Sep 14, 2015:

6:51 PM Ticket #12372 (net-status BAlert takes two clicks to close) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev49640.
5:39 PM Ticket #12380 (Scrollbar cut-off for BeTextview) created by bbjimmy
hrev49631 The scrollbars for textedit ( BTextView ) in yab and views …
12:15 PM Ticket #12379 ([Package Kit] installing two packages in the same time can fail) created by diver
hrev49636. While pkgman install qupzilla_x86 (which also pulled …
6:42 AM Ticket #12378 (KDL during boot (typing 'es' continue without problem)) closed by diver
2:43 AM Ticket #12378 (KDL during boot (typing 'es' continue without problem)) created by un_spacyar
Hello. Inmediately after update to hrev49638 (x86_gcc2) during boot I …
2:22 AM Ticket #12377 (PANIC: calculated irq routing doesn't match bios for PCI 24:0:0) created by vidrep
Update from hrev49636 to hrev49638 x86_gcc2 Upon reboot KDL (photo …

Sep 13, 2015:

10:30 PM Ticket #12376 (HID usb stall on healthy usb device) created by kallisti5
I went to plug in my USB logitech HID keyboard after not using it for …
11:33 AM Ticket #12375 (Filename jumps on rename) created by humdinger
This is hrev49632. * Select a file in Tracker in list view. * Enter …
1:38 AM Ticket #12374 (Opening apps (by mimetype?) need to prioritise system installation) created by jessicah
I have a problem where I'm doing development on a query-enabled BFS …

Sep 11, 2015:

5:27 PM Ticket #12373 (Can't "su" to non-superuser : Permission denied) created by ttcoder
[…] Used to work in earlier PM builds, e.g. 48168 Stopped working …
5:16 PM Ticket #12372 (net-status BAlert takes two clicks to close) created by ttcoder
Fresh install of hrev49627 Steps: - right click the Net Status …
9:35 AM Ticket #12371 (Boot menu: Highlight sub menus differently) created by stippi
Since I have to revert to an older Haiku revision on each boot …
7:23 AM Ticket #12298 (Running shell commands from an app fails) closed by axeld
fixed: Should be fixed with hrev49630.
5:30 AM Ticket #8441 (MediaPlayer crashes on quit) closed by diver
fixed: The last back trace is different from the first one. Assuming fixed. …
5:26 AM Ticket #11365 (AVI files unplayable in MediaPlayer) closed by diver
2:26 AM Ticket #12370 (MOV video crashes with contextIn.sample_aspect_ratio.den > 0) created by vidrep
hrev49629 x86_gcc2 Trying to play .MOV video causes immediate crash of …

Sep 10, 2015:

8:08 PM Ticket #12167 ([Tracker] Improve listmode icon/text disposition) closed by Janus
fixed: Fixed by Axel in hrev49627.
7:57 PM Ticket #5339 ([media_addon_server] crash after boot) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev49503.
7:57 PM Ticket #7180 (Media Server crashing when shutting down/used with cortex/randomly ...) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev49503.
7:56 PM Ticket #11497 (Media/mixer crash, either buffer "oops" or NULL indirection in ...) closed by Barrett
7:36 AM Ticket #12369 ([IMAP] Worker quits, never syncs emails for GMail) created by jessicah
At the end of the initial connect/check with the GMail server, the …

Sep 9, 2015:

7:02 PM Ticket #12364 (SSH reverse tunneling broken (seemingly not a haikuport issue)) closed by diver
fixed: Thanks for the update.
2:40 PM Ticket #12260 (system/settings/network/hosts missing resulting in non-resolving localhost) closed by kallisti5
fixed: resolved in hrev49626
2:15 PM Ticket #12368 (Hardcoded localhost fallback when hosts file missing) created by kallisti5
Re #12260, when system/settings/network/hosts is missing, we should …
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