Jul 14, 2015:

11:10 PM Ticket #12209 (USB 2.0 (EHCI) Mass Storage doesn't work in VirtualBox) created by waddlesplash
In VirtualBox 5.0, Haiku doesn't recognize a mass storage device …
3:41 PM FutureHaiku/APIChangesOnCompatibilityDrop edited by waddlesplash
2:00 PM Ticket #12208 ([Network Kit] DHCP is broken since hrev49401) created by diver
After updating hrev49339 to hrev49401 DHCP stopped working completely. …
11:59 AM Ticket #12207 (Add Tool to Render HVIFs to PNG) created by apl-haiku
As discussed on the HDS mailing list, this new tool is required for …
9:59 AM Ticket #11410 (media server no longer finds the soundcard) closed by Barrett
no change required
9:52 AM Ticket #12206 (Cross-compiler not buildable since GCC-4.8.5 upgrade) created by haiqu
Tested build of GCC-4.8.5 cross-comilers for x86 and x86_64 on …
9:04 AM Ticket #12195 ([Network] silently quits upon selecting DNS settings) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev49403.
8:20 AM Ticket #12181 (Missing symbol "innetgr" in network kit) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: openssh package replaced in hrev49402.
8:11 AM Ticket #11895 (top is broken) closed by axeld
fixed: Looks like you fixed it indeed, thanks!
7:44 AM Ticket #8293 (BNetworkAddress needs to check if there is an available IPv6 connection.) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev49401.
1:35 AM Ticket #12196 (When setting the label of a BTab, the BTabView's tab bar is not invalidated) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev49398.
1:35 AM Ticket #12108 (BTabView does not show view added to tab later) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev49398. Thanks for the reproducible testcase!

Jul 12, 2015:

10:53 AM Ticket #1846 (Media does not retain preferred settings) closed by Barrett
fixed: Not reproducible anymore, closing as fixed. Tested under both …

Jul 11, 2015:

9:47 PM Ticket #6874 ([media_addon_server] running Identify from Tracker in ...) closed by Barrett
fixed: Can't reproduce it on recent revs.

Jul 10, 2015:

4:56 PM Ticket #11856 (Implement BMediaRoster::SyncToNode) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev49387.
2:05 PM Ticket #7808 ([media_addon_server] crashed in BMediaEventLooper::RunState ()) closed by diver
fixed: Haven't seen it since then. Was probably fixed in the meantime.
11:13 AM Ticket #12178 (Header error in support/Archivable.h) closed by axeld
invalid: In any case, this is a build issue outside of Haiku. You need to …
6:08 AM Ticket #12162 (Hybrid build failure on Haiku) closed by pulkomandy
no change required

Jul 9, 2015:

10:48 PM Ticket #11981 ([PATCHSET] A few cleanups in media_addon_server) closed by Barrett
10:47 PM Ticket #11852 (BTimeSource should be cleaned up) closed by Barrett
6:16 PM Ticket #12204 (Cannot uncompress .xz file format) closed by humdinger
invalid: The xz package is part of the image. I guess you don't use a freshly …
3:30 PM Ticket #12205 ([ShowImage] takes too long to open an image) created by diver
hrev49382. Mounted an NTFS partition (in read only mode) which has …
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