Aug 12, 2015:

1:26 PM Ticket #9377 (Network Stack Deadlock) closed by jackburton
fixed: Tested working and applied in hrev49531. If you think something's …
12:39 PM Ticket #12300 (DHCP doesn't get an address automatically after ifconfig --delete) created by jackburton
- Working network interface, connected and in DHCP - ifconfig --delete …
10:54 AM Ticket #7456 (Terminal memory leak) closed by jackburton
invalid: Not reproducible, and no reply since 6 months (or more). Please reopen …

Aug 11, 2015:

10:45 PM Ticket #11681 (DragMessage with BBitmap crashes app_server) closed by jackburton
fixed: I fixed the app_server crash in hrev49530. SuperFreeCell rev …

Aug 10, 2015:

8:08 PM Ticket #9920 (BSynth upgrade) closed by jackburton
fixed: Implemented in hrev47887 and later commits.
7:52 PM Ticket #12072 (Tracker crash while navigating CD) closed by mmlr
fixed: Fixed in hrev49526.
2:53 PM Ticket #12299 ([HaikuDepot] crashes in Curl_failf) created by diver
hrev49507. polemon on IRC …
1:45 PM Ticket #12255 (Scripts for Packging hvif2png) closed by waddlesplash
no change required
5:03 AM Ticket #9269 (POP mail does not fetch any mail from GMail (other providers ok)) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: […] But downloads are working ok now, closing the ticket.

Aug 9, 2015:

4:36 PM Ticket #12246 (BNetworkAddress IsLocal false when SetTo "::1" IPv6 address) reopened by kallisti5
Actually, this is broken. IsLocal for ::1 results in a failed match …
4:00 PM Ticket #12298 (Running shell commands from an app fails) created by humdinger
This is hrev49522. I haven't used Ubertuber for some time, and now it …
3:46 PM Ticket #12246 (BNetworkAddress IsLocal false when SetTo "::1" IPv6 address) closed by kallisti5
invalid: This is actually invalid. I assumed IsLocal simply looked for ::1 or …
2:39 PM Ticket #11977 (Cause SoundRecorder to remember last-saved location (easy)) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Closing for now, then. Reopen if you find a way to trigger this again.
10:46 AM Ticket #12297 (BootManager button uninstall MBR always disabled) created by marcm
Hi, I recently installed BootManager from hrev 49507 into MBR. I've …

Aug 8, 2015:

3:39 PM Ticket #12286 (Menus seem to be leaking ports) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev49520.
2:43 PM Ticket #12296 (get_next_port_info() does not list /closed/ ports) created by ttcoder
To have full closure on #12286 we just need to track the issue raised …
2:06 AM Ticket #12289 (Sounds preferences aren't loaded/used) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev49517.
1:18 AM Ticket #12262 (Changes to User Agent to Include a Version of the Application) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Applied in hrev49515. Thanks!

Aug 7, 2015:

7:51 PM Ticket #9275 (Haiku doesn't detect hard drive) closed by pulkomandy
no change required: Ok, in that case closing the issue. Please open a new one if you have …
7:11 PM Ticket #12293 (MouseDownThread leaks a pthread+object) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev49514, unfortunately the port leak is still there.
4:19 PM Ticket #12295 (Enhancement to the ahci driver) created by Anarchos
I added some documentation, and made the code a bit clearer. Anyway i …
2:14 PM Ticket #12294 ([Debugger] Implement DW_OP_gnu_entry_value support) created by anevilyak
For optimized release binaries with debug information, gcc4.x has …
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