:07 PM Ticket #2951 (Daylight saving time two days early (Europe, Germany)) closed by scottmc
fixed: Chances are that this has been fixed, tzdata is updated several times …
8:38 PM Ticket #1361 (IDE (native and emulated) doesn't work when a SATA AHCI controller is ...) closed by scottmc
fixed: Closing this one as probably fixed. If you still have issues, please …
8:34 PM Ticket #1667 (Haiku runs dogslow on real hardware (kernel team hang)) closed by scottmc
fixed: This may or may not have been fixed, is fixed it was probably related …
8:24 PM Ticket #2337 (After the recent vesa changes haiku hangs at boot) closed by scottmc
fixed: Since the original issue reported has been reported as fixed, I am …
8:14 PM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by mmadia
7:59 PM Ticket #1279 (distorted sound during copying) closed by scottmc
fixed: No answer after 2 years on the previous reply, I'm assuming this is no …
7:36 PM Ticket #339 (playsound audio playback is stuttering) closed by scottmc
fixed: Closing this one out, if it's still an issue please open a new ticket …
7:19 PM Ticket #3420 (Provide more standard cursors (etc. cross hair, grab, ...)) closed by leavengood
fixed: This ticket has pretty much been addressed by Stephan in hrev35782.
7:06 PM R1/Alpha2/OptionalPackages edited by scottmc
changed status of expat and libxml2 to "H", also updated zip file … (diff)
4:28 PM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by mmadia
add link for openjdk (diff)

Mar 7, 2010:

11:52 PM Ticket #5551 (ATI/AMD SB700/SB800/SBx00 USB Interrupt Issues) created by MrSunshine
ID: 0x4396 Vendor: 0x1002 […]
11:39 PM Ticket #5550 (Boot Panic with ipwifi3945(abg) : out of MTRRs! [r35779]) created by composr
Hello all, this is finally my first submission, which I will be happy …
9:25 PM Ticket #5549 (Logitech diNovo Edge - Trackpad does not work) created by ormandj
Hi, I have a Logitech diNovo Edge, and the trackpad is …
5:58 PM Ticket #5548 (USB Mouse problem since some weeks) created by jackburton
Since some time, I have a strange problem with the usb mouse on my …
4:52 PM Ticket #5547 (Changed settings in save dialogs also set Translator defaults) created by humdinger
This is hrev35761. Apps can offer access to Translator settings in their …
3:37 PM Ticket #5546 (Atheros WiFi [168c:001a] not detected and doesn't work on #35775 build.) created by cssvb94
hrev35775 SVN build under Ubuntu on Acer TravelMate 2490. During boot …
3:10 PM Ticket #5545 (bcm4312 wlan (on Dell Mini 10) not detected) created by danboid
I'm running hrev35770 gcc2hybrid raw, booting off a USB stick on a Dell …
3:05 PM Ticket #5544 (PANIC: Invalid concurrent access to page 0x83e81284 (start), currently ...) created by mvfranz
Hi, I am using hrev35770 trying to build gcc and the kernel had a panic. …
2:59 PM Ticket #5543 (resolutions > 640x480 don't work on Dell Mini 10 w/ GMA500 aka poulsbo gfx) created by danboid
I'm running hrev35770 gcc2hybrid raw, booting off a USB stick on a Dell …
11:28 AM Ticket #5533 (Colors Are Incorrect (Radeon X850)) reopened by euan
Will leave it open for now then. If you can provide a x.log from …
2:03 AM Ticket #5541 (Two "trash" on desktop) closed by anevilyak
invalid: Quite some time ago, the Trash folder was relocated on-disk so it's no …
1:05 AM Ticket #5542 (Improve keyboard support in E-mail prefs Create New Account window (easy)) created by darkwyrm
It would be really nice to have the OK button the default in the …

Mar 6, 2010:

9:59 PM Ticket #5541 (Two "trash" on desktop) created by Hubert
I do not know why but for a long time I have on fresh installation of …
9:52 PM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by pulkomandy
9:22 PM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by pulkomandy
6:22 PM Ticket #5540 (computer reboot in the haiku bootscreen) created by AlienSoldier
Just before any icon light up, the computer just reboot. AOpen AX6BC …
5:56 PM Ticket #5533 (Colors Are Incorrect (Radeon X850)) closed by euan
fixed: It's not what I would call a fix, but its better than nothing I guess. …
1:48 PM Ticket #5536 (checkfs: Repairing failed: Unknown Application Error (-2103393536)) closed by axeld
fixed: Wasn't at all surprising, and it's fixed in hrev35770.
1:17 PM Ticket #5539 (Can't boot from LiveCD) created by xsive
I'm unable to boot from the Haiku R1 Live CD on my desktop PC. Also …
4:19 AM Ticket #3789 (Rewrite DataTranslation using the Layout API.) closed by leavengood
fixed: Patch applied and therefore bug fixed in hrev35768. Sorry for the delay …
1:12 AM Ticket #5155 (update tar to 1.22 to get 'xz' support) closed by scottmc
fixed: #5508 has now also been fixed, so now closing.
1:11 AM FutureHaiku/Features edited by mmadia
added some links for libc (diff)
1:07 AM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by scottmc
added CD/DVD burning application (diff)
12:57 AM Ticket #347 (Imposible to boot from CD) closed by scottmc
fixed: It is now very possible to boot from a CD so closing this ticket. If …

Mar 5, 2010:

9:31 PM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by mmadia
locale KIT --> API (diff)
9:29 PM FutureHaiku/Features edited by mmadia
layout, locale KIT --> API (diff)
5:00 PM Ticket #5538 (KDL on trying to dd zero a USB drive) created by danboid
I'm running hrev35763 'bare metal' stylee. If I insert a USB memory …
2:20 PM Ticket #4421 (no vmx file included with vmware alpha images) closed by mmadia
fixed: nightly vmware archives for hrev35765 and newer now contain: * …
4:59 AM Ticket #3653 (line number display to StyledEdit) closed by scottmc
invalid: StyledEdit does have a line number display (yet), but if it did, it …
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