Nov 19, 2011:

11:47 PM Ticket #8017 (HD audio device problem.) closed by diver
duplicate: http://support.euro.dell.com/support/edocs/SYSTEMS/dim5150C/en/sm/specs
11:24 PM Ticket #8138 (Intel pro wireless not connecting to wpa-psk wireless network) closed by anevilyak
invalid: Replying to diver: > Alpha3 didn't have wpa_supplicant as …
11:20 PM Ticket #8143 (App Server Crash SSE Code while compiling Haiku while using vesa driver) created by SeanCollins
mmlr requested a ticket to be submitted about this issue, I am …
4:23 PM Ticket #6212 (Volume icon don't removed when volume was unmounted.) closed by diver
3:13 PM GitStarted edited by zooey
11:08 AM Ticket #8142 ([Trac] add text to Attach file page about zip files) created by diver
It was said numerous times that attaching zipped syslogs and images is …
9:15 AM Ticket #8141 (Recursive replacement is recursively replacing recursively...) created by humdinger
This is hrev43238. * Open StyledEdit, and paste the text: […] * …
9:00 AM Ticket #8140 (Using type-ahead filtering in file dialogs clashes with ESC) created by humdinger
This is hrev43238. * Activate type-ahead filtering in the Tracker prefs …
12:32 AM Ticket #8139 ("disable local apic" option needed to boot on qemu 0.14.1) created by korli
I tried to boot Haiku on Qemu 0.14.1 on Ubuntu 11.10. "disable local …

Nov 18, 2011:

7:27 PM Ticket #4980 (Extend history of translation changelog) closed by deejam
fixed: Fixed in …
7:16 PM Ticket #8138 (Intel pro wireless not connecting to wpa-psk wireless network) created by lalit
My laptop with wireless card Intel pro wireless 2200BG not connecting …
11:02 AM GoogleCodeInIdeas2011 edited by diver
Add Russian translation task (diff)
10:39 AM Ticket #7315 (Opensound breaks media_addon_server and makes system unbootable) closed by korli
invalid: Thanks for the information.
10:38 AM Ticket #7081 (Intel pro wireless 2200BG won't connect to wep (64 bit) wireless network) closed by korli
invalid: Thanks for the information.

Nov 17, 2011:

7:15 PM Ticket #8137 (Input methods broken) closed by anevilyak
invalid: Thanks for the update.
7:02 PM Ticket #8053 (KDL when working many files) closed by mmlr
fixed: Replying to X512: > I tried to backup BFS partition to USB …
6:55 PM Ticket #8137 (Input methods broken) created by X512
This is hrev43234 gcc2hybrid. Default canna input method don't load …
5:05 PM Ticket #8136 (Audio becomes choppy and scratchy during normal operations.) created by Giova84
I have an ac97 soundcard recognized as Auich ICH. Due to this problem: …
3:48 PM Ticket #8135 (Support debug info in separate file) created by bonefish
GDB supports debug info in a separate file. Debugger should support …
3:44 PM Ticket #8134 (MediaPlayer use drawbitmap mode instead of overlay mode) created by Giova84
As the title say, MediaPlayer doesn't use video overlay, so, in …
11:14 AM Ticket #8133 (Betrace crash at startup) closed by korli
duplicate: I suspect it's a duplicate of #1259

Nov 16, 2011:

8:43 PM Ticket #8133 (Betrace crash at startup) created by khallebal
it may not be a haiku issue,so feel free to close the ticket as …
6:55 PM Ticket #8132 (Graphics not working with Lenovo S10-3t / Intel Atom N550) created by loziniak
I use haiku-nightly-hrev43005-x86gcc2hybrid-anyboot and startup screen is …
5:48 PM Ticket #8131 (WebPositive: add option "Ask where to save each file") created by Giova84
Would be useful to add option "Ask where to save each file" inside …
4:23 PM GoogleCodeInIdeas2011 edited by humdinger
removed user guide tasks for pages already done (diff)
12:16 AM GoogleCodeInIdeas2011 edited by scottmc
removed SDL bug 1031 as it was fixed during 2010 GCI (diff)

Nov 15, 2011:

6:50 PM Ticket #8122 (Image creation problems in Ubuntu 11.10) closed by bonefish
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev43273.
6:00 PM Ticket #8130 (Building hrev43271 in alpha 3 and hrev43255 fails) closed by bonefish
duplicate: Closing as duplicate of #7792 or #8093. The problem is that either …
4:45 PM Ticket #8119 (Context menu shows up when right clicking Test area in mouse preflet) closed by anevilyak
invalid: Indeed.
2:23 PM Ticket #5092 (Missing scrollbars in "Full Edit" preview) closed by deejam
invalid: Humdinger verified over e-mail that this ticket is no longer valid …
1:20 PM Ticket #8130 (Building hrev43271 in alpha 3 and hrev43255 fails) created by taos
Using hrev42211 (R1 alpha 3) and hrev43255 (both gcc2hybrid). Building …
12:03 PM Ticket #8129 (BTextControl , SetFontSize() doesnt work?) closed by jackburton
invalid: Invalid: as you half guessed, to change font and/or color in a …
10:39 AM Ticket #7457 (No batch deleting of unhandled resources) closed by deejam
fixed: Niels changed manually to 95 and it worked! In changeset …

Nov 14, 2011:

11:07 PM Ticket #8128 (Video Thumbnailer doesn't work) closed by anevilyak
invalid: loadicon came from the R5 SVG pack, which if I recall correctly also …
10:38 PM Ticket #8129 (BTextControl , SetFontSize() doesnt work?) created by cipri
I tried mytextcontrol->SetFontSize(..) and also …
10:30 PM Ticket #8128 (Video Thumbnailer doesn't work) created by danboid
The Video Thumbnailer tracker add-on …
8:15 PM Ticket #7528 ([BSnow] BSnow is not localized) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Should be fixed again in [hrev43268].
7:21 PM Ticket #7528 ([BSnow] BSnow is not localized) reopened by pulkomandy
Mh right. There's a bug in this patch.
4:55 PM Ticket #8127 ([Keymap] Modifier Keys Window not localized) closed by jscipione
fixed: Looks good to me, applied as-is in hrev43266
2:58 PM Ticket #8127 ([Keymap] Modifier Keys Window not localized) created by taos
Using hrev43255 (gcc2hybrid). Due to a missing entry in Keymap's …
1:02 PM Ticket #8126 ([Deskbar] does not update folder names and application window titles ...) created by beos_zealot
Folder names in list of opened folders stays unchanged when i browse …
1:28 AM Ticket #8095 (Source file path resolution doesn't work as is should) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Intelligent location fixed, and file panel modified to remember its …
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