Apr 8, 2012:

9:15 PM Ticket #7371 ([OpenGL] reduce window width) closed by kallisti5
fixed: This was all completed.
7:09 PM Ticket #8456 (AMD SB850 support) closed by diver
duplicate: Most likely a dupe of #8085.
3:55 PM Ticket #8458 (Problem playing mp3 files) created by grimus
mp3 files with embedded album art will not play. (General System …
2:28 PM Ticket #8457 (Blank screen after boot on Radeon Mobility 4670 HD) created by kvark
I'm running Haiku A3 on MSI EX625 laptop, which has Radeon Mobility …
2:12 PM Ticket #8456 (AMD SB850 support) created by pragmavalue
my mainboard is Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 Don't works: PCIDE - AMD SB850 …
10:38 AM Ticket #8164 (I have a problem with wpa_supplicant. (DHCP?)) closed by korli
9:59 AM Ticket #8455 (ich9m-e/m sata ahci driver) created by pragmavalue
Kernel Panic on my system (notebook), i need a ich9m-e/m sata ahci driver
8:07 AM Ticket #2241 (~ (tilde) Key requires a double keypress to be displayed) closed by jscipione
fixed: As of hrev43956 the dead keys have been moved to the option map for …
12:23 AM Ticket #8140 (Using type-ahead filtering in file dialogs clashes with ESC) closed by anevilyak

Apr 7, 2012:

6:55 PM Ticket #8172 ([Time] is slow to start) closed by zooey
fixed: Startup times of the Time preflet are reduced significantly by hrev43971.
5:12 PM Ticket #8420 (NetFS don't compile with DEBUG) closed by bonefish
fixed: Thanks a lot. Committed in hrev43970.
3:38 PM Ticket #8454 (Very low network performance on some Marvell Yukon cards.) created by bga
It has been a long time since I last used Haiku but I recently started …
1:59 PM Ticket #4125 (NULL device is translated to '//') closed by bonefish
fixed: Thanks, applied in hrev43968.
12:15 AM Ticket #7132 (Deskbar Resize Team Icons) closed by jscipione
fixed: Feature implemented in hrev43964
12:14 AM Ticket #2387 ([Deskbar] In horizontal mode, MenuItems height is too big when fonts ...) closed by jscipione
fixed: fixed in hrev43964

Apr 6, 2012:

8:57 PM Ticket #8389 (Computation error) closed by jscipione
fixed: Fixed in hrev43961 Thanks ahenriksson! Is this fix for GSOC?
6:56 PM Ticket #8396 (Building hrev43866 in Haiku fails (at least since hrev43849)) closed by diver
5:33 PM Ticket #2949 (Missing freetype2 headers, the freetype-config tool and its pkg-config ...) reopened by myob
Since hrev43873 the Freetype headers are no longer included but …

Apr 5, 2012:

10:11 PM Ticket #8036 (DriveSetup hangs on installation) closed by diver
9:21 PM Ticket #8453 ([Tracker] selection flickering) created by diver
Leaf->Applications. Launch and close ActivityMonitor or any …
9:15 PM Ticket #8452 (Applications crashes after locale change) created by mt
After I changed locale default to Japanese and restart Tracker from …
9:13 PM Ticket #8446 (git error: rev-list died of signal 21 (in hrev43574)) closed by diver
invalid: According to virtualmemory.png you have ~ 494Mb. This explains Out of …
8:42 PM Ticket #8451 (acpi_cpuidle: try to decode cstate from acpi _CST) created by yongcong
we need to get c-states information from ACPI _CST table
4:59 PM Ticket #8450 (PluginManager: Error, load_add_on(): Symbol not found) created by cipri
This error message i get when using BSimpleGameSound PluginManager: …
3:37 PM Ticket #8448 ([kernel] PANIC: acquire_spinlock(): Failed to acquire spinlock ...) closed by bonefish
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev43955.
12:16 PM Ticket #8449 (TODO taking read only volumes into account in ...) created by kag_anil
In fs_func.c file in file_systems/ntfs/, a TODO about taking care of …
11:50 AM Ticket #8268 (wpa_supplicant crashes when connecting) closed by diver
duplicate: Looks like a dupe of #8398.
11:49 AM Ticket #8398 (wpa_supplicant crash in gcc4h hrev43867) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed in hrev43717.
11:45 AM Ticket #8362 (atheroswifi & WPA2) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed in hrev43948.
11:41 AM Ticket #8415 ([patch] Fix x86_64 toolchain) closed by bonefish
fixed: Thanks, applied both patches as btrev43030 and hrev43954 respectively. …
11:32 AM Ticket #5895 (Atheros wifi AR5007) closed by diver
fixed: Most likely fixed.
11:05 AM Ticket #8380 (Regression: AR9285 broken in hrev43824) closed by korli
fixed: Updated in hrev43948. Please check and reopen if not working.
10:35 AM Ticket #8064 (dladdr doesn't work for local symbols) closed by bonefish
10:34 AM Ticket #8448 ([kernel] PANIC: acquire_spinlock(): Failed to acquire spinlock ...) created by diver
This is hrev43952 gcc2hybrid. Freshly initialized BFS …
9:02 AM Ticket #8416 (Tracker Preferences not saved after restart) closed by diver
12:27 AM Ticket #8447 (TextView GetText() doesn't straddle the "Gap" properly) created by Pete
If a segment of text in a TextView is edited, and then a Gettext() is …

Apr 4, 2012:

10:47 PM Ticket #8417 (Startup browser message error due to move to git) closed by mmadia
fixed: Fixed in hrev43952
8:03 PM Ticket #8446 (git error: rev-list died of signal 21 (in hrev43574)) created by Karvjorm
When I tried to update haiku source code using "git pull", I received …
7:54 PM Ticket #8423 (Make load_driver_settings use find_directory) closed by bonefish
invalid: Thanks for the patch, but the source file was obsolete anyway. I …

Apr 3, 2012:

8:44 PM Ticket #6170 (BFS panic on certain files) reopened by axeld
8:44 PM Ticket #6034 (BFS Panics) reopened by axeld
Not at all. The only bugs that I fixed, and did not introduce recently …
8:00 PM Ticket #6034 (BFS Panics) closed by kallisti5
duplicate: This should be resolved with Axel's recent BFS changes. checkfs also …
7:59 PM Ticket #6170 (BFS panic on certain files) closed by kallisti5
fixed: This should be resolved with Axel's recent BFS changes. checkfs also …
5:28 PM Ticket #4608 (Removing USB stick without unmounting causes trip to kernel debug land) reopened by michielkeuterman@…
4:31 PM Ticket #8445 (x86: Initialize IA32_MSR_ENERGY_PERF_BIAS) created by yongcong
The lowest 4 bits of the MSR serves as a hint to the hardware to favor …
4:28 PM Ticket #8444 (x86: add cpuid feature 6 flags) created by yongcong
Add "Digital Thermal Sensor and Power Management Parameters" function …
1:49 AM Ticket #8441 (MediaPlayer crashes on quit) reopened by Disreali
I spoke to soon. Though, I get a different backtrace this time.
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