Jun 3, 2013:

6:01 PM Ticket #6390 (Web+ - return key doesn't send message on meebo.com) closed by axeld
no change required: Some problems just solve themselves over time :-) Let's hope the …
5:56 PM Ticket #7032 (Gutenprint drivers report undersized margins as "printer not responding") closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the update!
5:55 PM Ticket #7096 (HP JetDirect addon not functioning in (at least) some circumstances, ...) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the note!
5:17 PM Ticket #9812 (Pick backround color to match image) created by jscipione
It would be a nifty option for the system to be able to pick your …
9:33 AM Ticket #9811 (Cannot see Windows partitions) created by dsjonny
I noticed that Haiku cannot see the Windows partitions on the disk, so …

Jun 2, 2013:

12:26 PM Ticket #9810 (Set font to wqy-microhei does not take effect) created by mshlyn
After setting fonts to wqy-microhei, webpositive sitll can not display …
8:32 AM Ticket #9809 (Terminal uses incorrect line count after adding new tab) created by ThFabba
After adding a second tab, the terminal line count reported to …

Jun 1, 2013:

5:39 AM Ticket #9808 (NetSurf crashes on Haiku R1A4.1 (gcc2hybrid)) created by Luposian
I don't understand why NetSurf is an available (optional packages) …

May 31, 2013:

9:56 PM Ticket #9807 (RealTek RTL8111 listed but does not work) created by ttcoder
hrev45681 This is an RTL8111F onboard an Asus F2A55M motherboard. It …
5:35 PM Ticket #9806 (Opening FAT32 partition yields PANIC: double mutex lock) created by ttcoder
This is hrev45681 Steps: - boot to desktop - mount 'corecharlie' from …
5:49 AM Ticket #9805 (GLTeapot leave an artifact copy on the screen after exit) closed by diver
1:16 AM Ticket #9774 (Allow re-running a program) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Remaining part taken care of in hrev45728. One can now install new …

May 30, 2013:

10:37 PM Ticket #9805 (GLTeapot leave an artifact copy on the screen after exit) created by Giova84
hrev45692 When i start GLTeapot and then i click on "quit", the image …
9:53 PM Obsolete/PackageManagement/PackagesStatus edited by bonefish
9:53 PM Obsolete/PackageManagement/PackagesStatus edited by bonefish
4:20 AM Ticket #2413 ([Interface kit] enlarging menus) closed by jscipione
fixed: Fixed in hrev45725 specifically 6da3c1c
4:19 AM Ticket #9796 (Fixed-width MenuField as BBox label grows when item is selected) closed by jscipione
duplicate: Quasi-duplicate of #2413
2:40 AM Ticket #9804 (media server crash at boot) created by SeanCollins
only happening on newest hrevs gcc4 nightly hrev45721

May 29, 2013:

2:39 AM Ticket #9799 (Implement support for call site extensions) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Basic handling implemented in hrev45721. I can't fully verify all …
1:23 AM Obsolete/MovedToTree/PackageManagement/PackagingPolicy edited by bonefish
1:23 AM Obsolete/MovedToTree/PackageManagement/BuildingPackages edited by bonefish
1:09 AM Ticket #9769 (app crashes on exit, but only when not connected to gdb) closed by pdziepak
12:40 AM Ticket #9789 (BDirectWindow Problems) closed by anevilyak
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