Sep 3, 2016:

5:50 PM Ticket #12939 (Displaying of animated Gifs) created by lelldorin
Web browsers can display animated gifs, but the system itself …

Sep 2, 2016:

10:23 PM Ticket #12938 (Tapping Sensitivity setting is being ignored) created by Twacorbie
I have Haiku loaded on a Lenovo L530 laptop and even though I have …
9:54 PM Ticket #12937 ([Layer API] Gradients do not respect layer's opacity) created by KapiX
When BGradient is applied to a rectangle it renders fully opaque, even …
12:15 PM Ticket #12732 (Regression with GMA3150 graphics) reopened by vote_gough
Regression has appeared again with hrev50525 and hrev50526 (it may …
8:05 AM Ticket #12928 (Specific tarball causes KDL) closed by pulkomandy
no change required
6:49 AM Ticket #12936 (CD/DVD: Change startsequence to ask drives past Desktop is loaded) created by lelldorin
If i have a DVD into my dvd-drive the system need a very long time to …

Sep 1, 2016:

11:06 PM Ticket #12935 (Radeon HD5450 no VGA output (regression)) created by vidrep
hrev50523 x86_gcc2 ATI Radeon HD5450 with VGA, DVI, HDMI DVI is …
12:31 PM Ticket #12934 ([Patch] agg_scanline_u.h: fix wrong base_type) created by mt
As pointed out at [1] and by gcc trunk, modify base_type for …
3:42 AM Ticket #12933 (Intel Graphics - boot with distortionated video after upgrade to hrev50525) created by un_spacyar
Hello. I updated to hrev50525 (x86_gcc2) from a previous nightly from …

Aug 31, 2016:

5:31 PM Ticket #12932 (HaikuDepot: What is to uninstall, the user should decide) created by lelldorin
I think it's good that dependent packages of a software are installed …
2:46 AM Ticket #12931 (Spirograph (BeOS app) doesn't draw its background transparent) created by jscipione
Draws spirographs similar to a popular toy. Problem as stated by …
1:58 AM Ticket #12922 (Intel Extreme Driver not working after driver reverts) closed by jessicah
1:21 AM Ticket #12930 (Intel HD 3000 Laptop - Graphics boots into black screen) created by vidrep
hrev50523 x86_gcc2 Only a black screen after booting Haiku

Aug 30, 2016:

10:50 AM Ticket #12929 ([XHCI] crash in _LinkDescriptorForPipe()) created by diver
hrev50496 running in VirtualBox 5.0.26. KDL often occurs on VM resume …

Aug 29, 2016:

9:10 AM Ticket #11370 (GLTeapot crashes with specific user input) closed by diver
fixed: Thanks for the update.
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