Jul 15, 2011:

5:54 PM Ticket #7823 (WebPositive trouble when accessing Gmail) closed by anevilyak
duplicate: Duplicate of #6473.
5:48 PM Ticket #1822 (Implement and test creating and deleting partitions in DriveSetup) closed by pulkomandy
5:48 PM Ticket #7823 (WebPositive trouble when accessing Gmail) created by dsuden
WebPositive stalls on Gmail's login page. Potentially could affect a …
5:41 PM Ticket #7822 (Triple Click Bug?) created by dsuden
I noticed, using Haiku build 42211, that after using Tracker for …
5:30 PM Ticket #7189 (linkcatkeys replaces binary file instead of adding a resourse to it) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev42432. Sorry for the long delay.
12:37 PM Ticket #7821 (Two HAIKU USB sticks) created by Arnold
Started up HAIKU from USB with hrev42421 (Behaviour also seen on R1A3) …
12:30 PM Ticket #7820 (DriveSetup Eject when USB partitions are still mounted results in KDL) created by Arnold
Using R42421 possibly same behaviour in R1A3. Plug in a USB stick with …
11:46 AM Ticket #7819 (Instant change of locale) created by deejam
When changing locale, applications should instantly redraw using the …

Jul 14, 2011:

5:56 PM Ticket #7818 (Debugger has trouble showing useful data) created by pulkomandy
I used debugger to find a bug in another application, namely APlayer ( …
3:08 PM Ticket #7806 ([ReadOnlyBootPrompt] Missing Slovak flag) closed by humdinger
fixed: Applied with hrev42424. Thanks!
2:10 PM Ticket #7817 (BSlider with custom thumb has drawing bugs) created by pulkomandy
Take a look at the example slider with custom thumb in the Be Book : …
12:31 PM Ticket #7816 (Korean (Hangul) fonts needed.) created by lefthander
There is no Korean (Hangul) font by default now, so Korean users have …
5:24 AM Ticket #7815 (BFS crashes when receiving mail) created by alexixor
I am using Alpha3 on a ThinkPad with an SSD and 2GB RAM. I can …

Jul 13, 2011:

4:26 PM Ticket #7803 ([CharacterMap] Missing translation for context menu) closed by humdinger
fixed: Applied with hrev42419. Thanks!
8:29 AM Ticket #5320 (Add font overlay) closed by axeld
duplicate: Closing this as a duplicate of #6967; we already have an overlay …
6:45 AM Ticket #7727 (Populating image file after building nightly-raw fails with "Is a ...) closed by brecht
2:36 AM Ticket #7814 (invalid file name for sdl-gfx gcc4 package) created by augiedoggie
The sdl-gfx package for gcc4 is missing the version number in it, …

Jul 12, 2011:

10:08 PM Ticket #7813 (KDL in BlockWriter when usb device is removed without unmounting) closed by axeld
invalid: This is a continuable panic that only serves debugging purposes. There …
9:46 PM Ticket #7813 (KDL in BlockWriter when usb device is removed without unmounting) created by kallisti5
[…] could not write back block 1 (Bad file descriptor)
9:13 PM Ticket #7812 ([SATdecorator] Stacked windows no longer stacked after reboot) created by taos
Using hrev42415 (gcc2hybrid), SATdecorator enabled, German localization. …
8:34 PM Ticket #7811 (USB Wacom Volito doesn't work) created by taos
Using hrev42415 (gcc2hybrid). I can't get my usb tablet device (Wacom …
1:33 PM Ticket #7792 (error when compiling Haiku with gcc 4.5.3) closed by bonefish
invalid: Replying to zooey: > Replying to siarzhuk: > …
12:19 PM Ticket #7810 (Deskbar crashs when Battery::GetBatteryInfoCached) created by Arnaud M.
Hi, I have recently installed Haiku alpha 3 as the single operating …
10:46 AM Ticket #7809 ([media_addon_server] crashed in MultiAudioNode::_FillNextBuffer ()) created by diver
This is hrev42415 in vbox. […]
10:44 AM Ticket #7808 ([media_addon_server] crashed in BMediaEventLooper::RunState ()) created by diver
This is hrev42415 in vbox. media_addon_server suddenly crashes. In this …
10:32 AM Ticket #7518 ([ReadOnlyBootPrompt] Add missing flags) closed by luroh
10:06 AM Ticket #6907 ([ReadOnlyBootPrompt] selecting language makes it last in the list) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed in hrev41332.
8:58 AM Ticket #7807 ([Build System] Missing images) created by deejam
Some images are missing in hrev42411. I guess it is because of the build …
8:39 AM Ticket #7806 ([ReadOnlyBootPrompt] Missing Slovak flag) created by deejam
The Slovene flag is missing in ReadOnlyBootPrompt. gcc2h hrev42411. …
8:00 AM Ticket #7805 ([Stack and TIle] Add option to show/hide tab on tile) created by deejam
When tiling two windows together, sometimes the "secondary" window tab …
7:45 AM Ticket #6578 (no audio play back grabeled/distorted/etc ICH4) closed by korli
12:28 AM Ticket #7804 ([mail_daemon] Few missing localization strings) created by taos
Using hrev42405 (gcc2hybrid). Mail status window lacks localization for …

Jul 11, 2011:

11:07 PM Ticket #7546 (Audio is delayed on start-up ICH4) closed by diver
10:42 PM Ticket #7803 ([CharacterMap] Missing translation for context menu) created by taos
Using hrev42405 gcc2hybrid. The context menu in CharacterMap is not …
9:43 PM Ticket #7685 ([findutils] /bin/updatedb/: line 176: sed: command not found) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev42415. Thanks!
9:02 PM Ticket #7802 (Bug involving optical mouse) created by ddavid123
I am using R1 Alpha 3. When I move the mouse side to side very …
4:44 PM Ticket #4433 (PPC haiku-boot-cd-ppc broken on x86_64 Linux compiles.) closed by kallisti5
fixed: I just did a gcc4 PowerPC build with hrev42406 on a x86_64 Debian machine …
2:33 PM Ticket #7801 (app_server crash while vigorously moving windows around, ...) created by GeneralMaximus
See attached picture for a backtrace. This is the second time I have …
7:25 AM Ticket #7798 (Error compiling haiku with ssl optional package included) closed by korli

Jul 10, 2011:

11:14 PM Ticket #7733 (Asus EeePC 1001PXD netbook unsupported ethernet controller) closed by diver
fixed: Thanks for update!
9:03 PM Ticket #7765 (default Dutch keymap) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev42404.
8:40 PM Ticket #6224 (Add undo/redo feature in WebPositive) closed by leavengood
fixed: Actually all the infrastructure was there to support this, there was …
4:22 PM Ticket #7614 ([ReadOnlyBootPrompt] Esperanto flag is missing) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks, humdinger! Took "only" 6 weeks, it seems - implemented in …
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