Mar 12, 2012:

11:57 PM Ticket #8375 (The 'Flurry' screensaver doesn't work) closed by kallisti5
fixed: fixed in hrev43847
11:56 PM Ticket #8381 (Haiku3D not working) closed by kallisti5
fixed: fixed in hrev43847
8:54 PM Ticket #6678 (.rmvb clip plays too slow in MediaPlayer) closed by luroh
fixed: I can't reproduce this problem any more, gcc2 hrev43846. Closing as fixed.
4:34 PM Ticket #8391 (BTextView::SetAlignment Bug?) created by cipri
SetAlignment works fine, but not if you call SetWordWrap(false). Then …
4:22 PM Ticket #7969 (BTabView::SetTabHeight Bug.) closed by humdinger
2:52 PM Ticket #8387 (Nightly gcc2hybrid ISO image hrev43840 does not boot in VirtualBox and ...) closed by anevilyak
duplicate: Sounds like a possible issue with mkisofs or one of the other cd image …
6:48 AM Ticket #8366 (media won't play on latest nightly) closed by diver
4:24 AM i18n/id_ID/Terminology edited by nurasto
Common Interface Terminology (diff)
2:12 AM Ticket #8390 (DVD_Player application crashes media server with trace attached) created by SeanCollins
Attaching application and back trace log gcc2 hybrid version 43824

Mar 11, 2012:

10:13 PM Ticket #6040 (Vision setup info is non-existent) reopened by mmadia
AFAICT, when Vision was updated in hrev43523 and subsequent revisions, …
1:54 PM Ticket #8389 (Computation error) created by mmadia
The following calculation 12*1058.33333333333333 will result …

Mar 10, 2012:

4:34 PM Ticket #8388 ([Tracker] crash in BPictureButton::Draw after enabling navigator) created by diver
This is haiku-nightly-hrev42771-x86gcc2hybrid-raw.tar.xz After enabling …
2:04 PM Ticket #8387 (Nightly gcc2hybrid ISO image hrev43840 does not boot in VirtualBox and ...) created by oco
The debug output end with those errors : ... runtime_loader: …

Mar 9, 2012:

7:56 AM Ticket #8386 (sandy bridge i5 not working with gcc4 hybrid Haiku (night 7.march 2012)) created by brunobratwurst
booting up to the rocket and then freezing…
4:50 AM Ticket #8385 (Haiku freeze) created by jstressman
This is hrev43809 in virtualbox. I was just messing around with …

Mar 8, 2012:

8:55 PM Ticket #8384 (Crash in ipv6 protocol in net_server) created by X512
This is hrev43824. This happend once when I disable WiFi. I don't use …
8:46 PM Ticket #8383 (atheroswifi crash system) created by X512
This is hrev43824. Sometimes when atheroswifi search networks it …

Mar 7, 2012:

6:19 AM Ticket #6193 (atheros813x fails) closed by tqh
fixed: Ok, thanks for the feedback. Reopen if there is still problems.
3:14 AM Ticket #8382 (A way to save temporary files into the RAM?) created by MichaelPeppers
With the sheer amount of RAM modern computers have today and with the …
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