Mar 23, 2010:

11:59 PM Ticket #5619 ([PATCH] Add support for setting local domain to network prefs + dhcp client) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks for the updated patch! Applied in hrev35938.
10:26 PM Ticket #5627 ([app_server] crash in Desktop::SetFocusWindow ()) created by diver
Crash happened when I switched workspace using Workspaces …
10:04 PM Ticket #5626 ([Screenshot] after taking a screenshot name field (without extension) ...) created by diver
9:53 PM Ticket #5625 ("MidiPortGlue" missing) created by Pete
In BeOS, an old-style BMidiPort appears (by default) to apps which use …
9:15 PM Ticket #5624 ([CharacterMap] selected font should be check marked) created by diver
9:08 PM Ticket #5623 ([MediaPlayer] could crash if you unmount volume while playing playing ...) created by diver
You have to use Force unmount and maybe move MediaPlayer's time slider …
8:48 PM Ticket #5622 ([MediaPlayer] disable Audio/Video track menu if there is only one track) created by diver
Disable Audio/Video track option if there is only one track will allow …
8:42 PM Ticket #5621 ([MediaPlayer] restarting media_addon_server doesn't work) created by diver
Quit media_addon_server from ProcessController. Launch some mp3 …
8:39 PM Ticket #5620 (Translating page http://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/i18n/fi_FI/Info into Finnish) created by Karvjorm
This is used to start translation of the first wiki page into Finnish.
8:16 PM Ticket #4726 ([MediaPlayer] File type "application/x-vnd.haiku-playlist" is not ...) closed by stippi
fixed: MediaPlayer installs the mimetype since hrev34143.
8:05 PM Ticket #5617 (OptionalPackage gcc-2.95.3 contains symlink, breaks on gcc4hybrid) closed by mmadia
fixed: Implemented a more correct solution in hrev35937, which utilizes …
7:35 PM Ticket #5619 ([PATCH] Add support for setting local domain to network prefs + dhcp client) created by vegardw
The following patch adds support for setting the the local domain in …
5:24 PM Ticket #5618 (Make copyright notice localization-friendly) created by koki
The license notice under the Copyright section of the AboutThisSystem …
4:46 PM R1/Alpha2/OptionalPackages edited by scottmc
moved tar into group2, tar and libxml2 have updates available so need … (diff)
3:58 PM R1/Alpha2/OptionalPackages edited by scottmc
updated status for perl and openssh (diff)
3:12 PM R1/Alpha2/StatusAndCoordination edited by koki
1:14 PM Ticket #5617 (OptionalPackage gcc-2.95.3 contains symlink, breaks on gcc4hybrid) created by mmadia
The archive gcc-2.95.3-r1a1-x86-gcc2-2009-08-26.zip contains …
2:39 AM Ticket #5616 ([TRAC] prefs box overlaps long lines in message text) created by jstressman
On trac messages, if you have a very long line of text, the floating …
12:54 AM Ticket #5615 (Pairs is fixed at 4 tiles x 4 tiles, add support for a different game ...) created by scottmc
This was marked in the source code as a TODO, but creating a ticket …

Mar 22, 2010:

11:25 PM Ticket #5608 ([IPv6] [PATCH] struct ipv6_mreq missing) closed by axeld
fixed: Added in hrev35934, thanks!
10:38 PM Ticket #5613 (Setup UI Bug) closed by axeld
duplicate: Duplicate of #5601, thanks idefix!
2:46 PM Ticket #5563 ([Patch] ShowImage app localization) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks a bunch! Applied in hrev35929. Don't know what to do with …
1:10 PM Ticket #5614 (Layouting should have default spacing) created by axeld
When using layouts like BGroupLayout their default item spacing is 0 …
12:37 AM Ticket #5613 (Setup UI Bug) created by haikuser
in the laguage list some languges appear 4 or more times but everthing …

Mar 21, 2010:

