Jan 19, 2011:

11:51 PM Ticket #7123 (Haiku does not handle flaky/bad ram gracefully) created by stargatefan
I had a good sized fight today with a functional windows machine that …
8:56 PM Ticket #7122 (no usable screen with nVidia 7600 GO) created by wretched_dutchman
When booting Haiku from cd I get a torn screen with my nVidia 7600 GO. …
8:04 PM Ticket #5170 (Changing "AUdio Input" or "Audio Output" drop down in Media panel ...) closed by yourpalal
fixed: Okay, I'm closing this ticket, since I am pretty certain it is fixed.
5:40 PM Ticket #7121 (bfs_read_link:1479: Invalid Argument ASSERT FAILED fat/dlist/c:149) created by stellar_power
Paladin used to start well but now it KDLs each time. I've tried …
12:00 PM Ticket #7114 (Paladin Crashes On "About Paladin") closed by bonefish
fixed: Cf. hrev40248.
4:31 AM Ticket #7120 (Tracker and Terminal show the wrong file dates on NTFS volume) created by Disreali
Experienced on 40230-2h, but it has been happening for some time, …

Jan 18, 2011:

7:24 PM Ticket #7119 (An EXRTranslator localization) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev40244.
7:13 PM Ticket #7119 (An EXRTranslator localization) created by Karvjorm
An EXRtranslator localization patch.
7:04 PM Ticket #7100 ([ext4] Cannot rename volume label) closed by korli
fixed: Implemented in hrev40243.
5:58 PM Ticket #7118 (A BMPTranslator localization) created by Karvjorm
A localization patch for BMPTranslator Add-ons.
5:52 PM Ticket #7117 (Datatranslation localization update) created by Karvjorm
Datatranslations has been localized in hrev40030, but it is not complete …
1:33 PM Ticket #6710 (Large sized boot logos can prevent booting.) closed by phoudoin
fixed: There will *always* a limit to boot splash images, but since hrev40215
8:47 AM Ticket #7033 (install anything from terminal results in gdb, BT included) closed by korli
invalid: Thanks for the feedback.

Jan 17, 2011:

9:56 PM Ticket #7116 (MediaConverter localization update) created by Karvjorm
MediaConverter has been localized in hrev40023 and hrev40032, but it is not …
7:37 PM Ticket #7115 (Mouse pointer indicating resize direction) created by humdinger
There has been some discussion how to indicate the resize direction of …
5:51 PM Ticket #7108 (ftpd & telnetd not launched) closed by phoudoin
3:00 PM Ticket #7114 (Paladin Crashes On "About Paladin") created by darkwyrm
The current development version of Paladin crashes under GCC4 hybrid …
1:12 AM Ticket #7113 (libwebcam webcam API and some support UVC) created by stargatefan
logitech has a LGPL and GPL set of API and frame work librarys for …

Jan 16, 2011:

6:37 PM Ticket #7110 ([kernel] crash after ipro1000 deletion in device_detach) closed by anevilyak
5:14 PM Ticket #7112 (Conflicting ALT+OPT+Cursor in Stack&Tile) created by humdinger
This is hrev40236. hrev39773 introduced ALT+OPT+Cursor to navigate stacked …
3:43 PM Ticket #7111 (Missing strings when moving Devices localization to HTA) created by Karvjorm
Localization of Devices was updated in hrev39835, but during my Finnish …
3:16 PM Ticket #7110 ([kernel] crash after ipro1000 deletion in device_detach) created by diver
This is hrev40237, gcc4hybrid. I tried to delete ipro1000 …
2:03 PM Ticket #7109 (CharacterMap localization update) created by Karvjorm
CharacterMap was localized in hrev39835 during Google Code-In, but during …

Jan 15, 2011:

9:26 PM Ticket #7108 (ftpd & telnetd not launched) created by Pete
If /boot/common/settings/network/services is set up to accept ftp and …
4:58 PM Ticket #7107 (No "Find" of Umlauts ou accents) created by humdinger
This is Web+ hrev573 on Haiku hrev40236. The "Find" feature does not seem …
3:59 PM Ticket #7106 (WebPositive: Implement haiku error messages) created by MichaelPeppers
I know it's not really a priority, but what about implementing …
7:11 AM i18n/de_DE/Terminology edited by humdinger

Jan 14, 2011:

9:41 PM Ticket #7105 (CDPlayer localization update patch) created by Karvjorm
CDPlayer was localized in hrev39835, but during my Finnish translation …
6:59 PM Ticket #7104 ([Webpositive] Error loading deviantart) created by Disreali
Web+ hrev573 can not load pages from www.deviantart.com …
2:06 PM Ticket #7103 (Tracker crash) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Applied in hrev40236, thanks!
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