Nov 19, 2010:

11:51 PM Ticket #6613 ([Terminal] disable "Switch Terminals" option if only one terminal is runnig) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev39530.
9:58 PM Ticket #3042 ([ShowImage] wheel scrolling flickers image path string) closed by axeld
fixed: Stupid me, Stippi already explained that to me during BeGeistert... …
9:08 PM Ticket #6839 (Add Jamfile-Engine) closed by mmadia
duplicate: ticket:5360#comment:8 has an explanation of some known bugs and …
8:57 PM Ticket #3086 (Tracker: entering name for a new folder: bad drawn) closed by luroh
8:18 PM Ticket #6841 (incomplete "clicks" mouse message filtering) created by bonefish
hrev39515 The "clicks" field of mouse messages should not indicate a …
8:02 PM Ticket #3329 ([Tracker] Pressing F2 shows squares in the bottom) closed by luroh
fixed: I'm unable to repeat this with hrev39517, closing.
7:32 PM Ticket #3630 (ctrl+character shows rectangle in Text) closed by luroh
fixed: Tested with hrev39517, this doesn't happen any longer, closing.
7:19 PM Ticket #3194 ([Terminal] crash on close/quit) closed by bonefish
fixed: In 2009 several patches by Joshua R. Elsasser have been applied that …
6:05 PM Ticket #6840 (Incorporation of GCC 4.5) created by korli
Provisioning ticket for GCC 4.5 to track activities and see if it …
5:59 PM Ticket #6836 (Terminal overwrites the prompt) closed by bonefish
duplicate: Same bug as #6276. Some readline or bash issue I'd say.
5:54 PM Ticket #6094 (Garbage on Terminal command line) closed by bonefish
3:40 PM Ticket #2389 ([Terminal] Add a menu option to allow the user to give the terminal a ...) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fully implemented around hrev39513.
1:54 PM Ticket #6839 (Add Jamfile-Engine) created by cipri
Please add the Jamfile-Engine (and the corresponding template Jamfile) …
9:33 AM Ticket #6838 (sshd crashing after booting) created by humdinger
This is hrev39490. After updating Haiku from Ubuntu via {{{ jam -qj2 @HD …
9:12 AM Ticket #4978 (Header/footer navigation isn't translated) closed by humdinger
fixed: I think this has been solved in the meantime.
1:38 AM Ticket #6837 (Epson C61 wont print) created by HAL
When I try to print anything with a Epson Stylus C61, gutenprint shows …

Nov 18, 2010:

11:21 PM Ticket #6836 (Terminal overwrites the prompt) created by aldeck
Terminal overwrites the prompt. Eating chars of the prompt from right …
11:04 PM Ticket #6835 (haiku can't boot on HP computer) created by the ringmaster
I have a somewhat older HP computer with an AMD Phenom x4 processor, 3 …
6:55 PM Ticket #6834 (add spinner widget [PATCH]) created by Disreali
A spinner widget would be very useful for Haiku. Libwalter includes a …
4:50 PM Ticket #6765 (Shrink/Stretch to window don't work as expected) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev39431.
4:49 PM Ticket #6810 ((Quickly) Resizing an image can trigger zooming.) closed by axeld
fixed: I've implemented that solution in hrev39431.
3:06 PM Ticket #6833 (Bug Switching Workplace with keyboard) closed by aldeck
fixed: fixed in hrev39479
1:42 PM Ticket #6757 (Trac query: Component without submenu) closed by nielx
fixed: Thanks brecht! It works now.
10:27 AM Ticket #6832 (boot to KDL) closed by mmadia
invalid: Please re-open the ticket when you include this important information: …
10:06 AM Ticket #6833 (Bug Switching Workplace with keyboard) created by cipri
I'm using one of the latests nightly builds (with SAT enabled). To …
7:02 AM Ticket #6832 (boot to KDL) created by skarmiglione
F755la booting go to kdl

Nov 17, 2010:

