Mar 5, 2011:

10:15 PM Ticket #6886 (Screenshot app won't let you save images anywhere but 'Home') closed by stpere
fixed: Fixed in hrev40826.
8:51 PM Ticket #7334 (unknown command in Tracker Settings) closed by axeld
invalid: Asking on the mailing list would have been more appropriate, but yes, …
7:57 PM Ticket #7334 (unknown command in Tracker Settings) created by scottmc
I copied an old tracker settings file from another partition which has …
7:30 PM Ticket #6685 (Errors while emptying the trash should give more options than just cancel) closed by scottmc
fixed: With the fix in hrev40819 this issue doesn't seem to be an issue any more …
6:34 PM Ticket #7324 (file cache does not flush) closed by anevilyak
invalid: Precisely.
6:17 PM Ticket #7333 (Screen preflet – Wrong placement of Apply button) closed by axeld
invalid: Please use English for mockups if you want everyone to understand what …
5:41 PM Ticket #6817 (Building m4-1.14.15 creates directories that can't be deleted.) closed by korli
fixed: Committed a fix in hrev40819. Another way would be to disallow removing …
5:04 PM Ticket #7324 (file cache does not flush) reopened by stargatefan
When copying a large movie file from drive A to drive B the cache gets …
4:13 PM Ticket #7333 (Screen preflet – Wrong placement of Apply button) created by deejam
The Apply button in the Screen preflet is located inside the right …
4:10 PM Ticket #7276 (gettext-tools/configure from gettext- triggers BFS corruption) closed by mmadia
duplicate: Duplicate of #6817. This information will be entered as a comment in …
2:19 PM Ticket #7332 ([ScreenSaver] increase window margins) created by diver
Current GUI: [[Image(...)]] …
1:28 PM Ticket #7331 (Deskbar Preferences window mockup) created by diver
Current GUI: [[Image(...)]] …
1:22 PM Ticket #7330 ([PowerStatus] Extended battery info window mockup) created by diver
Current GUI: [[Image(...)]] …
1:14 PM Ticket #6437 (Tracker - locale) closed by siarzhuk
fixed: Thanks, Diver. ;-)
12:14 PM Ticket #6898 ([PowerStatus] right click autoselects 1st menu) closed by jackburton
11:52 AM Ticket #7329 ([Terminal] remove excessive localization (patch)) created by diver
Remove excessive localization from Terminal, mostly debug messages.
11:34 AM Ticket #7328 (Deskbar - Empty Recent applications expands outside of screen) created by deejam
When Deskbar is in its standard position (upper-right), an empty …
10:23 AM Ticket #7327 (ScreenSaver - Unclear tab titles) created by deejam
Tabs in the ScreenSaver preflet have unclear titles. I would suggest …
10:10 AM Ticket #7326 (Screensavers – Not localized) created by deejam
All included screensavers are not localized. GCC2 Hybrid hrev40735. …
9:33 AM Ticket #7190 (webpositive security issue non prompted file downloads) closed by korli
duplicate: Closing as a duplicate of #7319. Thanks stargatefan
8:13 AM Ticket #7324 (file cache does not flush) closed by axeld
invalid: That's perfectly normal behaviour. Your memory doesn't benefit from …
6:06 AM Ticket #7325 (potential file copy problems from desktop install but not from ...) created by stargatefan
I have noticed a problem where install runs fine from a CD room if you …
4:50 AM Ticket #7324 (file cache does not flush) created by stargatefan
File cahce does not flush on big disk writes. Using the sync command …
4:48 AM Ticket #7323 (Incomplete file copy and tranfers and other odd behaviors.) created by stargatefan
Noticed a few times as of late that system exhbits some odd file …
4:43 AM Ticket #7322 (Buffer underun like behavior while playing large media files from ...) created by stargatefan
Playing VOB files seems to encounter a buffer underun like symptom. …

Mar 4, 2011:

9:46 PM Ticket #7321 (FileTypes - Type and Display as not localized) created by deejam
GCC2 Hybrid. hrev40735. Missing file type localization: …
9:32 PM i18n/sv_SE/Terminology edited by deejam
8:57 PM Ticket #7320 (Installer could/should create all indexes present on source disk) created by umccullough
Perhaps it makes sense to have the Installer create, on the target …
8:30 PM Ticket #7319 (WebPositive - Automatically downloads embedded objects) created by deejam
WebPositive autmatically downloads some embedded objects. How to …
8:26 PM Ticket #7317 (Haiku unable to set resolutions other than 640x480, Nvidia Geforce 6800) closed by rudolfc
4:40 PM Ticket #7318 (doxygen as optional package) closed by scottmc
fixed: Added in hrev40807.
8:22 AM Ticket #7318 (doxygen as optional package) created by jonas.kirilla
A package of doxygen for the 'installoptionalpackage' script would be …
3:23 AM Ticket #6975 (ShowImage Wonderbush Tarsizer all end in GDB when opening JPG files, ...) closed by leavengood
fixed: I applied the patch in hrev40800 and the above test image loads fine now …

Mar 3, 2011:

10:27 PM Ticket #6944 (Slide Show does not slide.) closed by leavengood
fixed: I'm pretty positive this was fixed in hrev40178.
9:41 PM Ticket #7317 (Haiku unable to set resolutions other than 640x480, Nvidia Geforce 6800) created by lassiethebrave
Haiku doesn't offer me any other options for resolution than 640x480 …
6:06 PM Ticket #6508 (Deskbar is not saving information about desktop applets in tray) closed by umccullough
4:11 PM Ticket #7278 (Added more missing strings for localization of time preflet) reopened by diver
DateTimeView.cpp is not added to DoCatalogs part of …
1:06 PM i18n/no_NO/Terminology edited by Klapaucius
11:40 AM i18n/no_NO/Terminology edited by Klapaucius
9:06 AM Ticket #7256 (Double clicking a partial mail can take a very long time to display in ...) closed by czeidler
fixed: Fixed in hrev40789.

