Apr 15, 2011:

4:50 PM Ticket #7448 (Touchpad sucking CPU when touched) created by humdinger
This is hrev41255. Probably since the recent work on the …
12:37 PM Ticket #7447 (*LayoutBuilder::DefaultInsets()) created by jonas.kirilla
How about a DefaultInsets() or SetDefaultInsets() method for the …
12:01 PM Ticket #7446 (CollapsingLayouter crashes some apps) created by jonas.kirilla
Devices, DriveSetup and Touchpad crash in hrev41255. I suspect hrev41252. …
5:04 AM Ticket #7445 (app_server DecorManager + DecorInfo patch) created by looncraz
Multiple changes in this one, all very tight knit so no real way to …

Apr 14, 2011:

11:26 PM Ticket #6979 (Layout API bugs in Network) closed by yourpalal
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev41252. Rows or columns in a BGridLayout are …
8:44 PM Ticket #7444 ([Trac] increase max_preview_size) created by diver
https://dev.haiku-os.org/attachment/ticket/7252/dsc00100zo.jpg says: …

Apr 13, 2011:

2:48 PM Ticket #7443 (Strange crash when doing PIC in ASM) closed by bonefish
12:30 AM Ticket #7443 (Strange crash when doing PIC in ASM) created by js
When doing PIC in ASM, I get a crash in a line like this: add …

Apr 12, 2011:

10:32 AM Ticket #7442 ([auich] doesn't preduce any sound on ICH4) created by aldor
I have Acer TravelMate 2303LC. Haiku alpha3. No sound when …

Apr 11, 2011:

7:25 AM Ticket #6068 (I-O-M: snap to grid setting displayed wrong) closed by stippi
fixed: Fixed in hrev41212.
6:16 AM Ticket #7441 (1024x600 screen resolution doesn't work on Acer Aspire AO532h) created by sotrud_nik
(This bug is similiar to http://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/6202) Tried …

Apr 10, 2011:

11:46 PM Ticket #7440 (Haiku freezes on reboot) created by tekk
Haiku(daily for 4/10/11) freezes on reboot during "asking other …
6:51 PM Ticket #7082 (User guide export broken) closed by nielx
5:59 PM Ticket #7425 (Filerules problem + missing dependencies (haiku build on Linux)) closed by mmadia
fixed: Applied in hrev41211. Thanks for the patch!
3:46 PM Ticket #7427 (Optional Packages: lua not found (404)) closed by scottmc
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