7:38 PM Ticket #6831 (New StyledEdit features: word count & show document as read-only) created by negusnyul
The attached patch adds two new features to StyledEdit: * Word count: …
7:14 PM Ticket #6830 (SoundRecorder should use updated control graphics) created by humdinger
This is hrev39402. SoundRecorder should use updated control graphics …
7:12 PM Ticket #6829 (No format choice when saving audio clip (easy)) created by humdinger
This is hrev39402. There's no way to choose the format in which to save …
7:08 PM Ticket #6828 (In/out markers ignored on playback) created by humdinger
This is hrev38402. Using the in/out markers to crop an audio file …
7:02 PM Ticket #3052 (not possible to drag and save files from SoundRecorder) closed by humdinger
fixed: For me this particular ticket has been solved meanwhile (hrev39402). At …
7:02 AM Ticket #6827 (AboutSystem Crash) created by netstar
When using different fonts than the default e.g VL Gothic, the …
1:36 AM Ticket #6826 (Add support for styled SSA/ASS subtitle rendering - libass (enhancement)) created by herdemir
Since the the license of libass changed recently in trunk (GPL -> …

Nov 16, 2010:

9:34 PM Ticket #3448 ([Terminal] New tab opens in the same directory as the old tab) closed by bonefish
fixed: Assuming that Alt-Tab actually means Cmd-T, this is a duplicate of …
8:52 PM Ticket #6712 (Make new windows/tabs open at the path of the active tab) closed by bonefish
fixed: Implemented in hrev39457 and hrev39458.
7:20 PM Ticket #6793 (Issues with __cxa_atexit) reopened by kaliber

Nov 15, 2010:

10:27 AM Ticket #6825 (Mouse preferences graphics) created by humdinger
The mouse graphics in the preferences doesn't look so nice, since the …
7:44 AM Ticket #6824 (ShowImage crashes after browsing thru many photos) created by humdinger
This is on ShowImage hrev39431 under a hrev39402 system. After quickly …

Nov 14, 2010:

9:33 PM FutureHaiku/Features edited by yourpalal
9:02 PM Ticket #6820 (Crash in BRoster::_ResolveApp) closed by axeld
fixed: This had already been fixed in hrev39424, over five hours before this bug …
7:29 PM Ticket #6823 (Allow transport add-on configuration) created by laplace
Some transport add-ons need to be configured before they can be used. …
7:23 PM Ticket #6822 (Print Test Page) created by laplace
The Printers preflet should allow to print a test page.
6:47 PM Ticket #6821 (kanvus 106 life tablet does not initialize.) created by stargatefan
basic usb hid device. output is hid usb mouse. tablet does not …
4:36 PM Ticket #6820 (Crash in BRoster::_ResolveApp) created by laplace
Right clicking on Process Controller in Deskbar or pressing OPT+ALT+T …
4:36 PM Ticket #6819 (USB mouse (it seems) causes system to hang on rocket) created by stellar_power
I have an Asus p5e3 mobo with an ich9r southbridge. The mouse used to …
3:39 PM Ticket #3992 (Zip-O-Matic includes files from Trash bin) closed by mmadia
fixed: Closing, as the "Desktop" directory always visible for some time now.
3:24 PM Ticket #6818 (Copying via the draggable folder icon moves files) created by axeld
When you drag a folder via the draggable folder icon to another …
11:30 AM Ticket #6816 (CPU IDs don't match Activity Monitor > < Pulse) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev39426.
9:02 AM Ticket #5397 (Add 'Install bootloader to MBR' support to installer) closed by stippi
fixed: Indeed, this is implemented, even though Bootman still has those …
1:20 AM Ticket #4736 (Use of 7zip to provide nightly images) closed by mmadia
fixed: For some months, nightly images are provided in zip and tar.xz
12:33 AM Ticket #5436 (installing troubles on VirtualBox) closed by mmadia
fixed: closing the ticket as per mmlr's comments.
12:11 AM Ticket #6421 (Rename "Click to activate" mode) closed by mmadia
fixed: Fixed (or at least improved) in hrev39421. Feel free to open new tickets …
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