May 7, 2011:

7:22 PM Ticket #7494 (ReadOnlyBootPrompt's catkey has synchronization problem in HTA) created by starsseed
A string from ReadOnlyBootPrompt is remove and added repeatedly …
5:37 AM Ticket #7130 (scale2x scaling of 64x64 BeOS icons in Tracker) closed by stippi
fixed: Yes.
12:26 AM Ticket #7492 (Network Settings fails on VMWare Fusion) created by jscipione
Most likely the same bug as in https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/7038

May 6, 2011:

6:19 PM Ticket #4408 (USB boot not working) closed by axeld
6:19 PM Ticket #4408 (USB boot not working) reopened by axeld
As you wrote a few comments earlier, I think invalid is the better …
5:27 PM Ticket #4408 (USB boot not working) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Lack of information here, so I'm closing this. Please have a lookat …
5:25 PM Ticket #5786 (ReadOnlyBootPrompt is too ugly) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Ok, now everyone is happy it seems :)
5:16 PM i18n/de_DE/Terminology edited by humdinger

May 5, 2011:

2:36 PM Ticket #7491 (AboutSystem: clicking on localized license name doesn't open license file) created by taos
Using hrev41319 (gcc2hybrid). Normally, when clicking on a license name …
9:33 AM Ticket #7490 (Intel ProWifi3945ABG (DHCP does not work anymore )) created by brunobratwurst
I have problems with DHCP again... With the one month older nightly …
1:58 AM Haiku Compatible Logo edited by mmadia
1:14 AM Ticket #6723 (Certain burned Haiku install CDs have issues with Installer failing on ...) closed by scottmc
fixed: Thanks for the testing. This was probably fixed by updates to the …

May 4, 2011:

7:04 PM Ticket #5539 (Can't boot from LiveCD) closed by pulkomandy
duplicate: Duplicate of #3441.
7:03 PM Ticket #5720 (Cant boot instaler!) closed by pulkomandy
duplicate: Duplicate of #3441.
7:02 PM Ticket #5696 (USB key doesn't boot up any more) closed by pulkomandy

May 3, 2011:

4:41 PM Ticket #7488 (several optionalpackages are still putting things in /boot/common/share) created by scottmc
Need to update these to put man/doc/info files into …
3:19 AM Ticket #7435 (Nightly burned CD fails to boot and/or install to a partition) closed by scottmc
invalid: this seems to be a hardware issue on my side. I think the laptop …

May 2, 2011:

10:26 PM Ticket #7487 (haiku-nightly-r41272-x86gcc4hybrid-anyboot doesn't boot on acer ...) created by threarth
This nightly build fails to boot with acer ao532h; it only works with …
11:43 AM Ticket #6821 (kanvus 106 life tablet does not initialize.) closed by mmlr
duplicate: Replying to stargatefan: > Go ahead and close this ticket. …
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