Jan 3, 2013:

11:03 PM Ticket #9323 (glu.h is missing) closed by kallisti5
fixed: should be solved in hrev45125
10:05 PM Ticket #9353 (Display Bug on Asus 901 on boot) created by astrieanna
I'm running R1/alpha4 on an Asus 901 eee. I've also verified that this …
8:20 PM Ticket #8614 (BWindow::DecoratorFrame returns incorrect results) closed by hamish
fixed: Fixed in hrev45124.
4:37 PM Ticket #9352 (Rename Tracker option "Don't move files to Trash") created by humdinger
This is hrev45105. Matt recently pointed out that the Tracker option …
2:06 PM Ticket #7240 (Localized status messages too big for window) closed by diver
1:05 PM Ticket #9287 (Installer window disappears) closed by anevilyak
12:22 AM Ticket #9351 (MediaPlayer has "out of memory" on mp4 files type in VirtualBox.) created by dknoto
Hi, Several weeks ago I found bug in MediaPlayer on file type mp4 in …

Jan 2, 2013:

11:48 PM Ticket #9287 (Installer window disappears) reopened by dknoto
This solution is weak, the installer window has separate position on …
7:15 PM Ticket #6966 (Webpositive - doesn't open a certain link, which works with bezilla) closed by mmadia
no change required: Closing and assuming it was fixed on the server side.
6:08 PM Ticket #8879 (Unable to make jam on FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE) closed by umccullough
fixed: Should have been fixed in btrev43037
4:34 PM Ticket #9287 (Installer window disappears) closed by mmadia
fixed: Fixed in hrev45122
4:22 PM Ticket #9349 (Wireless adapter Broadcom 4312 not working after installing firmware) closed by diver
4:09 PM Ticket #9346 (A pair of Deskbar bugs) closed by diver
4:03 PM Ticket #9344 (List backgrounds are black after update) closed by diver
3:01 PM Ticket #9350 (Deskbar hangs for long time when dragging it around) created by jackburton
If I try to drag Deskbar around the screen's edges, it hangs in a …
2:07 PM Ticket #8003 ([Installation] "Welcome to Haiku!" dialog disappears when switching ...) closed by mmadia
fixed: fixed in hrev45120
1:34 PM Ticket #3643 (Hide Deskbar menu with a second click on menu button) closed by mmadia
fixed: Replying to humdinger: > It is. > This may be …
1:26 PM Ticket #8821 ([optional packages] disable Application flags in liblayout.so) closed by mmadia
fixed: Fixed in hrev45119
4:11 AM Ticket #9349 (Wireless adapter Broadcom 4312 not working after installing firmware) created by Ulysse
The Broadcom 4312 provided by Dell on a Vostro V13 is not properly …
4:10 AM Ticket #9347 (Unable to run some OpenGL games) closed by kallisti5
invalid: Ah.. no. This was on purpose. …
3:23 AM Ticket #9348 (Network time won't synchronize clock at boot) created by Giova84
Since i have installed hrev45110, at every startup i found that the …
3:13 AM Ticket #9347 (Unable to run some OpenGL games) created by Giova84
On Haiku Alpha 4.1 i was able to run any OpenGL games (but with a very …
2:53 AM Ticket #9346 (A pair of Deskbar bugs) created by Giova84
hrev45110 1: I change the position of Deskbar as usual (on the top of …
12:11 AM Ticket #9345 (bad redrawing upon switching layouts) created by mmadia
On r1a4 (and hrev45107), I noticed some drawing issues in Keymap. …

Dec 31, 2012:

5:38 PM Ticket #9344 (List backgrounds are black after update) created by Giova84
hrev45110 look at the screenshot.
5:42 AM Ticket #9343 (intel extreme needs rc6 power downclocking) created by kallisti5
Generation 6 (SandyBridge) and higer Intel Extreme chipsets can …

Dec 30, 2012:

5:28 PM Ticket #9342 (grep crashing while TextSearching) created by humdinger
This is hrev 45105. I'm using the TextSearch add-on on the Haiku …
4:04 PM Ticket #9341 (Replicant should snap to screen edges) created by mmadia
While the Workspaces application is capable of snapping to screen …
3:20 PM Ticket #9292 (Use 2D icons in toolbar) closed by mmadia
fixed: Applied in hrev45109
9:44 AM Ticket #9340 (SACD/DSD decoding support) created by forart.eu
It would be great to add SACD(iso)/DSDIFF and DSF files playback …
4:40 AM Ticket #9339 (Localization: Apple Icon translator) closed by 3dEyes

Dec 29, 2012:

6:49 PM Ticket #9339 (Localization: Apple Icon translator) created by dsjonny
I have addedd localization support for the Apple Icon translator. The …
1:32 PM Ticket #9338 (Localization: Haiku Multi Audio media addon) created by dsjonny
I have added localization support for the hmulti_audio.media-addon. …
9:51 AM Ticket #9337 (Implement ftw.h) created by vibhavp
It would be nice to have ftw.h support in haiku: …
6:15 AM Ticket #9321 (intel_extreme driver needs Ivy Bridge support) closed by kallisti5
fixed: Basic mode setting works post hrev45104 It seems like we don't pick …
4:00 AM Ticket #9336 (Twitter error) created by harvard
Does not show Twitter on top of the page
3:58 AM Ticket #9335 (google words overlap) created by harvard
on decreasing the size of Google some of the options overlap on upper …
3:46 AM Ticket #9334 (Thumbnails page should be shown on startup) created by harvard
Thumbnails page should be shown on startup ,so that users can just …
3:45 AM Ticket #9333 (add themes) created by harvard
Themes should be added to Web+.
3:44 AM Ticket #9332 (auto complete web address) created by harvard
Auto completion of web address while typing.
3:43 AM Ticket #9331 (Private Browsing) created by harvard
Add an option to make browsing private so that history and cookies are …
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