Sep 27, 2015:

7:45 AM Ticket #12395 (Vision Preferences Window Size) reopened by stippi
It may after all be a regression in Haiku. The preferred size related …

Sep 26, 2015:

7:57 PM Ticket #12396 (Web+ triggers debugger, and happily continues on) closed by diver
7:43 PM Ticket #12395 (Vision Preferences Window Size) closed by diver
invalid: Not a Haiku issue. You can resize the window. Please see …
7:38 PM Ticket #12394 (Installer: Dialog text cut off) closed by diver
6:51 PM Ticket #12396 (Web+ triggers debugger, and happily continues on) created by ronald-scheckelhoff-trac
While using Webpositive to visit this page: …
5:26 PM Ticket #11454 (MediaPlayer freeze) closed by Barrett
5:16 PM Ticket #12395 (Vision Preferences Window Size) created by vidrep
hrev49662 x86_gcc2 Fresh install Open Vision Setup …
3:43 PM Ticket #12394 (Installer: Dialog text cut off) created by vidrep
hrev49662 x86_64 Open Installer Click->Contunue "Choose the disk you …
11:30 AM Ticket #12305 (MediaPlayer does not quit) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev49662.

Sep 25, 2015:

9:52 AM Ticket #12393 (Crash when moving to trash (if renaming under way)) created by ttcoder
Not a very prominent/annoying bug, but easily reproducible: - select …
9:26 AM Ticket #12392 ([Tracker] insets of vertical scrollbar) created by diver
In hrev49654 vertical scrollbar was changed and now looks unaligned: …
4:58 AM Ticket #12390 ("cmp" mistakes /dev/stdout for /dev/null) closed by jessicah
invalid: It appears the issue is with the output (or lack thereof). The exit …

Sep 24, 2015:

8:53 PM Ticket #12391 (KDL in messaging command processor) created by kallisti5
Not sure of the cause, but got the following KDL with the following …
4:32 PM Ticket #12390 ("cmp" mistakes /dev/stdout for /dev/null) created by ttcoder
hrev49623 (didn't check in older hrevs yet) Unzip the attached …

Sep 23, 2015:

2:36 PM Ticket #12389 (Sockets not opened or closed unexpectedly) created by ronald-scheckelhoff-trac
This report pertains to a nightly based install, from the "hrev 49652" …

Sep 22, 2015:

12:05 PM Ticket #12388 (Missing support for TLS SNI (easy)) created by FreeFull
SNI support can be tested here: https://sni.velox.ch/? This results …
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