Mar 2, 2013:

11:08 PM Ticket #9496 (JPEG Translator not read large files.) created by Premislaus
9:47 PM Ticket #7726 (Time Preference preflet show time zone tooltip outside of list) closed by mmadia
fixed: Applied in hrev45330. Thanks for the contribution, Ziusudra!
8:25 PM Ticket #9495 ("jam @target update file" no longer works correctly) created by leavengood
When I want to update specific parts of the system in a VMware image, …
7:30 PM Ticket #9494 (Ability to query for attachments) created by mmadia
Right now it is difficult to find patches (or any type of attachment) …
6:38 PM Ticket #9493 (Font menus: Different casing for font type (regular vs. Regular)) created by mmadia
From Google Code-In 2012, (I cannot find the specific task at the …
6:33 PM Ticket #9333 (add themes) closed by mmadia
6:27 PM Ticket #9492 (Tab text can be truncated with some languages.) created by mmadia
From Google Code-In 2012, …
6:12 PM Ticket #9336 (Twitter error) closed by mmadia
6:10 PM Ticket #9332 (auto complete web address) closed by mmadia
no change required: For previously entered URLs, a list of matches will display as the …
4:02 PM Ticket #9491 (Implement "Export in other format" function using Haiku Data Translators) created by mmadia
This is a patch by przemub for Google Code-In 2012, …
3:46 PM Ticket #9490 (A 20KB+ Patch containing codestyle fixes for any part of the system) created by mmadia
This is a patch by Freeman for Google Code-In 2012, …

Mar 1, 2013:

4:43 PM Ticket #9489 (Divide Error Exception - GPT Partition Table Driver) created by kallisti5
Insert a usb stick which used to have a gpt map on it... random kdl's. …

Feb 28, 2013:

11:06 PM Coverity edited by umccullough
Added two new users (diff)
10:48 PM Ticket #9488 (Recognizes tooltips as "active window") created by mmadia
hrev45285. If a tooltip appears in the currently active window, …
10:40 PM Ticket #9487 (GIFLoad array subscript below array bounds) created by pdziepak
Due to variable range propagation enabled GCC notices (incorrectly) …
10:11 PM Ticket #968 (create a GUI resource editor) closed by mmadia
fixed: *sighs* .... closing the ticket would be good.
3:16 AM Ticket #9472 (Monitor goes into standby mode when Haiku finishes booting) closed by kallisti5
fixed: Thanks for confirming!

Feb 27, 2013:

11:48 PM Ticket #5 (PCI bus_manager does not assign IRQs) closed by scottmc
fixed: All but one of the blocking tickets have been closed out, and that one …
7:00 PM Ticket #9486 (iso9660 file system driver buffer overflows) created by beos_zealot
Spotted while building rev45325 gcc4 image on Haiku gcc4 rev45316. …
4:27 PM Ticket #9485 (Automated Pootle deployment to i18n.haiku-os.org) created by nielx
Use Fabric to create scripts that …
4:17 PM GitStarted edited by nielx
Fix the staging image URL (diff)
3:53 PM Ticket #9484 (Track translatable resources in Pootle) created by nielx
Currently Pootle can only handle text translations. For the user guide …
4:38 AM Ticket #8913 (Monitor turns off booting with HD4870X2) closed by kallisti5

Feb 26, 2013:

8:27 PM Ticket #2119 (Need cool video showing off queries) closed by scottmc
fixed: Completed by GCI2012 student Zbaker1398. It's here along with the …
8:06 PM Ticket #5737 (Installer does not enable virtual memory by default?) closed by scottmc
fixed: appears to be fixed between hrev44611 and hrev44634.
4:05 AM Ticket #9482 (Binutil build breakage with texinfo 5.0) closed by kallisti5
fixed: Fixed in btrev43050
4:04 AM Ticket #9483 (GCC build breakage with texinfo 5.0) closed by kallisti5
fixed: fixed in btrev43050
3:46 AM Ticket #9483 (GCC build breakage with texinfo 5.0) created by kallisti5
our gcc buildtools breaks when system has Texinfo 5.0 or later
2:28 AM Ticket #9482 (Binutil build breakage with texinfo 5.0) created by kallisti5
Binutils 2.23.1 seems to possibly break Texinfo 5.0 while compiling …

Feb 25, 2013:

11:30 PM Ticket #9481 ([patch] BMenuBar_Track() is not locking atomically) created by jscipione
Because the locking is not-atomic it can cause the app to crash if …
12:46 AM GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas edited by mmadia
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