Mar 10, 2015:

7:33 PM Ticket #11899 ([Preferences Mail] Inconsistent revert button disposition) created by Janus
The revert button should be on the left side of the window
7:25 PM Ticket #11898 ([ShowImage] The ToolBar in fullscreen mode doesn't respect the fitts' law) created by Janus
When in fullscreen mode the button previous image and fullscreen are …
5:49 AM SoftwareInfo/Libraries edited by richienyhus
finish images (diff)

Mar 9, 2015:

8:03 PM Obsolete/PackageManagement/HaikuDepotServer edited by luroh
minor cleanups (diff)
3:00 AM Ticket #11896 (ARM loader: arch_mmu positioning dynamic va start incorrectly.) created by kallisti5
src/system/boot/arch/arm/arch_mmu.cpp […] (per mmu_man) …

Mar 8, 2015:

6:35 PM Obsolete/PackageManagement/HaikuDepotServer edited by luroh
title localization (diff)

Mar 5, 2015:

11:53 PM Ticket #11894 (OpenTerminal crashes Tracker) closed by waddlesplash
7:57 AM Ticket #11895 (top is broken) created by axeld
The "top" command only prints something along these lines nowadays: …
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