Jul 24, 2011:

5:31 PM Ticket #7867 (Need to provide all CPU registers to signal handler) created by dacha
Wine needs to read and write all the (user-space modifiable?) CPU …
4:04 PM Ticket #7866 (Some folders/partitions don't use Locale settings in column headers) created by humdinger
This is hrev42466 gcc2h. I have set my Locale settings to German, …

Jul 23, 2011:

6:37 PM Ticket #7865 (kernel panic when running cmake (not every time)) created by myob
I'm getting a kernel panic when running cmake on CorsixTH …
5:24 PM Ticket #7864 ([kernel] PANIC: _mutext_lock (): double lock of 0x8019b348 by thread 697157) created by diver
This is hrev42467 , gcc2hybrid. I was trying to reproduce …
3:42 PM Ticket #7860 (netinet/in_systm.h needs implementing) closed by axeld
fixed: It's not even self-containing. I took the liberty to add the …
3:17 PM Ticket #7863 ([BSound] audio garbled, sometimes crashes, on files other than WAV) created by ttcoder
The playback is perfect for riff-wav files but is mostly gibberish on …
3:16 PM Ticket #7862 (dropping the running team in KDL recursively enters KDL) created by pulkomandy
* Crash an application * enter KDL to kill it * use drop nnn, where …
3:16 PM Ticket #7861 (Check for case sensitive filesystem on OSX doesn't work.) created by sffjunkie
The check in the configure script for a case sensitive filesystem on …
1:06 PM Ticket #7860 (netinet/in_systm.h needs implementing) created by dacha
Wine cannot compile because dlls/iphlpapi/icmp.c expects n_long to be …
11:36 AM Ticket #7859 (poll() on fd of an exited process returns wrong revents) created by scgtrp
The following test program runs properly on Linux, but does not exit …
8:57 AM Ticket #7832 (Command-Option-Up/Down in Tracker fails with SATDecorator) closed by humdinger
duplicate: Duplicate of #7112.
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Jul 22, 2011:

7:42 PM Ticket #7019 (Mounting ntfs partitions on t510) closed by korli
6:42 PM Ticket #7858 (Missing symbol __12BMailMessage) created by pulkomandy
Trying to run the register application from Kagi …
4:57 PM Ticket #7857 (KDL on booting with r42458 gcc2 hybrid nightly image) created by scottmc
Using the hrev42458 gcc2 hybrid nightly image on VMWare Workstation I got …

Jul 21, 2011:

9:28 PM Ticket #7856 (Haiku regression, will not boot from usb stick with latest nightlys 42458) created by stargatefan
Haiku will not boot with latest nightlys from usb stick. Works from …
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12:36 PM Ticket #7751 (Workspaces change resolution) reopened by axeld
Thanks, but the original problem (Workspaces change resolution) is …
12:17 PM Ticket #7751 (Workspaces change resolution) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Thanks for reporting back!
10:59 AM Ticket #7847 (Haiku no longer boots on iMac4,1) closed by axeld
1:57 AM Obsolete/MovedToTree/PackageManagement/TODO edited by bonefish

Jul 20, 2011:

9:46 PM Ticket #7855 (Deskbar calendar unuseable when autoraise enabled) created by pulkomandy
The calendar pops up under the deskbar and I can't reach it.
3:41 PM Ticket #7854 (BVolume method to ask which characters a filesystem considers invalid) created by jonas.kirilla
Copying filesets to non-BFS filesystems in Tracker often stalls on …
3:11 PM Ticket #7851 (Multiple KDLs when copying to USB drive) closed by anevilyak
3:05 PM Ticket #7853 (diff command fails on UTF8 characters in file names) created by jonas.kirilla
[…] Using R1A3, hrev41667. Maybe this got fixed with the recent …
2:07 PM Ticket #7852 (Multiple KDLs when copying to USB drive) created by dsuden
Using a 160GB IDE drive connected using an external USB adapter box, I …
2:05 PM Ticket #7851 (Multiple KDLs when copying to USB drive) created by dsuden
Using a 160GB IDE drive connected using an external USB adapter box, I …
9:30 AM Ticket #7850 (haiku doesn't recognized my onboard audio card) created by ranggakumal
i tried to install opensound driver after removing native driver and …

Jul 19, 2011:

10:26 PM Ticket #7849 (Fujifilm Finepix driver crashes media_addon_server) created by DebianTUX
Downloaded Finepix driver from BeBits. Try to run CoddyCam (with no …
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