Dec 24, 2011:

7:00 PM Ticket #8259 (Change mouse wheel with modifier pressed in Web+ from zooming to ...) created by jscipione
Currently in Web+ turning the mouse wheel with Alt pressed down zooms …

Dec 23, 2011:

7:46 PM Ticket #5711 (KDL at boot) closed by luroh
fixed: Right, I haven't seen this one since some time before BG024, closing.

Dec 22, 2011:

11:34 PM Ticket #8258 ([ACPI] laptop's brightness buttons need ACPI driver since hrev42637) created by luroh
IBM/Lenovo T60, gcc2. I fumbled and lost the revision at BG and had …
10:12 PM Ticket #8147 (New message should not default to CP1252) closed by siarzhuk
fixed: Fixed during GCI 2011 in hrev43549.
9:23 PM Ticket #7902 (BSplitView - ItemWeight) closed by yourpalal
fixed: Clamping removed in hrev43547, closing this ticket now.
7:40 PM Ticket #7683 (BWindow needs a LayoutChanged() hook method) closed by yourpalal
fixed: Fixed in hrev43514, specifically changeset …
7:36 PM Ticket #5526 (Layout API: Make it FragileBaseClass safe) closed by yourpalal
fixed: Fixed in hrev43514 :)
2:40 PM Ticket #8257 ([Locale] Remember time settings (easy)) created by Disreali
Currently, the Locale pref does not remember the Time setting a user …
2:20 PM Ticket #8256 ([Terminal] remember color schema settings [easy]) created by Disreali
Using hrev43534, but it has been around for quite awhile. Steps to …

Dec 21, 2011:

9:59 AM Ticket #8255 (BeZillaBrowser can't run due to Missing symbol) created by mt
BeZillaBrowser can't run due to Missing symbol. Revision: …

Dec 20, 2011:

10:21 PM Ticket #8254 (bfs_fuse needs root privs since hrev41258) created by luroh
Before hrev41258, it was possible to mount a Haiku partition in Linux …

Dec 19, 2011:

9:58 PM Ticket #4698 (Prefs not saved when moving to next mail) closed by siarzhuk
3:11 PM Ticket #8098 (gcc4 ICU-devel package b0rks install) closed by zooey
3:11 PM Ticket #7974 (latest icu-devel package creates incorrect directory) closed by zooey
2:03 PM Ticket #6843 (Shutdown window shows white bar) closed by humdinger
fixed: Haven't seen that for a long time... Thanks for checking, ctbeiser! …
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