Jan 4, 2011:

11:01 PM Ticket #5992 (Virtualbox 3.1.8: Kernel Panic while installing Haiku) closed by korli
9:21 PM Ticket #7068 (disabling font-antialiasing) created by smashIt
Please add the option to disable font-antialiasing entirely to the …
11:09 AM Ticket #7067 ([Time] clock hands don't move while you in Time Zone tab) created by diver
This is hrev40106, gcch4hybrid. * launch Time preflet. * move to …
9:37 AM Ticket #7066 ([kernel] Panic while resizing SoundRecorder window) created by diver
This is hrev39913, gcc4hybrid. Kernel crashed while I tried …
9:32 AM Ticket #7065 ([kernel] Panic while running mime_update.sh) created by diver
This is hrev39913, gcc4hybrid. I was playing with …
5:24 AM Ticket #7064 (Can't play imperfect AC3 file) created by aergus
I converted the the file "All about you.mp3" (which you may find …
4:03 AM Ticket #7055 (notifications preflet crash) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev40102.
3:41 AM Ticket #3597 (checkfs fails to check one specific partition.) reopened by kallisti5
I am reopening this one as I have seen it as well. After quite a few …
2:19 AM Ticket #1746 (Default swap file size doesn't enable Virtual Memory) closed by leavengood
fixed: After all this I think we can close this old bug. Any other problems …
1:41 AM Ticket #5498 (bfs_shell : stray processes stay active) closed by bonefish
fixed: Hopefully fixed in hrev40097/hrev40100.

Jan 3, 2011:

8:39 PM Ticket #7063 (Shortcut to new window resizing method isn't ideal from a usability p.o.v.) created by Meanwhile
Haiku's new (extra) method for window resizing works with a …
5:05 PM Ticket #7062 (Add "Open in new window" in context menu) created by humdinger
This is hrev547. Context menus on links should offer to "Open in new …
5:02 PM Ticket #7061 (Removing incompletely downloaded files) created by humdinger
This is hrev547. Wouldn't is be better if a partly downloaded file …
4:59 PM Ticket #7060 (Force-Identify downloaded files) created by humdinger
This is hrev547. Some server don't seem to correctly set the MIME type …
4:28 PM Ticket #7058 (Email settings not being updated) closed by humdinger
fixed: Since I have it already applied locally, I committed it with hrev40090. …
11:37 AM Ticket #7059 ([Tracker] crashes while holding Ctrl + multiple right clicks) created by diver
This is hrev40089, gcc4hybrid. Holding Ctrl while clicking …
4:11 AM Ticket #6258 (Phenom II cpu reported as Athlon 64) closed by leavengood
fixed: Patch applied in hrev40087.
3:52 AM Ticket #6126 (Fontdemo debug message fix) closed by leavengood
3:30 AM Ticket #6069 ([patch]Vulcan Death Grip) closed by leavengood
fixed: I applied the patch in hrev40085.

Jan 2, 2011:

11:35 PM Ticket #6601 (boot problem) closed by czeidler
fixed: Can boot in default resolution since hrev40078.
9:09 PM Ticket #7058 (Email settings not being updated) created by jalopeura
When using Email Preferences to change settings on an existing email …
7:15 PM Ticket #7056 (umask is not inherited to exec'ed image) closed by zooey
fixed: Fixed in hrev40071 - basically followed Ingo's implementation hint …
4:04 PM Ticket #7057 (LeftMouseClickOnTitleBar + CMD + ~ not bringing the selected ...) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev40070.
3:46 PM Ticket #7057 (LeftMouseClickOnTitleBar + CMD + ~ not bringing the selected ...) created by mmadia
hrev39952 + default decorator. While {{{ LeftMouseClickOnTitleBar + CMD …
2:27 PM Ticket #7056 (umask is not inherited to exec'ed image) created by zooey
The umask of the calling process is not inherited to any image loaded …
2:12 PM Ticket #7055 (notifications preflet crash) created by khallebal
this is rev:40056 gcc2h. here is the debug output: […]
1:22 PM Ticket #7001 (Stack&Tile killing app_server) closed by humdinger
fixed: Yes. It's fixed, thank you!
12:36 AM Ticket #4493 (ALT+CTRL on border could resize a window) closed by bonefish
fixed: Removed Humdinger's resizing method in hrev40060. Closing the ticket -- …
12:23 AM Ticket #6999 ([app_server] it shouldn't be possible to resize Desktop and Deskbar) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev40059.
12:22 AM Ticket #7017 (SAT Decorator crash) closed by czeidler
fixed: Fixed in hrev40058.

Jan 1, 2011:

10:24 PM Ticket #3028 (fseeko broken on stdin?) closed by zooey
fixed: Indeed this is related to hrev3145, since it seems to have been fixed …
8:37 PM Ticket #7054 (Should rename .OptionalPackageDescription to .PackageDescription) created by umccullough
It seems like the name .OptionalPackageDescription was a little too …
7:08 PM Ticket #3145 (fseek does not discard ungetc buffer) closed by zooey
4:02 PM Ticket #6573 (ESC/P-R Library (sup)port) closed by laplace

Dec 31, 2010:

8:40 PM Ticket #7053 (non-visible text on websites due to lack of support for the CSS ...) created by mmadia
hrev580 of Web+ in R1 Alpha 3. WebPositive will not display any of the …
8:03 PM Ticket #7049 ("installoptionalpackage man" fails) closed by mmadia
fixed: fixed in hrev40047.

Dec 30, 2010:

9:56 PM Ticket #7052 (Deskbar Style Changes and Refactoring) created by jscipione
This might be a small abuse of the trac system but I created this …
9:22 PM Ticket #7051 (Deskbar doesn't remember your expanded items when you switch modes) created by jscipione
In expanded mode with "Show application expander" checked in the …
4:12 PM Ticket #7050 (BGLView /OpenGL resize bug when direct mode is enabled) created by jackburton
Launch GLTeapot, grab the resize knob, and start resizing the window …
10:50 AM Ticket #7049 ("installoptionalpackage man" fails) created by BMeow
On hrev40033-x86gcc2hybrid, reproducible in Qemu and on real hardware: […]
8:45 AM Ticket #7046 (Problems when updating alpha2 to nightly r39973) closed by humdinger
invalid: Maybe I misunderstood this ticket... You can't update a running system …
8:26 AM Ticket #7048 (APE sound files don't play) created by humdinger
This is hrev39962. Shouldn't APE files be supported by Haiku through …
8:16 AM Ticket #7047 (Noisy AIFF audio files) created by humdinger
This is hrev39962. AIFF audio files play extremly noisy in MediaPlayer. …
7:33 AM Ticket #6943 ("Search web" not working) closed by humdinger
fixed: I don't think I got notifications of the old Web+ tickets, but I see …
4:37 AM Ticket #7045 (No more login to secure sites) closed by scottmc
fixed: should be fixed with hrev40042.
4:34 AM Ticket #4430 (Debugger does not notice thread name changes) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev39866.
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