Feb 22, 2014:

9:30 PM Ticket #10576 (HP xw9400 no audio) created by vidrep
HP xw9400 on board sound is not recognised by Haiku. Attached listdev …
8:27 PM Ticket #10575 (list available architectures) created by mmadia
setarch should have an -l option, to list the available architectures.

Feb 21, 2014:

11:34 PM Ticket #10574 (Red, Green, and Blue color fields don't display correctly in Icon-O-Matic) created by jscipione
The red, green, and blue fields (picked with the R, G, and B radio …
9:54 PM Ticket #10573 (Implement BFont::IsFullAndHalfFixed) created by jackburton
The server side support for BFont::IsFullAndHalfFixed() is missing.
9:32 PM Ticket #8579 (NetPositive don't start anymore) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev46905. It now hits memory corruption when trying to …
6:25 PM Ticket #10572 (Remove builtin LESS, use packaged version) created by waddlesplash
This is a reminder ticket for someone to remove the built-in LESS 418, …
9:15 AM Ticket #10405 (NFS4: Stale file size when copying to the server) closed by stippi
fixed: Confirmed fixed, thanks!
9:04 AM Ticket #1319 ([Tracker] desktop icons selection is shifted 1px to the left) closed by stippi
no change required: I've looked into it and this is now a won't-fix for me. See hrev46903.
7:42 AM Ticket #10566 (POSIX UINT16_C (and other) macros are incorrect in stdint.h) closed by kallisti5
fixed: resolved as of hrev46902. Confirmed in llvm that they moved from …
4:31 AM Ticket #10407 (NFS4: Crash when trying to delete a file) closed by pdziepak
fixed: Fixed in hrev46900.

Feb 20, 2014:

11:54 PM Ticket #10571 (Slow app_server drawing with new scheduler) created by jua
With the new scheduler, I get very slow graphics drawing on my …
4:30 PM Ticket #10570 (Native video mode with VESA through vesa bios live patching) created by pulkomandy
This is a trick used in the Clover bootloader to get native video …
12:43 PM Ticket #10569 ([hrev46885] Error creating window "add partition" in DriveSetup) created by devport
After creating the "Intel extended partition" can not create any …
8:46 AM Ticket #1141 (Support for x86-64 architecture) closed by xyzzy
fixed: It should.
2:37 AM Ticket #10566 (POSIX UINT16_C (and other) macros are incorrect in stdint.h) created by kallisti5
LLVM doesn't build on x86_64. Tracked it down to a bug in our …

Feb 19, 2014:

6:25 PM Ticket #10565 (Haiku KDLs right as desktop appears) created by dsuden
I'm having an intermittent problem with crashes at bootup that I …
3:31 PM Obsolete/MovedToTree/PackageManagement/Bootstrapping edited by js
9:01 AM Ticket #10564 (Can't upload binaries to github releases) created by pulkomandy
GitHub releases expect you to attach downloads by drag and drop. …
4:09 AM Ticket #10563 (Radeon Drivers Broken hrev46885) created by vidrep
hrev46685_gcc2_hybrid - anyboot image from USB drive ATI Xpress 1150 …

Feb 18, 2014:

8:40 PM Ticket #4518 (Twitcher does not seem to work in VMWare Fusion 2.05) closed by stippi
no change required: Thanks for the heads up!
5:48 PM Ticket #10562 (Trying to access Wordpress dashboard, causes Wordpress to logout) created by codewrangler
Steps to reproduce: 1. Login to a Wordpress site using an Admin user …
3:20 PM Ticket #10560 (Webpositive does not have a UI to view the server certificate) closed by korli
3:12 PM Ticket #10560 (Webpositive does not have a UI to view the server certificate) reopened by codewrangler
2:51 PM Ticket #10561 (Webpositve doesn't seem to handle cookies correctly) created by codewrangler
On bankofamerica.com, the first time you visit it, it asks for …
2:51 PM Ticket #10560 (Webpositive does not have a UI to view the server certificate) closed by pulkomandy
2:49 PM Ticket #10560 (Webpositive does not have a UI to view the server certificate) created by codewrangler
Go to any https site and notice that there is no user interface for …
2:46 PM Ticket #10550 (WebPositive crashes when trying to login to bankofamerica.com) closed by pulkomandy
8:10 AM Ticket #10559 (Visual glitch in DataTranslations' Info window) created by KapiX
In certain languages (when two translations do not match) bold text …

Feb 17, 2014:

9:14 PM Ticket #10558 (Haiku goes into reboot loop) created by vidrep
Tried to install alpha 4.1 to hard drive partition from CD Tried to …
6:11 PM Ticket #10557 (Allow the user to manage links in the DeskBar menu.) reopened by bbjimmy
This looses all the default Applications, Demos, Preferences, and …
5:01 PM Ticket #10557 (Allow the user to manage links in the DeskBar menu.) closed by bonefish
no change required: You can just open /boot/home/config/settings/deskbar and symlink …
4:48 PM Ticket #10557 (Allow the user to manage links in the DeskBar menu.) created by bbjimmy
With the merge of PM, the user is no-longer in control of the Deskbar …
1:33 PM Ticket #10556 (Can't login to aliceadsl.fr) created by pulkomandy
http://espace-abonne.aliceadsl.fr/ Trying to enter a login/password …
12:31 PM HardwareInfo/VirtualBox edited by korli
10:16 AM Ticket #10242 (WebPositive crash in network backend (corrupted memory)) closed by diver
fixed: It doesn't. Closing as fixed.
10:14 AM Ticket #9396 (Ebay paypal merchant checkout broken with Webpositive) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Should be fixed in …
10:04 AM Ticket #10388 (Downloading login.lua file instead of showing login page of router) closed by pulkomandy
9:56 AM Ticket #7845 (Download pkg file from website opens window-tab with ascii-text) closed by pulkomandy
invalid: […] This is what the server requests us to do. The fis should be …
9:14 AM HardwareInfo/VirtualBox edited by modeenf
8:34 AM HardwareInfo/VirtualBox created by modeenf
8:13 AM HardwareInfo edited by modeenf
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