Apr 8, 2016:

4:01 PM Ticket #12708 (Webpositive crashes when loading MacRumors.com) created by codewrangler
Steps to reproduce: 1. Boot into Haiku (hrev50192) 2. Run WebPositive …

Apr 7, 2016:

4:30 PM Ticket #12707 (64 bit MediaPlayer crashes on mp3 files) created by vidrep
hrev50191 x86_64 Attempting to play a mp3 file will cause a …
2:40 PM Ticket #12236 ([regression] Sound doesn't work: Volume control says "no mixer") closed by Barrett
fixed: I can't even replicate this issue as it was before on my system. I …
2:33 PM Ticket #7809 ([media_addon_server] crashed in MultiAudioNode::_FillNextBuffer ()) closed by Barrett
invalid: No way to solve this bug, not enough infos. If it rehappen please save …
2:31 PM Ticket #9804 (media server crash at boot) closed by Barrett
duplicate: Another Firewire-0 problem variant.
2:30 PM Ticket #12700 (Media Addon Server crash) closed by Barrett
duplicate: Yes exactly, the better way you can solve it is to disable your …
2:29 PM Ticket #12477 (WebPositive > YouTube > media_addon_server crash) closed by Barrett
2:19 PM Ticket #6709 (gnash crashs/hogs media_server_add_on and one thread in particular ...) closed by Barrett
invalid: No way to solve it: * no stack trace * impossible to replicate * …
2:05 PM Ticket #5106 (ToneProducer Parameters Change with Delay) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev50191. NOTE: In the end I was right, don't use …

Apr 6, 2016:

1:43 AM Ticket #12373 (Can't "su" to non-superuser : Permission denied) reopened by anevilyak

Apr 5, 2016:

10:45 PM Ticket #12706 (BParameterGroup::Unflatten() leaks fName) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev50187.
10:44 PM Ticket #12373 (Can't "su" to non-superuser : Permission denied) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev50187. Next time just make more evident there's a patch :-)
10:42 PM Ticket #12678 (XRS (an old BeOS app) will crash when attempt to export a song as wave ...) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev50187.
6:46 PM Ticket #5823 (can(t retrieve e-mails via gmails imap) closed by axeld
fixed: Yay, progress! Thanks for reporting!
6:00 PM Ticket #10757 (Web+ crash when trying to access a "youtube -like" site) closed by pulkomandy
12:48 PM Ticket #12706 (BParameterGroup::Unflatten() leaks fName) created by ttcoder
This sequence.. …

Apr 4, 2016:

11:33 PM Ticket #9439 (Cannot connect demo video producer to video consumer window) closed by Barrett
fixed: Fixed in hrev50184.
5:31 AM Ticket #12349 (WebPositive crash on secure website) closed by pulkomandy

Apr 3, 2016:

5:44 PM Ticket #12705 (mount_server crash ejecting CDROM) created by vidrep
hrev50180 x86_64 Tried to eject CDROM from terminal command "-eject" …
4:09 PM Ticket #12704 (Download Window only partially on desktop) created by vidrep
hrev50181 When downloading, the downloads progress window is never …
7:10 AM Ticket #12492 (app_server crashes when opening a text file) closed by diver
2:38 AM Ticket #12703 (Anomalous/incorrect behavior of get_team_info() in conjunction with ...) created by anevilyak
In order to monitor teams being created/destroyed as part of some …
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