Sep 28, 2014:

10:47 PM Ticket #10545 (KDL when booting in fail safe video mode) closed by waddlesplash
9:56 PM Ticket #11298 ([PATCH] Template Makefile: fix breakage caused by me in the last commit) created by waddlesplash
No idea how this slipped through.
8:54 PM Ticket #11290 (crash on boot (Geolocation?)) closed by korli
fixed: Works fine indeed. Thanks!
4:44 PM Ticket #1629 (Apps on non-boot partition are ignored) closed by humdinger
fixed: Can't reproduce with a native install either. Thanks for checking! …
2:36 PM Ticket #11297 (Web+ crashes on ML archives) created by humdinger
This is hrev47922. Going to the …
10:17 AM Ticket #11296 (Youtube video settings pop-up issue) created by DaaT
Running rev 47920 and webkit 1.4.5, in Youtube, I'm unable to to …
10:15 AM Ticket #11295 (Web+ crash when signing in to Youtube) created by DaaT
Running rev 47920 and newly released (at this time) webkit 1.4.5. …

Sep 27, 2014:

9:10 PM Ticket #11294 ([PATCH] Nuke SetSubDirSupportedPlatformsBeOSCompatible) created by waddlesplash
8:45 PM Ticket #11293 (Update timezone data for Russia's timezone change) created by waddlesplash
Noticed this because of a Windows update: …
7:42 PM Ticket #11292 (Can send but not receive e-mails through BeMail) created by dsuden
Setting up Gmail seems nice and easy in BeMail, and it works well for …
6:09 PM Ticket #11291 ([PATCH] Fix mismatching alloc/deallocs in ResourceUsageWindow) created by Lioncash
4:34 PM Ticket #11290 (crash on boot (Geolocation?)) created by korli
I got this stacktrace when booting on x86_64 (full rebuild). If I …
11:13 AM Ticket #11289 (Invalid b+tree filesystem corruption on hrev47914) created by Atarian
Install works fine, any disk access results in corruption, which …
12:13 AM Ticket #11288 ([PATCH] 53c8xx: Fix array bounds for a setparam call) created by Lioncash
_syncmsg is only 2 elements in size, so this would be out of bounds in …

Sep 26, 2014:

6:59 PM Ticket #11287 (Web+ crashes since hrev47912 update) created by vidrep
Updated hrev47901 x86_gcc2 to hrev47912 Webpositive crashes every time …
5:44 PM Ticket #11286 (haiku freezes since hrev47912 update) created by vidrep
Update from hrev47901 to hrev47912 using pkgman update Upon reboot …

Sep 25, 2014:

8:04 PM Ticket #11246 (Assertion failure in new x86_64 user memory functions) closed by pdziepak
fixed: Patch applied in hrev47905.
7:41 PM Ticket #11278 ([Pe] : some keybindings are broken) closed by anevilyak
6:56 PM i18n/pl_PL/Terminology edited by KapiX
12:34 PM Ticket #11284 ([ATI 6320] blank screen) closed by anevilyak
duplicate: Double posted ticket, more details are in #11285.
12:32 PM Ticket #11285 ([AMD Radeon HD 6320] blank screen) created by pragmavalue
In my System (Asus U32U) at a moment loading tracker showing black …
12:32 PM Ticket #11284 ([ATI 6320] blank screen) created by pragmavalue
In my System (Asus U32U) at a moment loading tracker showing black …
10:30 AM Ticket #11283 ([MediaPlayer] plays h264 file twice as fast) created by diver
hrev47902. MediaPlayer plays attached 8 sec video twice as fast. The …

Sep 24, 2014:

7:43 PM Ticket #11240 (HaikuDepot: localized categories not working) closed by stippi
fixed: This should be fixed with hrev47902. The problem was that categories …
7:33 PM Ticket #11282 (media add-on server crash) closed by anevilyak
duplicate: Indeed, thanks for the hint. Forgot about that one.
7:16 PM Ticket #11282 (media add-on server crash) created by vidrep
hrev47901 x86_64 shutdown-->restart system media_addon_server debug …
12:18 PM Ticket #11281 ([PANIC] arch_thread_get_current_thread()->fault_handler == nullptr) closed by pdziepak

Sep 23, 2014:

11:10 PM Ticket #11281 ([PANIC] arch_thread_get_current_thread()->fault_handler == nullptr) created by vidrep
Tried to load this webpage: …
10:57 PM Ticket #11280 (Intermittent no USB on boot) created by vidrep
Boot hrev47896 x86_64. USB mouse no functions and process controller …
4:15 PM Ticket #11279 (WebPositive: fails to play embedded webm files that work in MediaPlayer) created by tidux
This can be tested out on 4chan.org with embedded webm files. …
2:16 PM Ticket #11276 ([ifconfig] can't add interface back after deletion) closed by diver
duplicate: Ok then :)
11:38 AM Ticket #11278 ([Pe] : some keybindings are broken) created by ttcoder
After upgrading to hrev47850 from 47700-ish range, Pe lost the ability …
11:38 AM Ticket #11277 ([Network] crashes in EthernetSettingsView::_ShowConfiguration) created by diver
This is hrev47896. After ifconfig del /dev/net/ipro1000/0 I …
11:34 AM Ticket #11276 ([ifconfig] can't add interface back after deletion) created by diver
hrev47896. […]
10:51 AM Ticket #3615 ([app_server] redraw bug after starting bootman) closed by diver
fixed: Can't reproduce anymore. Closing.
10:36 AM Ticket #11275 (network connection bug) created by dillcn
In hrev47885, network status display connetion ready, but I can not …
10:01 AM Ticket #11274 ([WebPositive] crashes in WebCore::SocketStreamHandle::platformClose) created by diver
hrev47897+ WebKit 1.4.4 To reproduce: * open …
9:31 AM Ticket #11273 ([WebPositive] show icons for local files (easy)) created by diver
If you have some web site open and you drag a local file from the …
8:17 AM Ticket #11270 (Text fields not editable, this site, with Web+ (see version info)) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in …
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