Nov 11, 2010:

9:30 PM Ticket #6794 (Vertical Image Stretching with guetenprint and EPSON WorkForce 610) closed by laplace
12:23 PM Ticket #6813 (Support for .pls (easy)) created by Hubert
Lack of support for the files .pls (shoutcast) in MediaPlayer (e.g. …
11:52 AM Ticket #6812 (Problem with rmvb files) closed by stippi
duplicate: Please always search for existing tickets before opening new ones. In …
11:49 AM Ticket #6812 (Problem with rmvb files) created by Hubert
At the beginning I would like to congratulate stippi progress in …
10:39 AM Ticket #6811 (GCC4H versions constantly rebooting while used from usb pendrive) created by streak
I find it really disturbing :/. While all versions of GCC2H / GCC2 are …

Nov 10, 2010:

10:57 PM Ticket #6810 ((Quickly) Resizing an image can trigger zooming.) created by mmadia
hrev39385, gcc2 hybrid. * Open …
10:52 AM Ticket #6809 (Risk of minimizing and losing the Shut down? dialog) closed by stippi
fixed: Proposed solution added in hrev39385, thanks!

Nov 9, 2010:

11:43 PM Ticket #6809 (Risk of minimizing and losing the Shut down? dialog) created by jonas.kirilla
The dialog that Registrar displays when you select "Shutdown..." in …
11:08 PM Ticket #6808 (Drop the checksum field from catkeys file header) created by rq
From discussions with PulkoMandy, it seems to me that the checksum …
9:41 PM Ticket #6740 (libroot doesn't build with DEBUG defined) closed by zooey
fixed: Fixed in hrev39380. Kaliber, have you actually tested that patch? I'm …
8:38 PM Ticket #6750 (chmod is broken for non-superuser) closed by axeld
8:29 PM Ticket #6595 (ffmpeg plugin's AVFormatReader crashes if given a file it can't handle.) closed by stippi
fixed: Thanks everyone involved! Assuming the ticket is fixed and was only …
7:33 PM Ticket #6807 (NetworkStatus applet freezes desktop in safe mode) created by cipri
because the auich driver crashes my system, i had to boot in …
7:03 PM Ticket #6806 (some strings in catkeys files seem to be out of sync with HTA ones) created by starsseed
Pulkomandy has synchronized catkeys resources from the HTA repository …
4:02 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas edited by aldeck
3:59 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas edited by scottmc
fixed typo (diff)
3:59 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas edited by scottmc
3:55 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas edited by scottmc
fixed centering on medium (diff)
3:53 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas edited by scottmc
changed hard tasks to difficult to match melange (diff)
3:46 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas edited by humdinger
Added task for a flyer/poster (diff)
12:17 PM Ticket #6805 ([Locale] crashes after pressing Default button) created by diver
This is hrev39371 in VirtualBox. * Start Locale and set Formatting to …

Nov 8, 2010:

11:09 PM Ticket #6778 ([ShowImage] show icons in the folder menu) closed by axeld
fixed: Implemented in hrev39364.
11:09 PM Ticket #6797 (ShowImage crashes when opening an image) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev39364.
4:12 PM Ticket #6804 (crash: chart demo application crashes (reproducible)) created by kallisti5
* VESA driver. * Multi-core or multi-cpu system (two core AMD in my …
3:34 PM R1/Alpha2/ImprovementsSinceRelease edited by korli
11:14 AM Ticket #6715 (Network Printing Transport Layer) closed by phoudoin
8:55 AM Ticket #4491 (No sound with auich and Intel 82801DB/DBL/DBM ICH4) reopened by korli

Nov 7, 2010:

7:48 PM Ticket #6803 (VLC crashes on exit (topological_sort) .. and other apps with add-ons?) created by korli
[…] VLC 0.8.6d hrev39344
7:46 PM Ticket #6802 (MediaPlayer crashes in ffmpeg plugin) created by korli
[…] ArteTV .ts Mediaplayer hrev39344 works with vlc 0.8.6d
6:23 PM Ticket #6801 (Ability to cancel a scan) created by mmadia
Currently (hrev39206) there is no option to cancel an in-progress scan.
4:24 PM Ticket #6800 (Handling any number of mounted volumes in tabs) created by humdinger
This is hrev39308. DiskUsage's tab view doesn't handle the situation …
9:39 AM GoogleCodeInIdeas edited by pulkomandy
4:18 AM Ticket #6799 (guetenprint margin discrepencys on epson workforce 610) created by stargatefan
this effect vertical left hand margin as far as i can tell at the …

Nov 6, 2010:

10:21 PM Ticket #6798 (Master Ticket: Updating audio drivers to co-exist with OpenSound) created by mmadia
This is a master ticket for tracking the updates of the various audio …
8:50 PM Ticket #3745 (Preferences : "[x] Warn upon closing active programs") closed by jackburton
5:32 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas edited by humdinger
Added User Guide tasks for PowerStatus and Locale prefs (diff)
5:25 PM Ticket #6797 (ShowImage crashes when opening an image) created by humdinger
This is hrev39308. After jamming ShowImage of a hrev39326 trunk under …
5:17 PM Ticket #6793 (Issues with __cxa_atexit) closed by bonefish
fixed: That verifies my suspicion. __cxa_finalize() isn't called by …
3:12 PM Ticket #6796 (print margin can be no smaller then .4 inchs or gueten print fails) created by stargatefan
Print margins can be set no smaller then .4 inchs. I do not know if …
3:09 PM Ticket #6795 (Mechanism to detect and identify network printer and offer setup wizard) created by stargatefan
A needed evil for new and non savy users. The printer transport layer …
3:03 PM Ticket #6794 (Vertical Image Stretching with guetenprint and EPSON WorkForce 610) created by stargatefan
Printed Images are stretch verticaly about 200% but the horizontal …
12:45 PM Ticket #6792 (BSlider doesn't send an action message when invoked using the keyboard) closed by stippi
fixed: I think I've found a consistent solution in hrev39323. Please confirm …
12:36 PM Ticket #6793 (Issues with __cxa_atexit) created by kaliber
First of all thanks for the _cxa_atexit implementation. Unfortunately …
11:35 AM Ticket #6349 ([patch] GCC2/GCC4 warnings and -Werror) closed by stippi
fixed: Oh thanks! Sorry, somehow I completely missed that the first patch was …
7:28 AM GoogleCodeInIdeas edited by humdinger
Added tasks for guides on virtualization under "2. Documentation" (diff)
1:07 AM Ticket #6054 (Haiku Crashes when Laptop Lid is closed) closed by korli
invalid: Feedback welcome.
12:09 AM Ticket #3232 (Patch for tty and some drivers n stuff ;)) closed by korli
invalid: I suppose the tty stuff didn't miss anyone. I think acpi_thermal and …
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