May 5, 2012:

11:06 PM Ticket #8524 (Renaming the currently viewed file trips ShowImage) created by mmadia
hrev44078-gcc2h Browse some images with ShowImage. Rename the image …
8:56 PM Ticket #8523 ([Deskbar] Targeted handler does not belong to the looper) created by diver
This is hrev44113. Deskbar crashed while trying to check ctrl+alt …
7:35 PM Ticket #8497 (Deskbar will autoraise anytime you click on a area that is overlapped ...) closed by anevilyak
fixed: (Hopefully) really fixed in hrev44113.
6:58 PM Ticket #8497 (Deskbar will autoraise anytime you click on a area that is overlapped ...) reopened by anevilyak
Seems to have broken ctrl+alt dragging, investigating…
6:46 PM Ticket #8497 (Deskbar will autoraise anytime you click on a area that is overlapped ...) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev44112.
5:15 PM Ticket #8522 (Deskbar assumes focus in fullscreen windows.) created by ddavid123
Today I noticed that if I click the refresh button in webpositive, the …
4:38 AM Coverity edited by umccullough
Coverity updated the site, so I made some minor changes to instructions (diff)
3:23 AM Ticket #8521 (Spelling error in Haiku Human Interface Guidelines) created by ddavid123
I don't know if this is the right place to post this but here it goes. …

May 4, 2012:

9:15 PM Ticket #8505 (increasing icon size + horizontal position leads to bad graphic ...) reopened by mmadia
Replying to axeld: > Replying to jscipione: > …
4:03 PM Ticket #8520 (runtime loader should check elf headers for things like architecture.) created by kallisti5
Running a PowerPC BeOS binary under Haiku results in a generic failure …
3:13 PM Ticket #8519 (Expander should have option to create directories that don't exist.) created by kallisti5
* Provide Expander a path to expand to that doesn't exist * Press …
7:29 AM Ticket #8516 (tracker crash while quitting a game) closed by diver
5:31 AM Ticket #8505 (increasing icon size + horizontal position leads to bad graphic ...) closed by jscipione
fixed: Fixed in hrev44102
1:50 AM Ticket #8518 (BALMLayout should be made an official part of the layout API) created by yourpalal
This task is comprised of a few parts (fairly order independent): * …

May 3, 2012:

11:28 PM Ticket #8517 ([cgit] display all commits relating to a tagged push.) created by mmadia
When viewing a tag name in cgit, only the last commit of the push will …
11:00 PM Ticket #8516 (tracker crash while quitting a game) created by khallebal
this is 44087-gcc4h the is illardGL i compiled my self,but this rev …
6:18 PM Ticket #5843 (ACPI empty battery slots showing up in battery applet. Present battery ...) closed by kallisti5
fixed: resolved long ago. Thanks!
6:16 PM Ticket #7999 (Intel 2915ABG wlan : firmware stuck in state 4) closed by kallisti5
fixed: seems to be resolved post #8189 Thanks!
6:15 PM Ticket #5768 (Add ability to create underlined sub-titles within articles.) closed by kallisti5
6:15 PM Ticket #5239 (PANIC: Unhandled page fault in kernel space on libvirt Ubuntu virtual ...) closed by kallisti5
fixed: I run in vbox with acceleration all time time now... issue seems to be …
6:13 PM Ticket #7201 (Editing view title causes drupal ajax error) closed by kallisti5
6:11 PM Ticket #7239 (WebPositive - WebCore causes KDL during browsing under r40543 gcc4) closed by kallisti5
invalid: I don't remember the circumstances anymore. Resolve for now. If …
6:10 PM Ticket #6290 (WebPositive leaves network connections open after pageload) closed by kallisti5
invalid: Close for now. The services kit would fix this issue someday.. I …
6:08 PM Ticket #6698 ([WIP] Haiku should include support for wimax devices) closed by kallisti5
invalid: going to close this for now.. given the decline in WiMax presence in …
4:31 PM Ticket #6449 (FileType Tracker Add-on window too narrow (easy)) closed by yourpalal
fixed: Fixed in hrev44098.
3:58 PM Ticket #5372 (atheroswifi doesn't disable interrupts on shutdown Aspire One Netbook ...) closed by umccullough
fixed: Seems to be fixed on my Aspire One per progress in ticket #5
3:33 PM Ticket #7451 (libicudata.so.44 stops the boot process) closed by diver
fixed: Reported as fixed on the IRC chanel.
2:43 PM Ticket #8515 (GCC behaviour in method chaining should be documented (easy)) created by yourpalal
As per …
8:43 AM Obsolete/MovedToTree/PackageManagement edited by stippi
Added link to presentation video on YouTube. (diff)

May 2, 2012:

10:51 PM Ticket #8512 (Update cacerts OptionalPackage) closed by mmadia
fixed: Updated in hrev44094. Thanks for reporting!
8:26 PM Ticket #1782 (Crosscompiler: cxxabi.h can't find cxxabi_tweaks.h) closed by tqh
6:56 PM Ticket #1050 (implement a WiFi stack) closed by tqh
fixed: This has been fixed for some time.
6:22 PM Ticket #8514 (allow mmap()ing devices) created by pulkomandy
This is a feature of Linux (and likely other POSIX OS, even if it's …
1:52 PM Ticket #8513 (ProcessController not correctly handling item recycling with high ...) created by anevilyak
To trigger this issue, a simple test case is: go into the haiku source …
10:44 AM Ticket #8512 (Update cacerts OptionalPackage) created by mmadia
A cron script on haiku-files.org notified me that an updated cacerts …
3:22 AM Ticket #8511 (Resizing Video Window of Media Player cuases loss of audio sync) created by SeanCollins
With some file formats, Media Player will loose audio/video sync when …

May 1, 2012:

11:45 AM Ticket #8510 (cgit shortcomings) created by axeld
Is there a way to configure cgit to be more usable or is there a …
12:27 AM Ticket #8509 (Add B_NOT_STACKABLE and B_NOT_TILEABLE flags to BWindow) created by jscipione
Now that Stack & Tile is part of app_server and the default decorator, …

Apr 30, 2012:

11:12 PM Ticket #8508 (Various classes no longer appear to be resolving members with recent ...) created by anevilyak
Tracker's Model class and several others no longer show data members …
11:08 PM Ticket #8094 (Long unknown source file makes Debugger window very wide) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Completely forgot about this. Did so in hrev44086, seems to do the …
10:50 PM Ticket #8410 (NetworkStatus too noisy) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Closing ticket. Please reopen if the problem persists.
4:17 PM Ticket #8507 (AMD AM3 board won't boot with SB Live Card in PCI Slot) created by dsuden
The system boots nicely and plays audio through the motherboard's …
2:57 PM Obsolete/TODO edited by kallisti5
2:57 PM Obsolete/TODO/app_server edited by kallisti5
Remove HW_Cursor acceleration... it is a nice to have but not a pre-R1 … (diff)
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