May 7, 2015:

8:28 PM Ticket #11956 (Unarchiving BWindows /BView fails sometime) closed by waddlesplash
8:55 AM Ticket #12056 (Troubles building Qemu under Haiku) closed by bonefish
invalid: Problems with building third-party software aren't tracked here. …
8:50 AM Ticket #12056 (Troubles building Qemu under Haiku) created by haiqu
Preamble: Downloaded the master files from …

May 6, 2015:

5:25 PM Ticket #12042 (zip and unzip do not handle symbolic links correctly) closed by korli
fixed: 1. The symptom of the problem with zip is normal. That's the standard …
8:36 AM Ticket #5324 ([PATCH] Define mcontext_t) closed by bonefish
duplicate: The types were added to signal.h as mandated by the current standard …
3:00 AM Ticket #12055 (Ralink RT3070 support) created by haiqu
There seems to be no driver for the Ralink RT3070 chip, which is used …
2:53 AM Ticket #5324 ([PATCH] Define mcontext_t) reopened by jessicah
This needs revisiting, as we have real-time signal support as of hrev42116.

May 5, 2015:

4:08 PM Ticket #12054 (debug builds broken since hrev49140) created by luroh
12:42 PM Ticket #12053 (Kernel panic after install haiku to mobile hard disk drive) created by dillcn
With hrev49130 gcc2h,kernel panic after install haiku to mobile hard …
6:22 AM Ticket #6827 (AboutSystem Crash) closed by Janus
fixed: I can't reproduce this either. Please reopen if you can. Thanks.
6:18 AM Ticket #4258 (Using new fonts crashes app_server ...) closed by Janus
fixed: Working on FontBoy I had installed hundreds of fonts, I had never …

May 4, 2015:

8:54 PM Ticket #11845 (trim old nightlies from download.haiku-os.org) closed by zooey
fixed: Fixed - now the last 50 nightlies are kept and then images are getting …
7:38 AM Ticket #9313 ([WonderBrush] Export As... Format Bug) closed by humdinger
invalid: Yep. doesn't belong here. Besides, I couldn't reproduce the issues. …
5:51 AM Ticket #12052 (TV app hopelessly out-of-date) created by haiqu
The old analog TV application needs a modern replacement, since most …

May 3, 2015:

8:04 PM Ticket #9240 (With font size 18 the Debugger shot shows cut-off text in the menu and ...) closed by Janus
fixed: Fixed in hrev48997.
8:08 AM Ticket #11636 (Create Light and Dark themes) closed by Janus
duplicate: Dup of #4868.

May 2, 2015:

8:27 PM Ticket #12048 (POSIX API is missing pthread_condattr_setclock implementation) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Implemented by Hamish in hrev49143.
4:16 PM Ticket #12051 (usb_modeswitch.cpp missing several devices) created by haiqu
The following devices need to be added to …
3:41 PM Ticket #12045 (Small GUI unification of translators) closed by humdinger
fixed: Thanks for looking over it. Applied with hrev49142.
3:22 PM Ticket #12050 (Tracker deadlock between FS unmount and DoPeriodicUpdate) created by mmlr
Periodic update BPose's are ones that get updated periodically through …
2:12 PM Ticket #12049 (Haiku Book should warn about area_delete changes) created by Barrett
A comment in the current virtual memory code states that differently …
1:40 PM Ticket #12047 (Webpositive seg fault (not dup of 11835)) closed by diver
duplicate: Dupe of #10924
12:57 PM Ticket #12048 (POSIX API is missing pthread_condattr_setclock implementation) created by tokoe
The POSIX API provided by Haiku is missing the declaration and …
11:12 AM Ticket #12047 (Webpositive seg fault (not dup of 11835)) created by haiqu
Crashing when accessing a website. Report attached:
10:10 AM Ticket #12046 (Boot fails with Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 attached) created by danboid
If I boot 49132 with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 attached I either get a …
8:56 AM Ticket #12045 (Small GUI unification of translators) created by humdinger
This is hrev49124. The attached patch replaces "v" with "Version" as …
7:55 AM Ticket #12044 (Configuration for Arm build incomprehensible) created by haiqu
- Data at https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/building/compiling-arm is …
7:47 AM Ticket #12043 (Haiku3D demo crashes on exit) closed by diver
7:11 AM Ticket #12043 (Haiku3D demo crashes on exit) created by haiqu
Segment violation - see attached report.
6:47 AM Ticket #9723 ([Appearance] add the ability to save personal settings/combinations) closed by pulkomandy
invalid: Yes, please use and promote HaikuThemeManager for this.
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