Dec 6, 2015:

3:36 PM GoogleCodeInTaskRecipe edited by humdinger
Added a link to jessica's patching article (diff)
6:53 AM Ticket #12517 (mp3 file crash media player) closed by diver
6:51 AM Ticket #8400 (Add libdvdcss, libaacs, libblueray to Media Player/Media System ...) closed by diver
6:49 AM Ticket #8413 (Debug Server Crash) closed by diver
6:48 AM Ticket #8034 (System Unresponsive When copying large numbers of Files from one drive ...) closed by diver
6:47 AM Ticket #7928 (Transmission in native Daemon and Qt both cause dead locks) closed by diver
6:46 AM Ticket #8497 (Deskbar will autoraise anytime you click on a area that is overlapped ...) closed by diver
6:45 AM Ticket #10650 (Web+ fails to keep Vbulletin logins) closed by diver
6:45 AM Ticket #10767 (webpositive crashed with a right mouse click in a text box) closed by diver
6:43 AM Ticket #10775 (FAT32 and other file system no longer supported by MKFS or Drivesetup) closed by diver
fixed: Implemented in hrev49816.
4:33 AM Ticket #12517 (mp3 file crash media player) created by AlienSoldier
I notice webm video also crash it (video continue to work, no sound). …
12:38 AM Ticket #12516 (Cannot write anyboot image to USB stick) created by HAL
I tried to write the latest x86_64 image to a USB stick. Although in …

Dec 5, 2015:

10:39 AM Ticket #12515 (can't build Haiku within haiku.) created by khallebal
Hi I tried to build Haiku x86 within Haiku x86 4 or 5 times this last …

Dec 3, 2015:

11:15 PM Ticket #12514 (PANIC: memory already locked!) created by jessicah
[…] More detail available in attached image.
2:08 PM Ticket #12513 (KDL when ripping CDs) created by dsuden
I'm using hrev 49856, which seems great in other respects, but is …

Dec 1, 2015:

10:19 PM Ticket #12512 (Cannot create USB-Stick with Installer) closed by diver
invalid: I'm going to close this ticket. Please provide any details on what …
8:25 PM Ticket #12512 (Cannot create USB-Stick with Installer) created by bruno
Cannot create USB-Stick with Installer anymore... I am not able to …
8:03 PM Ticket #12511 (Text Becomes Invisible in Div With Opacity Set <1) created by achmafooma
In current WebPositive (in Haiku nightly), text in semi-transparent …
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