8:37 PM Ticket #5612 (Create a build rule for archiving Haiku's local sources) created by mmadia
Similar to #5110 and #5482, this proposed rule would compress the …
5:58 PM Ticket #5611 (Impossible to terminate a blocked process) created by fano
If a process is blocked it seems there is no way to stop it! For …
5:08 PM Ticket #5429 ([Patch] screenshot app german catkey file) closed by bonefish
fixed: Thanks for the note!
5:02 PM Ticket #5610 ([PATCH] No revision info when using Mercurial) closed by bonefish
fixed: Thanks! Applied in hrev35926.
3:44 PM Ticket #5227 (more flexible wait time options for bootman) closed by laplace
fixed: Thanks for your contribution, the merged effort is implemented in …
11:27 AM Ticket #5577 (View menu string missing from Mail app locale catalog) closed by jonas.kirilla
fixed: Fixed in hrev35924. Thanks Koki!
11:23 AM Ticket #5610 ([PATCH] No revision info when using Mercurial) created by andreasf
Haiku built from the hg mirror does not show the SVN revision in …
10:42 AM Ticket #5605 (Hide/Remove "about system" from deskbar in deskbar options) closed by axeld
invalid: It's a single option, and it doesn't hurt at all IMO. Furthermore, …
10:22 AM Ticket #5609 (Special-keys trigger type-ahead feature) created by humdinger
This is hrev35922. The Fx function keys and at least the "Insert" key on …
9:59 AM Ticket #5607 (Pressing "space" in tracker making folder items invisible) closed by stippi
invalid: Can't reproduce, you probably have type-ahead filtering enabled …
1:28 AM Ticket #5608 ([IPv6] [PATCH] struct ipv6_mreq missing) created by andreasf
This is supposed to be defined in netinet/in.h according to The …

Mar 20, 2010:

10:57 PM Ticket #4998 (PANIC: cache destroy: still has partial slabs) closed by bonefish
fixed: Indeed. Thanks for the update!
10:20 PM Ticket #5607 (Pressing "space" in tracker making folder items invisible) created by streak
Pressing "space" in tracker making folder items invisible. …
6:47 PM Ticket #5606 (Running on secondary monitor via VGA Extension port not work [ on laptops ]) created by streak
Running Haiku on secondary monitor via VGA Extension port not work [ …
6:34 PM Ticket #5605 (Hide/Remove "about system" from deskbar in deskbar options) created by streak
The proposition: Hide/Remove "about system" from deskbar in deskbar …
5:03 PM Ticket #5604 (Inconsistent dragging behavior with ps2 trackpad) created by PieterPanman
I have an HP EliteBook 8530w notebook. It has a touchpad and a …
4:43 PM i18n/fi_FI/Terminology created by humdinger
initial Temrinology
4:42 PM i18n/fi_FI/StyleGuide created by humdinger
initial StyleGuide
4:41 PM i18n edited by humdinger
added Finnish (diff)
4:41 PM i18n/fi_FI/Info created by humdinger
initial info page
2:37 PM Ticket #5603 (libtoolize still uses /bin/sed?) created by andreasf
[…] […] Probably some of the Optional Packages still need to be …
1:41 PM Ticket #5548 (USB Mouse problem since some weeks) closed by jackburton
invalid: This doesn't show up anymore. Could have been a symptom of the problem …

Mar 19, 2010:

10:33 PM Ticket #5602 (Prevent installing over an existing intsallation of a different GCC) created by mmadia
While the system/ folder will be replaced, other folders will be …
9:45 PM Ticket #5601 (Language list of ReadOnlyBootPrompt doesn't show countries anymore) created by idefix
Somewhere between hrev35849 and hrev35864, ReadOnlyBootPrompt stopped …
8:24 PM Ticket #5600 (pthread_self() sometimes returns NULL) closed by bonefish
invalid: libroot's pthread_self() implementation cannot return NULL. I've also …
7:48 PM Ticket #5600 (pthread_self() sometimes returns NULL) created by kaliber
Following issue is very odd. I have a gcc4 binary called metacity …
7:21 PM Ticket #5599 (recursive_lock unlocked by non-holder thread!) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev35919.
7:08 PM Ticket #5559 (Memory pressure causes high latency) closed by bonefish
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev35918. Please reopen, if you can still reproduce …
5:04 PM Ticket #5599 (recursive_lock unlocked by non-holder thread!) created by kaliber
2:56 PM Ticket #5598 (BTextView character width is often incorrect for multi-byte characters) created by axeld
I haven't yet figured out how to reproduce it, but in Mail with …
11:52 AM Ticket #5596 (BMessage::PrintToStream() can crash) closed by jackburton
fixed: It's fixed in hrev35911.
8:14 AM Ticket #5597 (BPicture problems since some revisions) created by jackburton
Since some revisions, there are some problems with BPicture. This can …
8:06 AM Ticket #5596 (BMessage::PrintToStream() can crash) created by jackburton
This can be reproduced by adding a string, an int32 and an int8 (in …

Mar 18, 2010:

11:00 AM Ticket #611 ([3DmiX] freeze on new track) closed by axeld
invalid: Thanks for the update.
8:48 AM Ticket #5590 ([resolv.conf] some apps still try to read it from /etc) closed by phoudoin
fixed: Fixed in hrev35898.
1:29 AM FutureHaiku/Features edited by mmadia
Added bootman, Jamfile engine, OSS (diff)
1:06 AM Ticket #5595 (implement cli application : writembr) created by mmadia
In BeOS R5, there is a command line program writembr, which would …
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