Feb 10, 2015:

8:35 PM Ticket #7095 ([ShowImage] crashes in conversion::convert_from_CMYK_to_32) closed by pulkomandy
2:22 PM Ticket #11847 (Stack&Tile should be available through scripting) created by pulkomandy
http://www.haiku-os.org/community/forum/stack_tile_scriptable The …
12:45 AM Ticket #11846 (WebPositive crash) closed by anevilyak
duplicate: Duplicate of #11835.
12:38 AM Ticket #11846 (WebPositive crash) created by un_spacyar
WebPositive crashes in recent build (hrev48786). Attach debug report.

Feb 9, 2015:

10:52 PM Ticket #11845 (trim old nightlies from download.haiku-os.org) created by luroh
As of 2015-02-09 there is 924 GB worth of old nightlies at …
9:29 PM Ticket #11844 ([welcome] outdated reference to haiku-files.org) created by luroh
docs/welcome/*/bugreports.html points the user to haiku-files.org for …
9:23 PM Ticket #11843 ([UserGuide] update links to firmware files) created by luroh
Links in UserGuide currently point to haiku-files.org
9:14 PM Ticket #11842 (outdated references to haiku-files.org in readme files) created by luroh
ReadMe and ReadMe.IntroductionToHaiku both contain outdated references …
9:09 PM Ticket #11841 (move wifi firmwares from haiku-files.org) created by luroh
The last remaining files still hosted at haiku-files.org needed for a …
7:44 AM Ticket #11840 (Web+; Issue with "keypress" Event in Text Fields) created by apl-haiku
In an "input" form element, a "keypress" event is not being fired for …

Feb 8, 2015:

1:05 PM Ticket #11839 ([mail_daemon] flashes log window on start) created by diver
This is hrev48784. I've noticed that something flashes on screen …
12:59 PM Ticket #8479 (Mail Daemon is Very Crashy - Debugging Newbie) closed by diver
fixed: No stack trace has been provided. It has been probably fixed in the …

Feb 7, 2015:

3:01 PM SoftwareInfo/Libraries edited by richienyhus
Add a few more raster formats (diff)
1:08 PM SoftwareInfo/Libraries edited by richienyhus
Add a few more raster formats (diff)
11:39 AM Ticket #11838 (regression: Tracker list view sorting order not stored anymore) created by pulkomandy
Tracker used to remember the sorting order for each folder in list …
11:37 AM Ticket #11837 (regression: Page-wise scrolling in Tracker does not work anymore) created by pulkomandy
In Tracker in list mode, it used to be possible to scroll up or down …
10:35 AM Ticket #9505 (Playlist filetype doesn't use Playlist icon (easy)) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Added in hrev48781. Thanks! Even for simple changes like this it would …
12:49 AM Ticket #11836 (Network Stack Doesn't Detect Dead or Dropped Network Connections) created by AGMS
BeOS and Linux both detect dead network connections, while Haiku …

Feb 6, 2015:

7:13 PM Ticket #11835 (WebPositive Crashes on Launch) created by codewrangler
This happens as of hrev48788. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Boot Haiku OS …
2:26 PM HardwareInfo edited by richienyhus
2:09 PM HardwareInfo edited by richienyhus
fix one more link (diff)
2:01 PM HardwareInfo edited by richienyhus
fix mire links (diff)
1:58 PM HardwareInfo edited by richienyhus
fixed link to virtualbox page (diff)
1:53 PM HardwareInfo/VirtualBox edited by richienyhus
cleaned up page and added WikiProcessors for bash code (diff)

Feb 5, 2015:

10:20 PM Ticket #11834 (Consolidate & restrict backup procedure over ssh) created by zooey
Baron grants sudoable rsync access to the backup user via ssh. This …
8:40 PM Ticket #11833 (Our Drupal instance is showing its age, we need a replacement.) created by zooey
vmweb is still running Drupal 6 to provide our main website. The …
8:34 PM Ticket #11832 (Find out if Drupal 6 can run on PHP-5.6) created by zooey
Upgrading vmweb to openSUSE-13.2 would change php from version 5.4 to …
8:30 PM Ticket #3105 ([Deskbar] empty menu in Deskbar) closed by jessicah
fixed: Resolved in hrev48776.
8:26 PM Ticket #11831 (Form an opinion if we should switch from MySQL to MariaDB on vmweb) created by zooey
Our Drupal site running on vmweb is currently using MySQL. In the …
8:19 PM Ticket #11830 (Provide testing installations for code review tools) created by zooey
Haiku is in need of a code review infrastructure. In order to let …
7:39 PM Ticket #11829 (Form an opinion if/which services running on baron directly should ...) created by zooey
Currently, a couple of services run on baron directly: * buildbot …
7:25 PM Ticket #11828 (Look into using one-time-passwords as secondary authentication method ...) created by zooey
During last BeGeistert, Jonathan Schleifer suggested to use OTP as …
6:52 PM Ticket #11827 (Upgrade baron and all VMs to openSUSE-13.2) created by zooey
Baron and the VMs are currently running openSUSE-13.1, but 13.2 has …
6:40 PM Ticket #11826 (Try to reduce memory pressure for Trac instance) created by zooey
Our Trac instance has a tendency to use a lot of memory when there's …
6:26 PM Ticket #11825 (IPv6 connectivity problems on baron) created by zooey
Some of our buildbot slaves fail when they use IPv6 to do a git clone …
6:03 PM Ticket #11824 (Integrate an IP blacklist filter into firewall on baron) created by zooey
Our services receive quite a lot of unwanted traffic, most notably …
1:45 PM R1/Beta1/Timeline edited by kallisti5
Make rough timeline for B1 (diff)
3:16 AM Ticket #11823 (Power Saver - Persistent between reboots.) created by DFergFLA
I am running Haiku on my laptop. I use "Power Save" over "Low …
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