Feb 14, 2016:

11:26 PM Ticket #12647 (64 bit MediaPlayer crashes on every audio or video file) created by vidrep
Fresh install of hrev50085 x86_64 -> pkgman full-sync 50094 Attempting …
11:00 PM Ticket #12646 (Webpositive 64 bit crashes when launched) created by vidrep
Fresh install of hrev50085 x86_64 -> pkgman full-sync hrev50094
8:45 PM Ticket #12452 ([WebPositive] crash in BString::Truncate(long, bool)) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Probably fixed in 1.5.2.
8:43 PM Ticket #12420 (WebPositive hangup when scrolling page) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Haven't seen this one happen in a while, I think it's fixed now.
5:16 PM Ticket #12645 (haiku_loader should detect boot partition from MultiBootInfo) created by mmu_man
haiku_loader has some support for MultiBootInfo data passed from GRUB …
5:12 PM Ticket #12644 (MBR & stage1 do not handle boot partition passing for chainloading ...) created by mmu_man
Unlike GRUB, GRUB2, LILO, and most other MBR loaders, our own MBR …
5:03 PM Ticket #11484 (Google Play Movies on WebPositive) closed by humdinger
fixed: Looks fine now with hrev50087.
4:52 PM Ticket #12500 (Webpositive locks up) closed by pulkomandy
4:47 PM Ticket #12643 (Logging into dropbox crashes Web+) created by humdinger
This is hrev50087. After logging into dropbox, the page starts to …
4:33 PM Ticket #12472 (Website Foxnews.com will not load properly) closed by humdinger
fixed: There are still a few drawing errors at the top (the facebook button …
4:19 PM Ticket #12505 (Web+ - Webpage - Drop down menu not working) closed by humdinger
fixed: This works now with the new webkit build (hrev50087 here).
3:20 PM Ticket #9144 (Odd entries under Locale's "Available languages") closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev50091.
1:34 PM Ticket #11532 (Fix CodingStyle checking tool for cached directories of vcs) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Applied in hrev50090.
1:29 PM Ticket #3825 (URL linkification in People (easy)) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Applied with minor changes in hrev50089.
1:07 PM Ticket #11428 (More secure string handling) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed the actual problem in hrev50088. The comment was not referring …
12:49 PM Ticket #12241 ([ShowImage] add Get info shortcut (easy)) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Applied in hrev50087. Thanks!
12:31 PM Ticket #11033 (Missing types for extended partition) closed by pulkomandy
invalid: The list you changed is used only when creating partitions, so there …
10:54 AM Ticket #12627 (Webpositive crash after while playing html5 videos) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev50086.
10:52 AM Ticket #12460 (HTML5 audio/video support) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev50086.

Feb 12, 2016:

10:11 PM Ticket #10613 (Radeon 2400 flashing screen and KDL) closed by kallisti5
6:32 PM Ticket #12642 (Radeon HD2400 no video at full HD resolution) created by vidrep
hrev50081 x86_gcc2 and x86_64 ATI Radeon HD2400 with DMS-59 connector …

Feb 11, 2016:

10:54 PM Ticket #12624 (media_addon_server fails at boot on hrev50047, requires manual kill/restart) closed by Barrett
8:02 PM Ticket #12641 (Dual Monitor Support) created by rburleson
When will there be support in Haiku for Dual Monitors?

Feb 10, 2016:

4:22 PM Ticket #12615 ([Mail] crashes in PersonList::EntryRemoved) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev50079, please test.
4:22 PM Ticket #12601 (IMAP: deleting mails on server gets fetcher thread into an infinite loop) closed by axeld
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev50079, please test.
4:20 PM Ticket #12369 ([IMAP] Worker quits, never syncs emails for GMail) closed by axeld
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev50079, thanks for the investigation! I also …
1:49 PM Ticket #12199 (BMediaProducer start with delay) closed by Barrett
invalid: This ticket is invalid because the problem is related to the node …
1:45 PM Ticket #10398 (SoundRecorder should record from any node) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev50078. SoundRecorder can record from any node if …

Feb 9, 2016:

3:43 PM Ticket #12640 (Tracker's Find will search for file inside the Trash also if I uncheck ...) created by Giova84
hrev50067 Look at the attached image: if I uncheck "Include Trash", …
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