Jul 13, 2013:

2:32 PM Ticket #9870 (un-cripple GCC4 in the official builds) closed by anevilyak
invalid: There's nothing that stops you from building gcc4 apps on gcc2h. …
2:18 PM Ticket #9870 (un-cripple GCC4 in the official builds) created by tidux
It's time to relegate GCC 2.95 to the role of a secondary compiler. …
1:19 PM Ticket #9869 (KDL while building OpenJDK) created by bartolomiew
I'm just trying to build OpenJDK from hrev45850 gcc2h with "haikuports …
11:53 AM Ticket #9868 ([Locale kit] Collator.cpp: Memory allocated by malloc() should be ...) created by mt
In BCollator::Archive(), variable "buffer" is allocated by malloc(), …
10:19 AM Ticket #9867 ([Packageinstaller] PackageItem.cpp: use delete[] instead of delete) created by mt
In PackageItem::ParseAttribute(), use delete[] for deleting *attrData.
9:54 AM Ticket #9866 ([Locale Preflet] LocalePreflet.cpp: May cause memory leak) created by mt
In LocalePreflet::MessageReceived(), variable "window" is initialized …
9:45 AM Ticket #9865 ([Locale kit] EditableCatalog.cpp: Called C++ object pointer is null) created by mt
In EditableCatalog::MakeEmpty(), NULL check condition is wrong, which …
9:27 AM Ticket #6854 ([FileTypes] switching between Ogg Multiplexer and PDF Document changes ...) closed by diver
fixed: Doesn't seem to happen any longer.
6:30 AM Ticket #4238 ([Tracker] strip add-ons shortcuts in Open With menu) closed by diver
fixed: Fixed differently in hrev45848.

Jul 12, 2013:

3:57 PM Ticket #9864 ([Terminal] changing color schemes doesn't update BColorControl ramps) created by diver
This is hrev45850. If I'm not mistaken this used to work a couple of …
3:50 PM Ticket #9863 ([Interface Kit] BMenu Looper must be locked) created by diver
This is hrev45850. FileTypes crashes with Looper must be locked …
3:42 PM Ticket #9862 ([KeymapSwitcher] Available keymaps list is reversed) created by diver
Available keymaps list in KeymapSwitcher prefs window is reversed in …
3:13 PM Ticket #9861 ([Tracker] fails to identify all files in a folder on drag) created by diver
This is hrev45850. Tracker fails to identify some of the files in a …

Jul 11, 2013:

5:16 PM Ticket #4446 (Replace Tracker add-on filename shortcuts with attributes) closed by stpere
fixed: commited in hrev45848.
4:04 PM Ticket #9686 ("vfork: Invalid Argument" while executing processes that involve large ...) closed by bonefish
fixed: Fixed in hrev45847.
3:24 PM Ticket #9860 (Deskbar crashes on restart if Workspaces were placed to Deskbar.) created by Guest One
I've experienced a crash of Deskbar after reboot. This crash happens …

Jul 10, 2013:

1:37 PM Ticket #9859 (WebPositive does not wrap long tooltips) created by tidux
Most other browsers will insert line breaks in long tooltips (say, …

Jul 9, 2013:

4:40 PM HardwareInfo/video/RadeonHD_tech edited by kallisti5
update product line info after speaking with AMD engineer. Hainan is … (diff)
3:26 PM Ticket #9858 (Ripping CDs -> page fault panic) created by ttcoder
hrev45824 Our CD-ripping/encoding application is more stable with …
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