Feb 8, 2016:

10:55 PM Ticket #9438 (Mixer not resampling very well) reopened by Pete
I'm sorry to say that I still get this problem (hrev49993), just as it …

Feb 6, 2016:

5:57 PM Ticket #12258 ([launch_daemon] increased boot time) closed by axeld
fixed: The launch_daemon is started when the rocket icon lits up.
12:49 AM Ticket #12258 ([launch_daemon] increased boot time) reopened by Giova84
Hi, I see that this ticket is closed as fixed, but I experienced an …

Feb 4, 2016:

10:03 PM Ticket #12638 (I'm using launch_daemon to start an application at boot, but I can no ...) created by Giova84
hrev50067 Well, as I've said in the subject of this ticket, I'm …
9:19 PM Ticket #12637 (SANE in HaikuDepot has a broken dependency on libusb_1.0) created by andrewz

Feb 3, 2016:

2:44 PM Ticket #12636 (The notification server starts to peg one core of the cpu) created by Giova84
hrev50067 Hi, is the second time in three days which I see this …
7:42 AM Ticket #12634 (The syslog is continuously flooded with the same messages.) closed by diver
7:12 AM Ticket #12632 (My /home/.profile file (with Terminal's customizations) is ignored.) closed by humdinger
no change required: Some time back all the dot-files in "home" moved to ~/config/settings/ …
12:52 AM Ticket #12633 (Kernel fails to load on OptiPlex 960) closed by kallisti5
fixed: resolved in hrev50070. Let me know if anyone knows why :-\
12:29 AM Ticket #12635 (An old BeOS app (source files attached) which no longer properly works ...) created by Giova84
hrev50067. The last time that I succesfully run this app called …
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