Apr 13, 2012:

11:56 PM Ticket #8470 (gcc cross compiler broken under x86_64 (btrev43030)) created by kallisti5
8:20 PM Ticket #8469 (Notification preferences not honored after reboot) created by jprostko
I noticed that disabling notifications via Preferences -> …
6:53 PM Ticket #8468 (NetworkStatus doesn't correctly handle multiple active interfaces) created by anevilyak
In …
2:22 PM Ticket #8462 (Setting a locale other than EN SegFaults) closed by diver
7:35 AM Ticket #8467 (Symbol not found error running SoundPlay) closed by diver
7:30 AM Ticket #8467 (Symbol not found error running SoundPlay) created by jscipione
Got an error running SoundPlay downloaded from here: …

Apr 11, 2012:

7:24 PM Ticket #8466 (VM caches aren't resized in some cases when cutting areas) created by hamish
In some cases, if an area is partially mapped over (using mmap with …
4:45 PM Ticket #3377 (h264 in MOV container and MediaPlayer = blackness) closed by diver
fixed: Works ok in hrev43989, closing.
4:14 PM Ticket #8458 (Problem playing mp3 files) closed by korli

Apr 10, 2012:

9:49 PM Ticket #8148 (The option names in "Modifier Keys" dialog are incorrect) closed by jscipione
fixed: Fixed in hrev43956
7:54 PM Ticket #8465 (No size 'Used Free' information on Desktop Volume Get Info) created by grimus
The boot Volume on the Desktop does not show 'Used/Free' information …
3:38 PM Coverity edited by umccullough
add note about PARSE_ERROR (diff)
3:09 PM Coverity edited by umccullough
Run 13 is live (diff)
7:57 AM Ticket #8464 ([Icon-O-Matic] svg export doesn't work) created by diver
This is hrev43984. Exporting attached svg file to beos:icon silently …
6:34 AM Coverity edited by umccullough
Add build pending (diff)

Apr 9, 2012:

3:02 PM Ticket #4041 (no boot partition found while booting alpha-cd) closed by diver
fixed: Thanks for the feedback!
2:33 PM Ticket #8462 (Setting a locale other than EN SegFaults) created by jahaiku
gcc4 build of hrev43968. If I set a locale to e.g. German every …
2:28 PM Ticket #8461 (MediaPlayer SegFault at end of ogg/theora/vorbis) created by jahaiku
At the end of a video generated with ffmpeg2theora on linux …
2:23 PM Ticket #8460 (ISO9660 can not read CDs bigger than 4.7G) created by jahaiku
I have tried to access a DVD which is bigger than 4.7G. If I try to …
1:31 PM Ticket #8459 (Nforce AHCI) created by hunnia1
Eventuelly it would be nice to have NForce AHCI working. I am using …
12:48 AM Ticket #6746 (jam -q bash, mkbuiltins can pollute HAIKU_TOP) closed by mmadia

Apr 8, 2012:

9:15 PM Ticket #7371 ([OpenGL] reduce window width) closed by kallisti5
fixed: This was all completed.
7:09 PM Ticket #8456 (AMD SB850 support) closed by diver
duplicate: Most likely a dupe of #8085.
3:55 PM Ticket #8458 (Problem playing mp3 files) created by grimus
mp3 files with embedded album art will not play. (General System …
2:28 PM Ticket #8457 (Blank screen after boot on Radeon Mobility 4670 HD) created by kvark
I'm running Haiku A3 on MSI EX625 laptop, which has Radeon Mobility …
2:12 PM Ticket #8456 (AMD SB850 support) created by pragmavalue
my mainboard is Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 Don't works: PCIDE - AMD SB850 …
10:38 AM Ticket #8164 (I have a problem with wpa_supplicant. (DHCP?)) closed by korli
9:59 AM Ticket #8455 (ich9m-e/m sata ahci driver) created by pragmavalue
Kernel Panic on my system (notebook), i need a ich9m-e/m sata ahci driver
8:07 AM Ticket #2241 (~ (tilde) Key requires a double keypress to be displayed) closed by jscipione
fixed: As of hrev43956 the dead keys have been moved to the option map for …
12:23 AM Ticket #8140 (Using type-ahead filtering in file dialogs clashes with ESC) closed by anevilyak
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