Apr 24, 2014:

9:28 PM Ticket #9889 (Layout issues with BMenuField) closed by jscipione
fixed: Fixed in hrev47166
12:47 PM Ticket #10777 ([Patch] Fix gcc 4.9.0 build) created by mt
Hi, gcc 4.9.0 reports more '-Werror=maybe-uninitialized' warnings.
12:36 PM Ticket #10132 (Add bookmarks bar to WebPositive) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Added a simple one in hrev47163.
12:29 PM Ticket #10776 ([haiku_loader] relocating kernel failed: 80001304!) created by diver
hrev47162 in VirtualBox. gcc4 haiku built on x86_gcc2 can't load …
9:45 AM HardwareInfo/video/RadeonHD_tech edited by modeenf
9:42 AM HardwareInfo/video/ATI edited by modeenf
5:51 AM Ticket #10512 ([PATCH] Tweaks to the API documentation) closed by pulkomandy

Apr 23, 2014:

10:07 AM Ticket #8970 (WebPositive doesn't set http_accept_language header) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in …
9:04 AM Ticket #8240 (WebPositive - Download folder can be explicitly set to a nonexistent folder) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in …
8:41 AM Ticket #10772 (HAIKU_BOOT_BOARD should be a configure option.) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Added the configure option (--target-board) in hrev47157. It does not …
1:38 AM Ticket #10775 (FAT32 and other file system no longer supported by MKFS or Drivesetup) created by SeanCollins
FAT32 and other file system no longer supported by MKFS or Drivesetup, …
12:10 AM Ticket #10774 (Debugger crashes while debugging a Qt app) created by waddlesplash
This is hrev47085. While debugging a Qt application (specifically, …

Apr 22, 2014:

2:32 PM Ticket #9538 ([WebPositive] menu which holds the list of open tabs should close on ...) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev47156.
1:34 PM Ticket #3763 (libroot + some other stuff for ARM) closed by pulkomandy
11:34 AM Ticket #10689 (WebPositive: download notification) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Implemented in hrev47153.
9:21 AM Ticket #9575 (WebPositive Downloads window always behind main window) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev47152. The window is activated and get focus, just like …
8:38 AM Ticket #10773 (Gradient color stop sorting is not stable.) created by pulkomandy
Consider the following code used to create a stripped pattern using a …
7:59 AM Ticket #10772 (HAIKU_BOOT_BOARD should be a configure option.) created by pulkomandy
Currently, HAIKU_BOOT_BOARD is given to Jam using the -s command line …

Apr 21, 2014:

6:28 PM i18n/pl_PL/Terminology edited by KapiX
8:51 AM Ticket #10771 (Missing multilib support for libgcc-kernel) created by pulkomandy
We now have a separate libgcc for the kernel that disables C++11 …

Apr 19, 2014:

3:40 PM Ticket #10770 (Closing Media prefs aborts media services restart) created by humdinger
This is hrev47114. When you're restarting the media services from the …
2:34 PM Ticket #10510 (Support Web Sockets (easy)) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: I have fixed the remaining issues myself in …
7:55 AM Ticket #10769 (PANIC: get_boot_partitions failed) created by AlexeiZavjalov
Haiku revision: hrev47127 Serial dump is attached.
7:36 AM Ticket #10768 (Web+ Yahoo Mail tabs and emails not openable.) created by cb88
When loading the desktop version of Yahoo mail the page loads better …
6:46 AM Ticket #8756 (OpenGL is by SGI and the Khronos Group, not Sun) closed by humdinger
fixed: Fixed... finally.
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