Mar 26, 2011:

8:02 PM Ticket #2654 (The Boot Menu doesn't work on Intel Macs) closed by axeld
fixed: Applied in hrev41117. The only possible downside would be a higher CPU …
1:06 PM Ticket #7409 (TextSearch : Add context menu to results window) created by mmadia
One use for a context menu, would be the option to 'Open containing …
3:31 AM Ticket #7398 (Cmake optpkg broken) reopened by Disreali
Definitely not fixed. Attaching du -a output from the new cmake …

Mar 25, 2011:

11:53 PM Ticket #7398 (Cmake optpkg broken) closed by scottmc
fixed: should be fixed in hrev41106.
10:28 PM Ticket #7342 (BMP translator flips some bitmaps when it shouldn't.) closed by korli
fixed: Implemented in hrev41104.
8:31 PM Ticket #6903 ([dstcheck] missing signature) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev41102.
6:15 PM Ticket #6394 ([wifi] BCM4318 not detected) closed by korli
invalid: Closing as invalid.
6:38 AM Ticket #7408 (BTextView don't accept canna input method sometimes) created by X512
After canna method have selected all is OK, but if focus change …

Mar 24, 2011:

6:04 PM Ticket #7407 (Black rectangle rendering bug with CSS3 box-shadow) created by Giova84
As you can see in the screenshot, Webpositive doesn't show correctly …
4:38 PM Ticket #7406 (Background preference window become very wide) created by Giova84
When i select a background image with a long name, the window of …
5:37 AM Ticket #7405 (Webpositive: change the color of text selection) created by Giova84
It would be useful to change the color of text selection (perhaps by …

Mar 23, 2011:

7:18 PM Ticket #7400 ("Leave mail on server" options not used right) closed by czeidler
fixed: Fixed in hrev41092 now. Also partial downloaded mails have been deleted …
2:27 PM Ticket #7404 (Partial download of messages via POP3 fails) created by jonas.kirilla
The mail_daemon POP3 chain fails to get the body of partial messages …
10:41 AM Ticket #7403 (WebPositive - Default font size is to small) created by deejam
The default font size in WebPositive is to small. Increasing the font …
12:55 AM Ticket #7402 (Transmission opt pkg missing libevent-1.4.so.2) created by Disreali
Experienced on hrev41076-4h. […] Transmission was installed via the …

Mar 22, 2011:

2:11 PM Ticket #7400 ("Leave mail on server" options not used right) created by jonas.kirilla
Having both options unset .. […] .. mail gets left on the server.
10:57 AM Ticket #7364 (Recreating accounts after updating Haiku) closed by czeidler
fixed: Fixed.
10:54 AM Ticket #7259 (BYE too many errors.) closed by czeidler
fixed: Should be fixed in the meantime.
10:44 AM Ticket #7336 ([Mail] crashed on launch in entry_ref::entry_ref ()) closed by czeidler
fixed: yes think so
10:35 AM Ticket #7384 (Mail preferences has lost Incoming-only, Outgoing-only) closed by czeidler
fixed: Think its fixed in hrev41078. Feel free to improve the gui but I think …
4:00 AM Ticket #7399 (Not able to mount NTFS volume) created by Disreali
Experienced on hrev41022-4h-nightly. After installing I noticed that my …
3:06 AM Ticket #7392 ([mail_daemon] crash in memmove) closed by czeidler
fixed: Ok got it fixed in hrev41076.
3:05 AM Ticket #7398 (Cmake optpkg broken) created by Disreali
On hrev40122 CMAKE is broken. It seems that hrev40957 introduced the …
1:09 AM Ticket #7397 (ATI/AMD HD5770 PCIE Graphics card unsupported) created by stargatefan
ATI/AMD video cards have unsupported mode setting/multidsiplay and …

Mar 21, 2011:

10:12 PM Ticket #7396 (C++ std::isnan, std::isinf not working) created by Pinaraf
Hi I tried to compile QJson but compilation failed with a problem …
8:22 PM Ticket #5722 (Radeon HD driver enhancement [2600 Pro]) closed by kallisti5
fixed: as czeidler said, reading the EDID from the monitor for modeline …
8:21 PM Ticket #7395 (radeon_hd video accel. needs to query monitor EDID's for modelines) created by kallisti5
This trac is to track the radeon_hd needing to have basic support for …
6:39 PM Ticket #7394 (Display zoom factor) created by humdinger
This is hrev41068. The status bar could have a zoom factor display. I …
6:24 PM Ticket #7393 (Minimal width of window) created by humdinger
This is hrev41068. You can shrink ShowImage's window and have icons from …
5:55 PM Ticket #7392 ([mail_daemon] crash in memmove) created by diver
This is hrev41069, gcc4 gybrid. Crash happend in the middle …
5:50 PM Ticket #7391 (Mixing 2D and 3D icons in toolbar) created by humdinger
This is hrev41068. It's a bit inconsistent to have Web+ icons 3D and …
5:47 PM Ticket #7390 (Layout of icons in tool bar) created by humdinger
This is hrev41068. Compared to Web+'s icon bar, there's too much …
11:45 AM Ticket #7300 (Crash when saving after adding an avatar) closed by phoudoin
fixed: Fixed in hrev41066.
10:52 AM Ticket #7010 (Showing a BView does not trigger appropriate update session when the ...) reopened by stippi
10:47 AM Ticket #7389 (Hiding view or parent does not automatically hide the tool tip when ...) created by stippi
It would be convenient if this were automatically done. One could also …
10:45 AM Ticket #7388 (Hiding views or their parent which have a tool tip scheduled to be ...) created by stippi
When you don't move the mouse after hiding a view or one of its …
9:38 AM Ticket #7382 (Shift-Alt-W does not "Leave as New") closed by czeidler
fixed: Fixed in hrev41063.
9:13 AM Ticket #7375 (Tracker still uses E-mail attribute "Thread" but mails are stored ...) closed by czeidler
fixed: fixed in hrev41062
9:12 AM Ticket #7299 (Default configuration of fresh images makes partially downloaded ...) closed by czeidler
8:24 AM Ticket #7387 (ICU needs to be rebuilt) created by khallebal
tried to build web+ with rev:41049 gcc4h, got this msg. …
5:26 AM Ticket #7385 ("no account found" in Mail (app) preferences) closed by czeidler
fixed: Fixed in hrev41061. Thanks.
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