Apr 22, 2012:

9:56 PM Ticket #6725 (sniffing the file-system's volume leads to a strange behaviour) closed by korli
fixed: It would be nice to know from which approximative revision it is fixed.
8:45 PM Ticket #8489 (Future official version) closed by axeld
invalid: You've obviously mistaken the bug tracker with the mailing list. We …
8:25 PM Ticket #8489 (Future official version) created by haikufan
When a new official version will be made? CAN you add firefox vlc …
6:20 PM Ticket #8488 (Lenovo SL5120 - letterboxed display) created by haikufan
hrev44058. When booting from liveCD, the display is letterboxed with …
5:36 PM Ticket #8487 (Screen tearing and glitches.) created by Premislaus
I attach a video to show what I mean. Also Windows Driver - during …
5:32 PM Ticket #8486 (F32 Memory Stick Kernel Panic at Open) created by pragmavalue
When I open the memory stick on desktop show up the Kernel Panic …
5:15 PM Ticket #8485 (Radeon HD 6770 - driver now works, but second display remains black.) created by Bouncer
I have a Radeon HD 6770 card. And two high-res (1920x1200) …
3:43 PM Ticket #8484 (REGRESSION: KDL when I copy files to NTFS!) created by Premislaus
KDL occurs when copying a file on an NTFS partition. No matter to …
10:10 AM Ticket #4802 (GCC4 problem: Troubles handling dynamic section) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed in the meantime.
10:03 AM Ticket #2482 (Panic while automounting usb stick) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed.
1:25 AM Ticket #8480 (Wifi not working on alpha3 with iprowifi4965) closed by umccullough
invalid: I'm closing this ticket as invalid since wifi support has been updated …

Apr 21, 2012:

8:24 PM Ticket #2296 (No graphics on i916G, black screen after boot screen.) closed by korli
invalid: Closing
9:48 AM Ticket #8483 (WebPositive crashes trying to view certain images.jpg on the internet) created by HAL
I have only observed this trying to view images in Haiku bug tracker …

Apr 20, 2012:

4:33 PM Ticket #8475 (probleme connexion internet avec carte sis900) closed by luroh
fixed: That's good to hear, thank you.
7:15 AM Ticket #7927 (Deskbar Position Reset on reboot.) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed.
12:01 AM Ticket #8151 (Black screen with Radeon HD 4350) closed by kallisti5
fixed: Glad to hear :) The non-32bit modes not working is a known issue... …

Apr 19, 2012:

5:29 PM Ticket #5762 (Occasional GCC internal compiler error) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed with one of gcc4 updates.
5:27 PM Ticket #5741 (gcc4 crash) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed with one of gcc4 updates.
4:36 PM Ticket #8482 (ANSI arrows not working) created by arfonzo
Arrows not working when using ANSI terminal. It sends a "OA" for up, …
9:58 AM Ticket #5946 (configure fails with the missing ac_unique_file) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed in the meantime.
9:56 AM Ticket #5764 (Haiku installation not complete) closed by diver
fixed: Reported as fixed.
9:50 AM Ticket #4994 (34074 after double click on a shell script file all the menus from ...) closed by diver
invalid: Not enough information, closing.

Apr 18, 2012:

9:39 PM Ticket #8322 (Black Screen on digital connector mode set.) closed by kallisti5
fixed: fixed in hrev44056 :D
7:05 PM Ticket #8481 (strncpy doesn't pad the destination string with NULs) created by hamish
See the relevant standard: …
6:12 PM Ticket #5586 ([Tracker] some shortcuts doesn't work in file panel) closed by humdinger
fixed: Applied with hrev44054. Thanks!
3:27 PM Ticket #8480 (Wifi not working on alpha3 with iprowifi4965) created by haikufan
Hello when i am near of my adsl box my computer doesn't find wifi networks.
2:58 PM Ticket #1555 ([Deskbar] crash in DeleteMenuWindow) reopened by diver
This is hrev44053, gcc4hybrid. This crash occured when I was trying …

Apr 17, 2012:

7:58 PM Ticket #8479 (Mail Daemon is Very Crashy - Debugging Newbie) created by yebyen
Hello, I have found that with my very large IMAP store, mail_daemon …
4:09 PM Ticket #8478 (File disappears when sorted by "Modified" and right clicked.) created by kallisti5
1. Open a list view of a bunch of files (332 in my case) 2. Click the …
8:09 AM Ticket #8032 (WebPositive becomes unable to load pages; clicking many links in same site.) closed by diver
8:08 AM Ticket #8072 ('gdb/ns32k-tdep.h' is not under version control) closed by diver
fixed: Since we've moved to git, I think we can close it.
8:04 AM Ticket #8323 (Tracker crash when i switch from one to second resolution) closed by diver
7:55 AM Ticket #8477 ("Open Target Folder" add-on not working on links on Desktop) created by humdinger
This is hrev44029, gcc2hybrid. Since #6523 seems to be fixed in …
7:54 AM Ticket #2823 (TemplateNotFound: Template "macros.html" not found) closed by diver
fixed: Most likely fixed with some of the Trac updates.
7:52 AM Ticket #2782 (implement snapping to other window borders) closed by diver
fixed: I think it is.
7:29 AM Ticket #3926 (The telnet application is not working properly on gcc4 builds) closed by diver
fixed: Works fine here.
7:18 AM Ticket #4687 (Include pkill) closed by diver
7:17 AM Ticket #8162 (pidof & pkill (...& pgrep?)) closed by diver
7:06 AM Ticket #6523 (Some Tracker add-ons won't start via shortcut) closed by diver
fixed: Seems to work fine now, closing.
6:49 AM Ticket #7676 (Media server goes silent during Tracker activity) closed by diver
6:46 AM Ticket #7695 (exit qemu generates kernel panic) closed by diver
6:33 AM Ticket #4607 (MediaPlayer Locks Up if Services Restarted) closed by diver
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