Jun 26, 2013:

8:48 PM Ticket #3685 (PANIC: vnode already exists) closed by bonefish
duplicate: Closing this ticket as duplicate of #5262. The situation analyzed by …
8:46 PM Ticket #9839 (VFS: race condition between get_vnode() and new_vnode()/publish_vnode()) created by bonefish
There is a race condition between VFS's get_vnode() (e.g. in …
3:56 PM Ticket #9838 (Wonderbrush window is too big to fit in standard 800x600 screen) closed by axeld
invalid: It's not developed as part of the Haiku project anyway, so the bug …
8:44 AM Ticket #9838 (Wonderbrush window is too big to fit in standard 800x600 screen) created by streak
Wonderbrush window is too big to fit in standard 800x600 screen …

Jun 23, 2013:

8:08 PM Ticket #6997 ([Tracker] right clicking printer in ~/config/settings/printers folder ...) closed by stpere
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev45784
6:27 PM Ticket #9837 (Nightly images webpage buggy) closed by stpere
fixed: Patch applied! Thanks!
5:08 PM Ticket #5791 ([People] Opening a People file from a BFS partition mounted ...) closed by stpere
10:32 AM Ticket #9837 (Nightly images webpage buggy) created by kneekoo
http://www.haiku-files.org/haiku/development/ I noticed some builds …
6:25 AM Ticket #8959 ([Tracker] crashes in strcasecmp ()) closed by diver
fixed: Can't reproduce either. Closing.

Jun 22, 2013:

8:04 PM Ticket #9775 (Switch between source and disassembly) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Implemented in hrev45778.
3:51 PM Ticket #6040 (Vision setup info is non-existent) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Should be fixed in the latest revisions.
3:50 PM Ticket #7914 ([Applications/Vision] Vision settings reset on Haiku upgrade) closed by anevilyak
fixed: This one should no longer be an issue, Vision now keeps a separate …
3:44 PM Ticket #5948 (Random deskbar freezing) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Thanks for the update!
3:42 PM Ticket #9830 (coretool - kill command not work properly) closed by anevilyak
invalid: Why would something like lazarus need to invoke /bin/kill at all, …
3:32 PM Ticket #9836 (A proposition - Animated desktop background using animated GIFs) created by streak
Is there a chance to implement animated GIF's into Desktop's …
3:21 PM Ticket #9835 (Animated GIF support) created by streak
A proposition: Add a animated GIF support: I checked ShowImage with …
11:29 AM Obsolete/MovedToTree/PackageManagement/BuildingPackages edited by bonefish
8:24 AM Ticket #9834 (bfs sends spurious B_STAT_MODIFICATION_TIME notifications after file change) created by bonefish
After a file has been changed (or just touched) BFS starts sending …
7:27 AM Ticket #9833 (LiveCD misbehaves with QEMU) created by techtonik
I am running Haiku with the following command on Ubuntu 13.04, QEMU …
4:59 AM Ticket #9832 (Can't boot Alpha 4.1 from USB thumb drive on IBM ThinkPad X30) created by robertson
I have an IBM ThinkPad X30. r1alpha4 (Alpha 4.1 )and Nightly hrev45770
4:41 AM Ticket #9831 (Release notes are hard to read) created by techtonik
release_notes_r1alpha4.1.txt included in .zip downloads contains …

Jun 21, 2013:

3:45 PM Ticket #9830 (coretool - kill command not work properly) created by streak
on hrev 45646 works properly while invoking "kill -9 Appname", but on …
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