Aug 8, 2011:

11:13 PM Ticket #7903 (Tracker/Installer Report File copy finish when File copys are not ...) created by SeanCollins
I have been bitten by this numerous times, specifically when handling …
11:05 PM Ticket #7902 (BSplitView - ItemWeight) created by cipri
I use in my game collapsible BSplitView's. The user can resize …
9:31 PM Ticket #7901 ([patch] BLocale: B_ERROR gets returned from methods in the BLocale ...) created by jscipione
The problem that this enhancement ticket addresses is that B_ERROR …
8:17 PM Ticket #7900 (AIFF files are not playable anymore.) created by bga
Summary says it all. I have a bunch of AIFF audio files (I am …
4:14 PM Ticket #4166 (Recent changes to video modes seem to have removed some modes.) closed by bga
fixed: Fixed in hrev42600.
3:50 PM Ticket #4294 (Switching resolution of one workspace is switching resolution of all ...) closed by bga
fixed: This seem to be working now. Could not reproduce it in any way. Closing.
3:30 PM Ticket #7888 (Invalid package jgmod for r1a3 referenced in OptionalLibPackages.) closed by scottmc
fixed: fixed in hrev42599.
12:38 AM R1/Alpha3/ReleaseAddendum edited by mmadia
Added APR, APR-Util, Subversion remedy from #7745 (diff)
12:34 AM Ticket #7899 ([iso9660] PANIC: could not read block 200333: bytesRead: -1, error: ...) created by diver
This is hrev42598, gcc2hybrid. I'm running into this panic after …

Aug 6, 2011:

11:42 AM Ticket #7011 ([notification_server] creates notification window in the left right corner) closed by diver
fixed: Thanks!

Aug 5, 2011:

1:00 PM Ticket #7408 (BTextView don't accept canna input method sometimes) closed by korli

Aug 4, 2011:

5:13 PM Ticket #7745 (libapr: Could not resolve symbol 'connect') closed by scottmc
fixed: Here's the new packages for apr, apr-util and subversion that will fix …
1:52 PM Ticket #7898 (Executing install-wifi-firmwares.sh results in page fault) created by taos
Using hrev42569 (gcc2hybrid). When executing the …
8:59 AM Ticket #7897 (USB Keyboard no longer working) created by tqh
Some time in the latest year the usb-keyboard on one of my computers …
6:39 AM Ticket #1651 ([BTextControl] When alignment is set to B_ALIGN_RIGHT, the text is not ...) reopened by Pete
I'm reopening this, as the symptom seems to have resurfaced. Not sure …
5:37 AM Ticket #7884 (Deskbar gets weirdly resized and moved around) closed by czeidler
fixed: Don't get the exact reason but I think I fixed in hrev42567. Thanks for …
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