Mar 2, 2011:

10:28 PM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by mmadia
cleaned up the page, to reflect the migration of content to drupal. (diff)
10:05 PM Ticket #7279 (ioctl FIONREAD should set errno to ENOTTY for non supported file ...) closed by korli
5:34 PM Ticket #7316 (Can't select device atapi 0-0) created by jerry
This happens when trying to boot from a …
4:28 PM Ticket #7315 (Opensound breaks media_addon_server and makes system unbootable) created by Giova84
I've installed a Soudblaster live 24 bit on Haiku. Isn't recognized by …
3:55 PM Ticket #7314 (Allow for scanning only a specific folder in DiskUsage) created by leavengood
Right now if DiskUsage is opened with the Tracker add-on in a specific …
2:10 PM Ticket #7224 ([ReadOnlyBootPromp] Add Swedish flag icon) closed by jonas.kirilla

Mar 1, 2011:

9:54 PM Ticket #7312 (Wired network don't work when atheros driver has loaded) created by X512
This is hrev40756, gcc2 hybrid. Network adaptors are atheroswifi and …
9:39 PM Ticket #7311 (Artifacts in ProcessController) created by X512
This is hrev40756, gcc2hybrid. There are some drawing bugs in «memory …
8:11 PM i18n/no_NO/Terminology edited by Klapaucius
5:53 PM Ticket #7310 (Optional packages: KeymapSwitcher doesn't work as intended) created by MichaelPeppers
hrev40756 gcc4hybrid, none of KeymapSwitcher's hotkeys work and, no …
5:43 PM Ticket #7309 (Optional packages: Paladin needs to be rebuilt) created by MichaelPeppers
I installed Paladin on both hrev40596 and hrev40756 gcc4hybrid. The program …
5:21 PM Ticket #7308 (Localizing list of licenses) created by humdinger
This is hrev40736. Attached patch would localize the important strings …
4:32 PM Ticket #7286 (webpositive has broken https) closed by scottmc
fixed: All of the gcc4 packages in question have now been rebuilt on a gcc4 …
11:22 AM Ticket #7306 (BTextControl's default context menu doubling bug) created by mr.Noisy
Hello. A default context menu for BTextControl (see patch for ticket …
10:39 AM i18n/no_NO/Terminology edited by Klapaucius
9:58 AM i18n/sv_SE/Terminology edited by deejam
9:26 AM Ticket #7305 ([MEDIAPLAYER] Audiophile mode) created by forart.eu
It could be very interesting (and so could attract even more users) to …
1:51 AM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by mmadia
setting read-only, during migration to Drupal. (diff)
12:46 AM Ticket #7203 (gcc4 seems to have an issue locating libraries) closed by scottmc
invalid: So building the gcc2 packages on a gcc2 or gcc2h system seems to work, …

Feb 28, 2011:

8:08 PM i18n/no_NO/Terminology edited by Klapaucius
6:59 PM Coverity edited by umccullough
Modify user list (diff)
6:29 PM Ticket #7304 (Enhancement: Attach & Detach Tabs) created by vooshy
While on haiku I thought it would be a good idea to be able to …
5:29 PM Ticket #7303 (CharacterMap settings file name should not be localized) closed by humdinger
fixed: Applied with hrev40737. Thanks! The path for creating the patch isn't …
5:10 PM Ticket #7303 (CharacterMap settings file name should not be localized) created by taos
CharacterMap uses a localized configuration file name: Instead of …
4:19 PM Ticket #7302 (Locale – Swedish flag icon is gone) created by deejam
The Swedish flag icon is missing in Locale. It might be because of …
4:12 PM Ticket #3831 (Right-click to see Copy / Paste context Menu in BTextControl (text box ...) closed by luroh
fixed: Happy customer is happy. Thanks for the feedback!
2:40 PM Ticket #7301 (Tracker's file sorting bug) created by mr.Noisy
Hello! Tracker crashes while sorting files if type-ahead filtering is …
10:24 AM R1/Alpha2/ImprovementsSinceRelease edited by stippi
Added MediaPlayer and Media Kit improvements (diff)
9:55 AM Ticket #5594 (A few strings are missing in DriveSetup locale catalog) closed by siarzhuk
fixed: Replying to diver: > Confirmed, please close. OK. Thanks.
9:25 AM Ticket #6492 (Translators lack a mimetype) closed by siarzhuk
fixed: This mietype issue is already fixed, AFAIK.
9:24 AM Ticket #7283 (ProcessController – Process priorities are not localized) closed by siarzhuk
fixed: It is finally fixed, AFAIK.
4:17 AM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by leavengood
Removed idea related to WebPositive. This is too complex of a project … (diff)
12:35 AM R1/Alpha2/ImprovementsSinceRelease edited by luroh
removed unrelated ticket (diff)
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